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Could New York Giants Promote Marc Ross to Keep Him Away from the Carolina Panthers?

December 31st, 2012 at 4:45 PM
By Simon Garron-Caine

With all signs point to a total house cleaning by the Carolina Panthers and former New York Giants General Manager Ernie Accorsi hired as a consultant to help the Panthers on their new search, it's no surprise that names from the Giants front office are already popping up.

'09-13-08 Panthers Game 035' photo (c) 2008, Matt Trostle - license: mentions this morning that the early end to the Giants season may in fact grease the wheels, as Giants Director of College Scouting Marc Ross and Pro Player Personnel Dave Gettleman can begin interviewing right away.

It's not the first time Ross' name has been on the GM circuit and to be quite honest it's probably only a matter of time before he gets one of these jobs, with Carolina's job this year a very good possibility. Coach Ron Rivera is expected to follow GM Marty Hurney out the door and the new GM should get to put most of his pieces in place with Cam Newton entrenched as the franchise QB.

The Giants could potentially make a play to keep the status quo by promoting Ross to general manager and bumping up Jerry Reese to VP of Football Operations or something like that.

It would amount to not much more than handing out raises and new titles while basically keeping the status quo, but we'd love it because we think that status quo is working pretty well for the Giants front office.

Any which way, this will make for another interesting story line in what is sure to be an eventful offseason.


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2 Responses to “Could New York Giants Promote Marc Ross to Keep Him Away from the Carolina Panthers?”

  1.  G-MenFan says:

    Don’t see that happening.

    Reese will not relinquish his control over the draft so Ross would be GM in name only. Handing out promotions, money, and job titles with no clear delineation of the functions that go along with them is no way to run an organization and the Giants know it.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      PS Thanks for “un” suspending my account. Don’t know what happened but I’m glad it’s fixed.

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