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Former New York Giants Safety Chad Jones Will Workout for New Orleans Saints

January 30th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Wednesday will mark another milestone for former New York Giants safety Chad Jones, who is scheduled for a private workout with the New Orleans Saints. It will be his second private workout since December, and the first with his hometown team.

The comeback story that no one thought was possible continues to have chapters built in, and it now seems like an inevitability that Jones eventually puts the pads on in the NFL. For whom that will be remains to be written, but after nearly losing his life in a single-car crash in June of 2010, Jones is nearing 100% and will likely see the field in some capacity this coming season.

The documentary "Always a Fire" recently detailed Jones' incredible story, and his inspirational fight back. It's shows that "no" and "can't" are not in Jones' vocabulary, and is visual proof he won't be denied.

Unfortunately, the Giants' former third-round draft pick was unable to pass a physical in May of last year and was subsequently released. Big Blue hung on for as long as they could, but the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) tied their hands and they were forced to go different ways.

Last month, Jones claimed he was at about 90% and recent rumors state he's been cleared to return to full-contact practice. If those rumors prove to be true, the only hurdle he has left to clear is finding a team to sign him. And after all he's overcome to get where he is today, that seems like a very minor and trivial task.

As always, Giants 101 continues to wish Jones the very best in his comeback, and we can't wait to see him on the field!


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6 Responses to “Former New York Giants Safety Chad Jones Will Workout for New Orleans Saints”

  1.  Krow says:

    Mmmmm Kettle Chips.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    Jalapeño flavored kettle chips are the absolute bomb.

    Two things:

    Number one:
    The “Ray Ray” hate is somewhat warranted. However, no way celebrity will let you get away with murder. Lewis knew who did it and despicably attempted to cover for them. Thats what he got away with. But he did not do it.

    If he did his fate would have been exactly that of “Wife killer Rae Carruth”.
    Cops can screw up a wet dream. But they are generally pretty good with murder. They generally cut through the BS in those matters. Still I have to laugh when I hear Ray “STABBY” Lewis. Because it’s freaking funny as hell.

    Number two:
    All players should be able to use whatever they can to heal under the care of reputable doctors employed by the NFL. That is not performance enhancement that is rehab which should be fully supported by the NFL. This is especially true if they continue to harp on about an 18 game season.

    A medically sound treatment platform should be established to help these guys heal from various strains and tears that are simply part of the playing landscape. The NFL & NCAA are with few exceptions run by people who have never taken or given a hit in football, taken an elbow in basketball or been hit by a pitch in baseball. A bunch of goose stepping Nazi geeks.

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