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New York Giants are Expected to Tender Running Back Andre Brown

February 9th, 2013 at 12:30 PM
By Dan Benton

With Ahmad Bradshaw no longer in the picture, the New York Giants are getting thin and inexperienced at the running back position. As such, it will become a significant priority for them to retain Andre Brown, who is slated to become a Restricted Free Agent (RFA) when the new league year begins on March 12th. And much like they plan to do with safety Stevie Brown, it appears a tender is in Andre's immediate future.

However, until the team actually tenders Brown, there's no way of knowing what the amount will be. Tenders begin at $1.323 million for the original-round level, which would be a fourth-round pick for Brown. But, given his success this past season, the Giants may be forced to tender him at a higher level than the original-round pick because it's likely some teams would be willing to part with a fourth-round pick for him.

The one concern with Brown is that he's coming back after suffering a broken fibula last season, and has a history of major injuries. But he insists he's fine, back to 100% and ready to make an impact in 2013.

"There is no more rehab. I am 100%," Brown tweeted in late January.

In 10 games last season, Brown rushed for 385 yards on 73 carries (5.3 ypc) and became the Giants' go-to goalline back, scoring an impressive eight touchdowns.


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32 Responses to “New York Giants are Expected to Tender Running Back Andre Brown”

  1.  Chad Eldred says:

    Being more pessemistic than many here, it sounds odd for me to say it. But, I have no reservations about a healthy Brown and second year Wilson carrying the load. Naturally Brown’s health is a huge “if”, but if he stays healthy there is no reason why he, Wilson and whomever cannot form a solid committee.

    •  demo3356 says:

      yep.. They have Scott under a cheap deal for another year and wil undoubtedly add a late rd pick or UDFa to the mix as well

  2.  demo3356 says:

    Glad the Giants plan on tendering both Browns. No way they go higher than original tender and no way any other team gives up a 4 and signs him to a bigger deal. Guy is good but has already had 2 brutal injuries and RB’s of equal or greater value can be found in the 4th round at a fraction of the cost.

  3.  demo3356 says:

    What it comes down to with Bennett is do we sign Marty first or does Tampa sign Michael first. I think if Tampa re signs his brother first we are in trouble. Hoping Bennett is next shoe to fall for JR, then Beatty

  4.  demo3356 says:

    nice piece from ESPN about our OL. As I suspected our OL wasnt nearly as bad as many here make it out to be. Not dominant like it once was, but still upper 3rd of the league. Also makes a good point that Diehl could be gone but not til the Giants seOverview: After finishing last in the NFL in rushing in 2011, the Giants finished 14th in rushing with 1,862 yards in 2012, up from 1,427 yards the year before. The offensive line allowed Eli Manning 19 sacks, down from 28 in 2011. And the line did this despite shuffling Diehl and Locklear in at right tackle during the season due to injuries. Locklear was one of the Giants’ best offseason signings until he suffered a season-ending knee injury late in the year. Beatty overcame back issues during the offseason and was solid. Baas and Snee battled through injuries. recently ranked the Giants’ offensive line 11th overall based on three categories: pass protection, run and screen blocking, and penalties.
    e what happens with Beatty and Boothe.

  5.  Dirt says:

    I think it was Krow who posted that resigning Beatty and Boothe would lock up around $30M on the starting offensive line, or about a 5th of the cap – something like that.

    That’s insane!

    We’ll see which Locklear-type FAs avail themselves next month, but they gotta trim some money there and roll the dice, such as using the young kid at RT and having a capable vet backing him up and ready if he sucks. Diehl’s the obvious candidate but I think it would have already happened if it was in the cards. It’s the Giants way to give guys as much time to land of their feet as possible.

    Think about our OL last year – two homegrown draft picks, a highly paid FA, a nobody low price FA and the RT split between an aged low price vet FA and a medium priced homegrown draft pick. The key thing to me is that 2 of the 5 contributors were low priced FAs – Boothe and Locklear.

