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New York Giants’ 2013 Free Agent List

January 2nd, 2013 at 10:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Are big changes coming for the New York Giants? General Manage Jerry Reese says the team isn't far off from contending for another championship, but acknowledges it may look a bit different when the 2013 season gets underway. Of course, that likely means several of the Giants' 26 potential free agents will find a home elsewhere, while a new pack of recruits will be brought in.

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“I don’t think we’re that far off, to be honest with you,” Reese said Monday. “This team will look different next year, but I think we have a good core of players coming back.”

Here is the now official list of potential free agents -unrestricted, restricted and exclusive rights- as the team heads into the offseason.

Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA):

  • Will Beatty, Tackle
  • Osi Umenyiora, Defensive End
  • Kevin Boothe, Guard
  • Martellus Bennett, Tight End
  • Kenny Phillips, Safety
  • Chase Blackburn, Linebacker
  • Keith Rivers, Linebacker
  • Lawrence Tynes, Kicker
  • Rocky Bernard, Defensive Tackle
  • Domenik Hixon, Wide Receiver
  • Ramses Barden, Wide Receiver
  • David Carr, Quarterback
  • Travis Beckum, Tight End
  • Sean Locklear, Tackle
  • Justin Tryon, Cornerback
  • Kregg Lumpkin, Running Back
  • Shaun Rogers, Defensive Tackle
  • Brian Witherspoon, Cornerback
  • Bruce Johnson, Cornerback

Restricted Free Agents (RFA):

  • Victor Cruz, Wide Receiver
  • Stevie Brown, Safety
  • Andre Brown, Running Back
  • Ryan Torain, Running Back
  • Bear Pascoe, Tight End

Exclusive Rights Free Agent (ERFA):

  • Adrian Tracy, Defensive End
  • Jim Cordle, Center
  • Justin Trattou, Defensive End


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44 Responses to “New York Giants’ 2013 Free Agent List”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    The guys who I see as definitely coming back are:

    Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA):

    Will Beatty, Tackle

    Kevin Boothe, Guard
    Martellus Bennett, Tight End

    Chase Blackburn, Linebacker
    Keith Rivers, Linebacker
    Lawrence Tynes, Kicker

    Domenik Hixon, Wide Receiver

    David Carr, Quarterback

    Restricted Free Agents (RFA):

    Victor Cruz, Wide Receiver
    Stevie Brown, Safety
    Andre Brown, Running Back
    Exclusive Rights Free Agent (ERFA):

    Adrian Tracy, Defensive End
    Jim Cordle, Center
    Justin Trattou, Defensive End

  2.  Levito says:

    Very unlikely to go anywhere:
    Stevie Brown
    and all of the ERFA’s

    Of all the others, Osi is likely to sign somewhere else. I’m not sure who else is really attractive to other teams. Maybe Rivers if someone wants potential. Maybe KP if someone’s willing to assume the injury risk. Someone might want Bennett too, but if he’s willing to take a little less to stay in NY I think he’ll end up back with the Giants.

    I definitely want to see KP, Beatty and Bennett back. I don’t think I’d be upset by any other UFA’s signing somewhere else.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    I think all restricted/eclusive right free agents return

    We must bring back and even slightly overpay:
    ?Will Beatty, Tackle
    ?Kevin Boothe, Guard
    ?Martellus Bennett, Tight End
    ?David Carr, Quarterback

    Depends on the price but probably back:
    ?Chase Blackburn, Linebacker
    ?Lawrence Tynes, Kicker

    Questionable if we want them back or they want to be back:
    ?Kenny Phillips, Safety
    ?Keith Rivers, Linebacker
    ?Domenik Hixon, Wide Receiver
    ?Sean Locklear, Tackle
    ?Brian Witherspoon, Cornerback

    Only if his market completely disapears:
    ?Osi Umenyiora, Defensive End

  4.  Krow says:

    Must …
    Beatty, Boothe, Bennett, Cruz, S. Brown, Phillips

    Would be nice … but could live without …
    Osi, Blackburn, Rivers, Hixon, A. Brown, Tracy

    Please go away …
    Barden, Beckum

    Meh …
    All the rest.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I think Andre Brown is one of the most important guys to bring back.
      In my estimation he was clearly the best RB on the team last season.
      The broken bone is no big deal as far as the future goes and he has shown that he has recovered from the achilles
      He and Wilson would make an awfully good 1-2 punch; he’ll come back at a friendly price; he’ll allow the giants to release bradshaw should they so chose

  5.  Levito says:

    It should be noted that all the ERFA’s don’t really have a choice. Their options for 2013 are:

    • Play football for the New York Giants
    • Watch the NFL from the couch like the rest of us

  6.  Krow says:

    There’s something up with KP though. All those rumors. Smoke and fire as they say. It could all blow over, and we could sign him. But he’s one ‘must’ guy who worries me. Because if a guy wants to go there’s no stopping him.

    •  jfunk says:


      And while there is no doubt that having KP roaming the deep middle completely changes what you can do on defense, the emergence of Stevie and flashes from Hill do make him somewhat of a luxury. It’s not like we’d be in danger of putting Rouse & Dahl back there should Kenny leave.

      The Giants should try hard to keep him, but if he’s unhappy with the organization in general and we’d have to overpay to make him happy, I don’t think it’s worth it. Too many other checks to write.

  7.  jfunk says:

    Beatty, Boothe, Bennett, Blackburn, are guys I think should definitely be resigned.

