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Contract Details: New York Giants, Shaun Rogers Agree to Split Contract

February 10th, 2013 at 12:30 PM
By Dan Benton

On Thursday, the New York Giants re-signed defensive tackle Shaun Rogers to a one-year deal worth a reported $940,000. However, that's not exactly how his contract is broken down, as the Giants added some provisions as a way to protect themselves in the event Rogers lands back on Injured Reserve (IR).

Jenny Vrentas of The Star-Ledger recently provided the most detailed and accurate breakdown of this one-year deal.

Although the one-year deal is worth a base salary of $940,000, there are several provisions and escalators that could make Rogers' new deal worth a total of $1.005 million. Included are a weight bonus of $45,000 (no word on what the weight limit is) and a signing bonus of $20,000, which is automatically added to the overall total.

However, the contract also protects the Giants in the event Rogers lands on IR. If that occurs, the new contract will be split, lowering his 2013 salary to $433,000.

Further, because of the veteran minimum salary benefit rule, Rogers' new deal only counts $555,000 against the cap.

All in all, it's a pretty solid deal for the Giants, especially if Rogers can stay healthy, reach his goal weight and be productive.


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