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Eight New York Giants Named to Pro Football Focus All-NFC East Team

January 10th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants experienced a baffling 2012 season which saw them dominate some of the NFL's elite teams, but also come up on the short end of said domination, falling in embarrassing fashion down the stretch. That sort of letdown skewed the way some of their players were viewed, but when Pro Football Focus released their All-NFC East team on Thursday, eight Giants graced the list.

Wide receiver Victor Cruz, tackle Will Beatty, guard Chris Snee, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, safeties Stevie Brown and Antrel Rolle, punter Steve Weatherford and kick returner David Wilson all held the top spot at their respective positions in the NFC East.

"No DeMarcus Ware on this team, with JPP having a year that deserved more plaudits than it got. Sure, his pressure numbers were down, but his work in the run game propelled him to the third-highest grade of all 4-3 defensive ends."

It was a common complaint amongst fans and even some members of the media that Pierre-Paul was "regressing" due to diminished sack numbers, but film and statistics don't lie: JPP was a monster yet again.

The praise wasn't as good for the safeties, who sort of rounded out the best of the worst. Stevie Brown shocked most with his career year, while Antrel Rolle had perhaps his best season in blue. We at Giants 101 feel he is under-appreciated, while PFF still thinks he's vastly overpaid.

"Rounding out a not entirely convincing secondary, Brown showed a knack for making plays as he was forced into a starting role. His partner for the most part was Rolle who still exhibits the same old issues in coverage that you make you wonder why he’s paid so well. That said, this was as good as he’s consistently looked in a Giants outfit."

All in all, not a bad year (comparatively) for these eight players, who performed better than their NFC East counterparts.


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29 Responses to “Eight New York Giants Named to Pro Football Focus All-NFC East Team”

  1.  TuckThis says:

    Really…all NFC East team? The only narrower criteria would be an all NY team where they’d be up against the Jets and Bills! IMO, not making the playoffs is proof enough the Giants didn’t perform particularly well. If giving kudos to certain individuals makes us all feel good….fine! oy vey!

    •  demo3356 says:

      I am really impressed by you and how you manage to be completely negative about EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME…. Glad Giants football brings you such joy… I literally cant remember one single positive post from you.. I’m glad your not a jets, lions, browns or cardinal fan or you may have jumped off a cliff by now..

      •  TonyMW says:

        Wait, so you’re saying that Jets, Lions, Browns and Cardinals fans actually exist? I thought they were just part of the folklore my grandfather used to share with me.

      •  TuckThis says:

        It could be worse. I could do it in 10 paragraphs.. At least I make it succinct. The biggest points I’ve made which you choose to call negative has to do with the injuries and how they are dealt with.They seem numerous because the writers have written about them so much. If you’d like to paint a pretty picture, you’re more than welcome. One can be a fan and still see fault with their chosen team. But I can’t help but see a problem in the Giants feast/famine play. Sorry. I’ll refrain from posting.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      At the risk of sounding negative, I’m with you. That’s just silly.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    This is a good free agency tool:

    based on 2012 we have the #5 and #8 WRs, #1 TE, #4 Tackle (#2 LT), #6 Guard, #5 Kicker, #3 and #9 Safeties. We have a lot of talent not under contract. And that’s not even including Osi, Blackburn or Rivers.

    •  Krow says:

      And many of them will be missed. Sadly many will miss us too. The success rate for players who leave the professionally run New York Football Giants to go chasing after the pot of gold dangled in front of them by various shysters and neer-do-wells is not very high.

      You’d think many of them would have this figured out by now. The math is rather simple. Is 5 years at say $3 million a year greater than 1 year at $4 million? If you answer ‘no’ then welcome to free agency. You’re just the guy we’ve been looking for.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think that’s an overstatement. I think we have been very good at keeping the players we needed. We know when a player is done. And we know a fair price from our perspective.

  3.  rlhjr says:

    I’ve held to the belief that JPP is the best run defender on the team, bar none. I also think they all earned their keep with the exception of Snee.

    I don’t dislike Snee but good God almighty, almost every big running or passing play that could turn a game, Snee is caught holding. Maybe that’s just me.

    He can no longer pull and that is huge. The last time he attempted to pull, he knocked the ball out of Bradshaws hands. This guy was a stud OL player.
    Now, not so much. Again that’s just my thoughts. I don’t have the grading chart to refer to. I want him to turn it around. But how long is that going to take and can the team wait?

    •  Eric S says:

      Snees problems the last 2 years has been injuries. He played most of this season with a torn labrum in his hip. That has to affect your play

  4.  njm0m says:

    Congrats to them! By now we should have had enough time to digest the very roller coaster ride we call NY GiantFandom. This team once again was unreliable in what we were to expect week in and week out, but individuals made a consistent effort to do their part. Winning is never easy and I think we can all agree some of the older players got a bit complacent , but they are remembering how much sitting at home in January sucks. If Reese and company can add some of the missing pieces and make Kujo a really happy man by upgrading the offense line we should all be happy and positive about this teams future. Things could be a lot worse. Look know further then our own division.

    •  Begiant says:

      NY GiantFandom may be a roller coaster ride…However waiting in line sucks… just because when you are at the top it is the best feeling in the world does not mean I will forgo my right to B**** about how much it sucks waiting to ride again.

      •  njm0m says:

        Trust me I’ve been as angry as the next one, but the season is in the past and I’m choosing to look towards the future.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, one has to admit this is a rather “limited” honor when one of the four division teams seemed to have left the building about halfway through the season, but good for the guys who were recognized.