    Umenyiora, Phillips, Rivers, Tynes, Hixon would all be nice if the price is right but we can’t go too high if they get offers.

    I think all the restricted guys will be back unless some team does something weird like offer Andre Brown a shot to compete for a starting job.

    Despite Tuck’s recent “I’m gonna be here a long time” talk, I think we all know that’s precisely the opposite of everything that’s come out of his mouth for two seasons now. The conversations Coughlin and JR have with him behind closed doors will greatly affect how hard the Giants push for Umenyiora. If they don’t believe Tuck will be a (well-performing) Giant at least through 2015, I think they surprise most and offer Umenyiora new contract with the intention of letting Tuck walk next year if he doesn’t retire before then.

    •  Krow says:

      Well … if you have a toothache then a couple hours seems like a ‘long time’. It can mean anything. Like seeing ‘all natural’ on a food label.

  8.  demo3356 says:

    Guys I’d like to see bought back
    Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA):
    Will Beatty, Tackle – #1 FA Priority. Very Solid LT still very young
    Kevin Boothe, Guard – #2 FA Priority. Turned into solid starting guard
    Martellus Bennett, Tight End – #3 Priority. Great Kid lots of talent, wants to stay
    Kenny Phillips – Most talented and valuable FA but deepest position on team
    Chase Blackburn, LB- Physically limited but turned into solid MLB. Offer Minim
    Keith Rivers, LB- Oodles of talent but a china doll. Offer 1 year prove it deal
    Domenik Hixon, WR -Solid guy good on ST.. Offer tad over minimum to keep
    David Carr, QB – Solid Backup and is happy here. May leave for more $$

    Restricted Free Agents (RFA):
    Victor Cruz, WR – No brainer, should sign longterm before FA starts
    Stevie Brown, Safety – No brainer tender at 2nd round
    Andre Brown, RB – Looked good probably wont get tender but he wont get many offers after Achilles injury and broken leg

    Exclusive Rights Free Agent (ERFA):
    Adrian Tracy, Defensive End – Like this guy a lot should see time W/O Osi
    Jim Cordle, Center – Quality Depth
    Justin Trattou, DE – Meh… ST player?

    •  giantsfan says:

      Agree with most with a few exceptions and notes:

      Keith Rivers is out. He hasn’t shown anything worthy of keeping and is injury-prone. Reese wouldn’t even waste another year on him.

      Andre Brown will get more interest from other teams. But him being a RFA, I think he stays with the Giants. His Achilles injury is no longer a concern considering his play this season, which was excellent to say the least.

      I wrote about KP down below. Think he’s a goner. He’ll demand more money than what Reese would be willing to dish out, which is very little…

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      Rivers had his 1-year deal to prove it. He proved he is not going to be healthy for a sustained period of time. Bringing him back will just be another year of the same.

      •  demo3356 says:

        The thing about Rivers is that he is a PERFECT fit for the system Fewell runs. I think he looked good when he was out there and on a 1 years minimum contract is worth the risk. With Osi leaving and Kiwi likely being a ful time DE moving forward I think Rivers could be a perfect SAM. Boley after falling out of favor with Fewell down the stretch could be a cap casualty as well.

        •  giantsfan says:

          I just don’t see it. Rivers barely played half the season and wasn’t all that effective when in. I don’t think Reese will waste a spot on him.

          •  demo3356 says:

            We’ll see.. I say he does. I see him Herzlick, Williams and PAysinger back for sure. Either Blackburn or Boley will be back too. I’m thinking Boley could be a cap casualty

  9.  Krow says:

    Richard Seymour … will be a free agent this year. I’m not sure what sort of market value he’s going to have. Oakland over-paid him. And he’s coming off an injury. He wouldn’t be a bargain. But he certainly would fill that gaping hole at DT.

    •  jfunk says:

      A cardboard cutout of Keith Hamilton would be an upgrade at DT right now.

      I haven’t seen enough of the Raiders to say I have any idea how Seymour has been playing out there. Anybody watched him?

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      I don’t think his age would deter Reese. He has no problem with aging DT’s. Rogers, Bernard, etc. However, Seymour will likely expect to be paid according to what he has done, not what he can do. It’s definitely intriguing, especially if he were to be a rotational player. You would think he could be valuable in a situation where he isn’t expected to play every down.

  10.  giantsfan says:

    In my opinion, in no way shape or form can Stevie Brown truly replace Kenny Phillips. I’m not saying anyone claimed this, but just putting it out there.

    Our defense would had been formidable if Phillips was back there. Not trying to take credit away from Brown, but you have to wonder if his 8 INTs were helped by the incredible amount of opportunities he had. By that I mean the fact that the defense was on the field for 2/3rds of most games. Exaggeration? Yes, but you get my point. I’m not taking away from Brown’s playmaking ability though. He definitely has the knack for the ball, including fumble recoveries. He’ll be a bright young player for many years.

    With that said, I’m not sure if we should try too hard to keep Kenny Phillips. He’s a fantastic player when healthy. However, his health is a concern every year. If Reese learned from signing Terrell Thomas after his injury, I would bet Phillips has played his last down as a NYG. Unfortunate, but likely.

    •  demo3356 says:

      I love KP and he is a true difference maker. I hope he is back but indications are that he is not happy. With all the teams in dire need of safety help and the fact that Safety has suddenly become our deepest position… I cant see JR breaking the bank to keep a guy with an arthritic / Chronic knee..

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