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Carolina Panthers Leaning Towards Hiring New York Giants Executive Dave Gettleman as Next GM

January 5th, 2013 at 9:30 AM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants Director or College Scouting Marc Ross has been a hot name in the General Manager search across the NFL, with him lining up visits with the Carolina Panthers, New York Jets, San Diego Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars. However, it appears that the Panthers, who enlisted the help of former Giants GM Ernie Accorsi, are learning towards pilfering a different name from Big Blue.

Pro Football Talk reports that Giants executive Dave Gettleman is now the favorite to be hired on as the new Carolina Panthers General Manager, despite earlier reports that Ross was leading the way.

Gettleman, who joined the Giants in 1998 as then-director Tim Rooney’s assistant, quickly climbed the ranks within the organization. In 1999 he was promoted to Pro Personnel Director where he remained until July of last year when he was promoted to Senior Pro Personnel Analyst.

In his 25+ years in the league, Gettleman has been associated with six Super Bowl teams (Buffalo Bills 1990-1991, Denver Broncos 1997 and the Giants in 2000, 2007 and 2011), including three that won the Lombardi Trophy. He has also been associated with 13 playoffs teams, meaning he's seen the postseason in more than 50% of his years in the league.

Ross, meanwhile, will continue to conduct his interviews as other teams search for new GM's. And despite rumors that he turned down the New York Jets because they insist on giving Rex Ryan one more year as head coach, Ross is still on schedule to meet with them.


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20 Responses to “Carolina Panthers Leaning Towards Hiring New York Giants Executive Dave Gettleman as Next GM”

  1.  Krow says:

    No GM worth his salt is taking a job where you have to keep Rex Ryan. That means the you … the GM … works for him. Therefore you’re not a real GM.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      While I’m not going to sing the praises of Mike Tannenbaum, it seems ridiculous that he was saddled with, and partially canned for, Ryan’s ineptitude. You’re right, the next guy will start is an unenviable position. I would hitch my wagon to that blowhard.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Couple of things here..
      1) Guys like Ross who have interviewed and passed over multiple times or Getttlemen who has worked his way up the ladder for 25 years will take ANY GM position they are offered.. Lets not kid ourselves, it is a HUGE promotion for either
      2) Rex is not the problem in NY. While a blowhard AND a **** he is an exceptional coach. Tannenbaum was one of the worst GM’s in the league and was long overdue to get canned. Look at the Jets Roster and their cap situation. It is awful. They gave up a TON to get Suckchez and just resigned him to a cap crippling deal, similar to the one they signed Santonio Holmes to. They are stuck with both. Their roster is hot garbage, especially at skil positions on offense.

  2.  TheCatch says:

    Another concern is who these guys take with them.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Yeah I mentioned a couple of days ago that if one or both leave that they will likely take some folks with them and we could have our front office picked clean.

  3.  kujo says:

    Lets be honest–who here even knew this guy’s name 2 weeks ago? Marc Ross is at least kind of partially-known, but this Guttenberg or whatever? I’m sure he’s excellent at his job, and I’m equally sure that Reese will replace him with a similarly excellent person.

    •  GmenMania says:

      +1. Better than we lose Ross, the director of college scouting, than Gettleman, Pro Personnel Scout. We’ve always leaned on the draft much more than FA.

  4.  UANYG says:

    Somewhere, Jerry Jones is simultaneously crying and wh@cking it because no one can see that he is the best GM in the league.

  5.  demo3356 says:

    Dont Sell Gettlemen short. While we have hit home runs in the draft, we have also hit home runs in our pro player personnel dept. Dont just look at great FA signings like Canty, Rolle, Boley and Bernard, look at guys we have let walk much against the will of fans. Guys like Gibril Wilson, Steve Smith, Kavicka Mitchell, Kevin Boss, Derrick Ward, Fred Robbins, Shaun Ohara, Rich Suebert, Kareem Mckenzie, Amani Toomer, Plaxico Burress, Barry Coefield, Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham etc. were either let go or not resigned and NONE have been better after leaving here than they were with the Giants. That is an amazing batting average for ANY front office. Their is such a tightrope to walk in the salary cap era especially with a very talented team of not just who you keep but equally important who do you say goodbye to. While I belive there are 2-3 teams that draft as good or better than us (SF GB Pitt) I dont think ANY front office does a better job of evaluating their own talent and knowing when to say goodbye and when to resign their guys

    •  fanfor55years says:


      Perhaps the biggest assets the Giants have are these departments and Eli.

    •  Barbarossa says:

      Permits me to disagree concerning one Barry Cofield. I think Cofield has been at least as good since he left as he was when he was here. True his tackles have dropped a little in Washington, but I think in large part you can attribute that to the growing pains of switching from a 4-3 DT to a 3-4- nose tackle, as well the nature of playing nose tackle. Overall I think he has been exceptional in Washington, and in addition to his play he was voted co-Defensive Captain by his teammates this year and is a real class act to boot. While generally I agree with your examples I love me some Barry and I wish he still played for us, but I understand why they let him go at the time.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I certainly knew who Dave Gettleman was and I suspect a number of others did too. For one thing, he was the leading force behind getting Canty, Baas, Rolle, Boley, Bennett, Locklear, and grabbing Andre Brown again. Jerry Reese depended heavily on Gettleman and his group of scouts to decide on free agent priorities. He would be terribly missed.

    And I still think Ross is more likely to go than not. The best hope we have of keeping him medium-term is to give him something like Director of Personnel, putting him in charge of the draft and pro personnel, with people reporting to him on both sides, so he is virtually guaranteed a really good GM’s job either here or elsewhere within a few years. But that may weaken either our draft or free agency moves and is risky.

    In any case, we’d better hope that the team has done great succession planning and has very capable guys ready to step into the vacated positions because we may have neither Gettleman nor Ross by the time February rolls around.

    •  demo3356 says:

      yeah some of their asts may go with them as well

      •  demo3356 says:

        * assistants..

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Never mind the assistants. One thing John Mara has done is pour a lot of money into scouting. If Gettleman and/or Ross leaves we will undoubtedly lose some of our very finest scouts.

        It happens. But I don’t like it one bit.

  7.  Krow says:

    Every organization on earth has staff turnover. It’s more the rule than the exception. People come and they go. Smart companies plan for this … and manage it. I suspect Reese will too.

    Also, while a GM job IS a huge promotion, a fake GM job isn’t. If you’re being told you can’t hire the coach … or the assistants … that the crazy owner will run the draft … that you’re saddled with a lousy team and bad cap numbers … and the owner just fired the last GM after the coach … who you can’t get rid of … threw him under the bus in the press … … … well then the salary better be damned high … and the guarantees pretty long term. Because you’re leaving a great job. One you’re good at. And there’s no turning the clock backwards once you take the 30 pieces of silver.

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