    It was a roller-coaster season. This was the first time in seven years when it became pretty obvious to me about 2/3 of the way into the schedule that this was not a team that could compete for a championship. Too many injuries to critical pieces, too little use of alternatives at those positions either because they weren’t trusted or didn’t exist, and too little adjustment to capabilities by the game plans. I still hoped they could make the playoffs and then possibly make a really miraculous run (I believe that neither the run in 2007 nor the one last season was “lucky” in the least…by the time those Giants teams entered the playoffs they were firing on all cylinders and were “hot” and VERY capable of making the plays necessary to go all the way…but a “run” by this year’s team would have been some kind of serious anomaly).

    The most discouraging aspect of the season was the second-half games in which they, really, did not compete: Pittsburgh (yeah, it was close, but the team was “dead” and listless), Cincy, Atlanta and Baltimore. I understand losing. Failing to compete is tougher for me to forgive. I’m sticking with my theory that Sandy and Sandy Hook knocked the desire out of this team this season (along with a short off-season long on celebrations and kudos). Those events certainly affected me quite deeply. Why wouldn’t it have affected the members of this team?

    But what’s great about sports is there really is “always next year” and the cycle starts again. If the Giants handle things right they should have a very competitive team next season that will probably have as good a chance as any of getting deep into the playoffs. By now the entire organization is looking forward after looking back and assessing their collective and individual work. I lost my passion for them this season, but I’m now looking forward too, and March and April cannot come soon enough.

    •  TroyThorne says:

      I don’t know, I can’t agree with your theory about how off the field events affected them so severely that their play on the field reflected as much. Blaming their struggles on those events, Sandy Hook in particular, feels really gross to me.

      I think people are looking for this one answer as to why we played so poorly this season and I don’t think there is just a perfect one-size-fits-all answer for it. It was a bunch of different factors that lead to such disappointment imo.

      •  JimStoll says:

        wasn’t 2012 a carbon copy of 2004-2011, sans the back-door entry into the play-offs and epic play-off run thereafter?

        don’t look for the reason 2012 went so sour; look for why it happens every year

        •  LUZZ says:

          No, not a carbon copy at all. in ’07 and ’11 we won superbowls. There is actually no such thing as a back-door entry into the playoffs, not sure what that even means. The top 6 teams in each conference go to the playoffs and it’s really that simple.

          •  JimStoll says:

            you don’t appreciate the 9-7 entry ticket that depended on your entire division being doggie doodoo is a back-door way in?
            or if you don’t like that, certainly not impressive performance to get there
            impressive thereafter those 2x yes
            but the getting their was largely a study in ineptitude
            and it has been like that in virtually each of the 9 years TC has run the team
            so while everyone is trying to figure out if the hurricane caused the demise, or this year’s particular group of injuries, or whether the moon was in aquarius in November, I suggest there is likely a more systemic problem afoot

      •  fanfor55years says:

        You must not live around New York. Believe me, that horror sucked the spirit out of EVERYONE around here. Most of us were zombies for weeks thereafter. These players are human beings. It HAD to have affected them. If you think that’s gross, you’re welcome to your opinion, but based on my experience and those around me it had a particularly horrible effect that should not be discounted.

        I’m not suggesting that those two terrible events were the entire explanation for this season, but I think most have not yet realized that it DID have an effect. I suspect even the players don’t realize how much it sapped their spirit and diminished their focus, but it had to have done that. I have a lot of people who work with me and I gave absolutely everyone a “pass” for most of the latter parts of this year. No one was productive. No one showed a lot of enthusiasm. No one gave his/her best. And I think that was perfectly understandable.

  6.  Krow says:

    Chris Snee is going to be a continuing problem I’m afraid. Now I’ll be the first to admit that he’s had a fine career … and has been a solid, hardworking, team-first player. An integral part of two Superbowl runs. He should never have to buy a drink in New York ever again.

    But … his salary numbers are terrible. $6,450,000 … $6,950,000 for the next two seasons respectively.

    I know he’s been hurt. The OL has had a lot of changes too. But for whatever reasons, he’s not playing up to that salary.

    However … how does Reese have the old ‘restructure talk’ with the coach’s son-in-law? Talk about awkward.

    “Tom, you know Chris really isn’t worth what we’re paying him. We’re going to have to work a new deal … one that puts less money in your daughters pocket, and cuts back the amount they have to spend on your grandkids.”

    Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

    •  JimStoll says:

      can’t be done
      he starts and starts at his 6+M until Tom is gone
      yet another reason to fire the old goat

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Given Coughlin’s character, I suspect it WILL happen and TC will assist in the process.

    •  Levito says:

      Coughlin doesn’t pay salaries, Reese does. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coughlin had zero input into salary negotiations. And if this is a professional business, it’ll be handled professionally and there won’t be any family awkwardness.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    Our chances of getting a stud offensive lineman just went up. Joeckle just declared for the draft and anyone who DOESN’T take him with their first pick is someone who should be committed to an institution. I didn’t think he’d come out this year, but he did. The kid is spectacular. And by picking him some other really good O-lineman just dropped down a peg or two.

    •  Begiant says:

      He is not getting past the Eagles…if he even makes it that far

      •  Krow says:

        Where OLmen go to die.

      •  Levito says:

        I don’t think he’s claiming that the Giants will get him, just that there’s more top-level O line talent in the draft and that will make one more OL available when the Giants pick @ 19.

        •  fanfor55years says:


          •  Begiant says:

            I never said he did. (I did feel like I might have implied it after I posted it though) I was just simply stating what I have been hearing from some Eagles fans I know.

            I agree that his presence will give us a chance to get a Olinemen who drops in the draft.

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