    I’d think you could always find 2 plug ins like that. So that means if Boothe wants money, goodbye. Get 2 low priced guys, lean on Baas and Snee and take a shot at Beatty. I think even with Diehl, they’d be servicable. And they’d comprise less than a 5th of the cap.

    I also think the following: as much as it frustrates me sometimes that the Giants don’t stretch the field horizontally, it’s as much of the reason or maybe more important than the OL play that has kept Eli healthy for all these years. The OL isn’t great. But under Coughlin, whose philosophy is to to avoid negative plays at all costs, Eli stays healthy because ELI protects himself, keeping in as many guys as necessary to keep him upright. Which is why Reese (historically) hasn’t put an overweight on OL, and which is why he shouldn’t this offseason. (Plus he has Saint Flaherty to clean up the mess!)

    •  Dirt says:

      I guess what I’m saying is philosophically, if the plan is to simply max protect and only concern yourself with picking up rushing yards on shotgun draws and other assorted passing downs/formations, and your QB is smart enough to protect himself by way of calls at the line, then it hasn’t and continues to not make any sense to have an offensive line full of studs in a salary cap world.

      I wouldn’t put it past them to make a small offer for Beatty and if he goes, put Diehl at LT, resign Bennett for his blocking, and use the extra cash to sign playmakers in this playmaker league.

  6.  Sparky says:

    I like this guy and I hope they tender him with at least 4th round money but more preferably a 3rd round tender.

    The way he runs along with Wilson should help the O-line next year (I can only hope). The Giants used a 1st round draft choice on Wilson last year so unless there is some kind of plan to bring Bradshaw back he should get a reasonable but decent tender.

    With the release of Canty and Boley (which sounds like a law firm) it seems as though the veteran leadership will have to come from Rolle and Tuck, so I don’t see them leaving and may recognize this in any restructuring (at least Rolle will), the “getting young and hungry” direction is as only as good as the Leadership will take them in my opinion. Tuck is not the total answer as he seems to disappear as he play diminishes or with an injury. Rolle has come along way since he came to the Giants.

    I like the way Reese handles free agency and hope that he finds that needle in the haystack with a Linebacker or Offensive lineman this year.

    The odds of Nicks and Cruz sticking after next year don’t look good unless Cruz realizes he’s not going to get #1 money in this system.

  7.  CT GIANT says:

    SPARKY says what I was thinking, Andre is important 6’0 220lbs a carbon copy of Demarco Murray, and he should be a 3rd rd tender, Wilson has not yet proved he is a tough AB type guy, like AB he needs to hit the weight room, because his speed will only take him so far.
    No question Rolle is the leader in the locker room, you might remember called out his team, just before the Jets game, and Tucks’s shoulder was “HEALED” a miracle. Rolle may say to much, but all in all, he turns his words into action on the field, and has become a team presence, and model solider on the team.
    Tuck is one his way out, hitting 30 and having two bad years, always saying he’s coming back, the question is when? Ojomo; Tracy even LB Trattou will put some heat on these guys, and yes, I think it’s great!

    •  LUZZ says:

      I don’t think you have accurately described Wilson at all. He is a very powerful dude, with very big explosion. He knows what the inside of weight room looks like for sure. He’s not just some speed back like a Chris Rainey. Wilson is capable of running with power. He’s an incredibly strong and powerful guy.

  8.  Krow says:

    I can’t see any team handing over a #3 for Brown. Twice injured … bounced around a lot. If I were another team I’d just take a RB with that #3 selection.

  9.  Sparky says:

    Brown has been in the system for a while and if they are thinking of tendering him he must have made improvement in his pass blocking for the team to even think of making an offer. With so many other needs the last thing the Giants need to worry about in the draft and FA is “where are they going to find a back to protect Eli?”

    I would rather they focus on O-Line and LB in the next few months. Andre does have the issues with health but I would rather have Andre than an additional 4th round pick

    •  Krow says:

      I’d be stunned if anyone exercised a tender offer to outbid us for Andre Brown. That would mean they’d give him a better offer … AND pay us the tendered draft pick. There are just too many RBs out there for a team to do this. We’ll tender him … he’ll sign … it’s a slam dunk.

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