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Chris Canty Expects to Remain with New York Giants; “Shocked” Team Released Michael Boley

February 6th, 2013 at 8:45 AM
By Dan Benton

Despite being owed $6.25 million next season and $6.5 million in 2014, defensive tackle Chris Canty doesn't anticipate any upcoming contractual issues with the New York Giants. Thus far, he has not been contacted about the possibility of a restructure or pay cut, and fully expects to return this coming season.

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“I’ve been honoring my contract to this point and I expect the Giants to do the same," Canty said on Saturday.

Of course, Canty's confidence that no issue was forthcoming came prior to the release of teammate Michael Boley on Tuesday. After learning of the news, the eight-year NFL veteran expressed his surprise and perhaps even a little bit of concern over his own job security.

"That’s a little bit of a shock to the system," Canty said. "He’s a terrific football player, he brings speed to our defense, the ability to cover … so he gives us a lot of versatility. To have to replace a guy like that is going to be tough. Those guys don’t come a dime a dozen in the National Football League."

With bonuses included, Canty's total estimated cap hit in 2013 would be north of $8.2 million. By releasing him, the Giants could potentially save themselves upwards of $6.5 million, and after cutting Boley, that would put them back under the projected 2013 salary cap.

The likely path that the Giants will take with Canty will be to approach him about restructuring his contract. At the right price, the team will be able to make room for him on the roster, and with depth already an issue at defensive tackle, they may have no other alterative than to workout a new deal with him.


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5 Responses to “Chris Canty Expects to Remain with New York Giants; “Shocked” Team Released Michael Boley”

  1.  Jason McEwan says:

    $6.25M and $6.50M over the next 2 seasons for someone who spent more time off the field than on.. I suggest you call JR before he calls you buddy.

  2.  The Original G Man says:

    I think cutting Boley was designed to send a message to Canty, Webster, Bradshaw, etal, that when we come to you to restructure, don’t think for a minute we won’t cut your *** if you don’t work with us.

  3.  GOAT56 says:


    GOAT56 says:
    February 6, 2013 at 7:11 AM
    Nosh good job in getting us started. We might disagree but I don’t you can anyone is afraid to state their opinion.

    Tuck stays (99%), F55 stated my thoughts exactly.

    Snee stays (99%). I know JR is cold hearted (in a good way) but I can’t see TC’s son in-law being shown the door when he’s still a starting level player. I think he restructures but stays

    Bennett stays (75%) because I think he fits what we want in a TE very well. TB is a real threat and I think Bennett will have to turn down a few dollars to stay. But I think him being in NY and mixing well here will cause him to stay. With his personality Bennett really can make money off the field. I think TB is the main competition because we use the TE in a tradition sense and value blocking from our starting TE more than others.

    Beatty (75%) I think the strong free agent LT class and draft class will make him easier to keep at a more reasonable number than first thought. But if he gets greedy JR will have a backup plan.

    I think Webster stays (75%) with a more modest pay cut than many expect. Looking at CBs like Carlos Rodgers, Ike Taylor, Charles Tilman, Newman (this year), etc. many CB play well in their early 30s. CB isn’t like RB when players start to fall off a cliff when they are around 30. I think Webster and a horrible year but I think he’s a safer bet to bounce back than signing a #2 CB to be an immediate upgrade.

    Canty (60%), DTs seem to break down faster than CBs and with his injuries mounting, Canty’s return is in question. I think he ends up like Webster with a salary reduction but more modest than some would think coming off of 2012.

    Bradshaw (50%) is a real question. I would cut him but I think JR will have him restructure and keep him for 2013.

    Boothe (50%) if we re-sign Beatty then I doubt we will have much money to re-sign Boothe. If Boothe gives a hometown discount type deal we will return. I don’t know what his mindset is but I think JR would prefer to bring him back.

