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New York Giants Will Place Tender on Safety Stevie Brown

January 1st, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants have a lot of decisions to make regarding a plethora of soon-to-be free agents, but it appears some of those decisions are already being made. While speaking to the media on Monday, safety Stevie Brown, who will be a restricted free agent once NFL free agency officially begins, said he's been informed by General Manager Jerry Reese that the team will place a tender on him.

"They just said they'll put a tender on me, just don't know what type of tender yet," Brown said.

The 25-year-old Brown had a career year with the Giants, collecting 77 tackles, defending 11 passes, forcing two fumbles and snagging eight interceptions which were returned for a franchise record 307 yards (also ranked 4th in NFL history for a single-season).

Restricted Free Agents, or RFA's, are players who have accrued three years experience in the NFL. They are eligible for new contracts, but teams can restrict them by requiring pick-compensation from any team who signs them. Additionally, teams have the right to match any offer made to the free agent. Most third-year players don't warrant lucrative contracts, but Brown may have opened some eyes with his performance this season.

In 2012, under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), there were three types of RFA tenders. The first, a first-round tender, was worth (and cap hit) $2.742 million. The second, a second-round tender, was worth (and cap hit) $1.927. The third, simply a "right to match" tender, was worth (and cap hit) $1.26 million.

Those numbers will likely inflate a bit in 2013, and it will be interesting to see which of the three tenders the Giants place on Brown.

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21 Responses to “New York Giants Will Place Tender on Safety Stevie Brown”

  1.  kujo says:


    Good conversations on here yesterday.

    Re: Tuck- Do I think he “quit?” No. But do I think he’s not as “all in” as he used to be, for whatever reason you want to believe (injuries, personal stuff, family, hating Fewell, etc.)? Absolutely! He’s not going anywhere, though.

    Re: Ross and Gittleberg- It’ll be sad if they leave, but if they’re as ultra-competent and great as we think they are, then presumably they have assistants and the like that they’ve brought up through the ranks to replace them. It will be a loss, but let’s be honest–how many people here REALLY knew who these guys were before Benton posted these articles?

    Re: Fewell- God, I hate this guy and his **** read-and-react scheme. But, like Tuck, he’s not going anywhere, and that includes Buffalo.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Actually one or both of Ross and Gettlemen may want to bring some of their assistants with them to their new jobs and be able to offer them promotions to do so. We could see our front office (one of top 3 in the NFL) picked clean this off season.. The giants have the right to block some of them from leaving by offering them promotions, but I’m pretty sure if either one gets GM spots they wont leave alone

  2.  kujo says:

    Stevie Brown is an important piece to this defense, and if Phillips is really set on leaving, we can’t let Brown, or Hill, walk. Those 2, along with Rolle and a rookie to replace the useless Tyler Sash, ought to have that position locked down for the next few years.

  3.  UANYG says:

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    I’m interested in seeing the tender that’s placed on Brown as it pertains to our off-season priorities. I believe both he and Will Hill are being eyed by the front office for bigger roles in the defensive backfield, especially if KP leaves for greener pastures.

    However, If it’s a 3rd for example, Reese may be dangling Brown knowing he plans to resign KP. If it’s a first, it’s just a pipe-dream, offer-you-can’t-refuse type mentality.

    Still, I’m inclined to think that you’re getting 85-95% of what KP is–when on the field–with Hill and Brown, but at a fraction of the cost. While I would love to see KP back in blue, the money saved could be reinvested in the OL and DL.

    •  godzilla says:

      85-95%-100% of the time….100%-X/100 % of the time. I’d take option 1 and trade Phillips if we can or cut him. His knee problems are degenerative and will only get worse.

  4.  Valid says:

    Brown was probably the best player on our defense this season and the most consistent player on the team, period. I hope we keep Phillips, but should he leave, the safety position is in good hands with the likes of Rolle, Brown, and Hill.

  5.  Chad Eldred says:

    This is good news. Not much else to say.

  6.  Chad Eldred says:

    Regarding Fewell, just because he hasn’t been requested yet, doesn’t mean he should be counted out of coaching job. He is on Buffalo’s radar and they plan to interview numerous candidates. However, I have a hunch that Doug Marrone has a real chance in Buffalo which will irritate me twofold, since he has done wonders at his current job.

    It’s all pointless anyhow. As much as Fewell’s scheme can annoy me, if he were to leave, odds are very good he would be replaced with another cover-2 proponent.

  7.  UANYG says:

    I too loathe the passive cover-2 employed by Fewell. Unfortunately, he’s got a ring, and it will take another performance like this years to show him the door, which I don’t think any of us would prefer!

    Here’s hoping one of Reese’s resolutions is to demand more pressure schemes. I’d hate to see the defense revert to that of 07-08, when Tim Lewis was also a strong mismatch.

    •  TonyMW says:

      I’m confused. Lewis wasn’t the DC in 07-08, Spagnuolo was. Time Lewis was the DC in 04-06. I think most of us would LOVE to revert to the D of 07-08 (not necessarily with Spags) as that was the “attacking” style that the majority of fans are clamoring for.

  8.  kujo says:

    Who says Fewell is on Buffalo’s radar? He was the interim head coach there already, and then interviewed and failed to receive the full time gig. So why would they bring him back for another look?

    •  Dirt says:

      Because 1) the players liked him, 2) the guy they chose instead was a failure, and 3) he won a ring, 4), they’re required to interview a black candidate anyway, and he could woo them like he wooed us.

      A kid can dream, right?!

      •  GmenMania says:


      •  Dirt says:

        It’s all part of a chess game by Reese and Coughlin. They knew that if they fired him, he’d be damaged goods, and although he blows, that’s no way to treat family who helped you win a title. So he stays on board, gets the vote of confidence by the (allegedly) Hall of Fame-bound Coughlin, and teams will want him. And because grandpa is so highly regardded, he’ll put the good word in for any team who wants him – Buffalo, Arizona, Saskatchewan, whoever.

  9.  GmenMania says:

    I think it’s most likely that the second-round tender is placed on Brown, while the all-important 1st-round tender on arguably our most important FA, Cruz. I doubt any teams will touch either as they would have to give up high draft picks.

    •  Dirt says:

      No way Cruz gets tendered. Many teams would trade a 1st round pick for an electric, young, proven playmaker who’s a good kid.

      •  GmenMania says:

        What do you mean? Of course he will be tendered. All it means is that we have the right to match any offer, and if we decline to match the offer, we get a first round pick. If no team makes an offer, he comes back for 1 year, 2.75 million. This, of course, happens only if we can’t reach an agreement on an extension with him first.

  10.  GmenMania says:


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