    KP (25%) is likely gone. If he’s re-signed Brown is gone because we can’t afford another 2 mil plus with Hill around to handle 3rd safety. KP hasn’t sounded like someone that wants to return and many teams need a deep safety like him. I only think there’s a chance because like Cofield we will make a decent offer and maybe KP changes his tune.

    Joseph will be resigned because we have nothing at DT. Now could be a time to buy low in extending him.

    Jason McEwan says:
    February 6, 2013 at 8:38 AM
    And by “TB” you mean “Travis Beckum”? If so then I don’t think it is much of a decision or competition. Beckum isn’t as athletic and is no where near the threat that Bennett is.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      LOL! By TB I meant Tampa Bay. They run our offense now with Sullivan so a player like Bennett would have a lot of value to them as well.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Okay, I’m going to answer Nosh’s incredibly obnoxious and uncalled for dissing of me as “wishy-washy” by noting a few things I’ve firmly said over the years:

    1) Eli Manning will be a great quarterback (said in 2005-2006 when most of you and the rest of the fan base were so down on him it was ridiculous) and win Super Bowls for us;

    2) Antonio Pierce is overrated (said in 2006) and is garbage (said in 2007-2008);

    3) The Giants will win the Super Bowl within two years (said at the beginning of the 2007 season but meant to apply to 2008-2009);

    4) The Giants were playing a team in the 2007 Super Bowl that was NOT great and had a good chance to beat them;

    5) Antrell Rolle was a great signing and he’d become a team leader;

    6) The Giants, contrary to popular belief, would have an excellent receiving corps based on their young guns and had no need to sign Bolden or any of the other big name free agents that people were braying for;

    7) Hakeem Nicks will be, barring injury, a HOFer and the greatest receiver in Giants history;

    8) Jason Pierre-Paul was a great draft pick (said based strictly on Reese’s and Ross’ reactions after the pick was made);

    9) Prince Amukamara will be a stud (said when almost all of this site was so busy saying he was a puzzy and a bust);

    10) Chris Canty and Kareem McKenzie are severely underrated by the fans and excellent players (said here when both were on the outs with most here);

    11) David Diehl would beat out Beatty for the starting job in 2010 (when everyone had decided Diehl stunk);

    12) Will Hill was a great signing (when hardly anyone knew who he was);

    13) Gerris Wilkinson was a good player who simply needed a chance to play;

    14) Tom Coughlin had “lost it” by 2008 when he allowed his coordinators to lose the playoff game against the Eagles with their idiotic game plans;

    15) A propos of #14, that if Gilbride didn’t go to a short passing game in the predicted winds at the Meadowlands for the above-noted game they would lose because of bad coaching (said a week before the game based on weather reports and also said along with my expectation that they would not adjust);

    16) At 7-7 in 2011 said that each of the last four games was quite winnable and they were far from dead and once you get in the playoffs you never know (said in the face of derision from most except demo);

    18) Ramses Barden is a bum (how many here raked me over the coals and told me I had “an agenda” about him?);

    19) Ojomo should be kept (plenty insisted his preseason last year meant nothing while I insisted I know a natural passrusher when I see one);

    20) Joseph has not been all that great, and certainly not close to what folks around here claim him to be, while Kuhn actually played pretty well in limited duty;

    21) Most of you have NO idea how well Kenny Phillips has played when healthy;

    22) Perry Fewell’s defensive scheme not only stinks but can take the home field advantage away from the Giants because the crowd cannot stay loud when each drive concedes easy first-downs on third downs throughout the game

    And a whole lot of others that I’m not bothering to include. Most right. A few wrong. How many “wishy-washy”? Your statement was consistent with plenty of other things you do: set up straw men and then claim to be the “hard” guy who stands up for reasoned commentary. You’re kidding yourself buddy.

    Yeah, I’m getting more obnoxious, too, because I’m fed up with fools on this site pretending I’m something I’m not. What I am is someone who has been pretty much on the mark for years, and it must be very hard for people like you with egos in need of support to deal with that. When I’m wrong, I readily admit it. But wishy-washy I am not.

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