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New York Giants’ Martellus Bennett Wants to Remain with Team; Would Consider “Hometown Discount”

December 27th, 2012 at 8:30 AM
By Casey Sherman

'Martellus Bennett 2012 Shankbone' photo (c) 2012, David Shankbone - license: The New York Giants took a chance signing Martellus Bennett last offseason, a player who had a reputation for being lazy during his stint with the Dallas Cowboys. But he was inked him to a one-year contract which ends at the conclusion of this season. The gamble General Manager Jerry Reese took on Bennett was a successful one, despite the poor production from the offense this season. Bennett hopes to remain a Giant not just for another season or two, but for many seasons.

"I’m happy I’ve been here and I want to be here for a long time," Bennett said. "But you all know how that goes."

Bennett had a career year with the Giants, now that he is free from Jason Witten's shadow. In 15 games he's posted 54 receptions for 611 yards and five touchdowns. Bennett has also proven to be an excellent blocker, sealing off the edge for the running backs, a skill that often goes unnoticed in tight ends. Bennett believes another year with the Giants would improve his level of play even more.

"To get another season in this offense, I think I can be twice as good as I was this year and continue to improve. As a player I’m still growing up. I haven’t hit a plateau or anything like that," Bennett said. "I’m just still increasing my ability and playing better week to week, whether it’s blocking, running routes, the way I’m getting open, things like that. Every week has been getting better and better and better. So I think the sky’s the limit."

Bennett was a second-round pick for the Dallas Cowboys where he was never really given an opportunity to showcase his ability. One reason for that was playing behind all-pro tight end Jason Witten. While he excelled as a blocker in the running game, he never produced as a receiver. The Cowboys opted not to extend his contract, allowing him to become a free agent. He proved to the NFL this year that he is a starting quality player.

"I think the biggest knock on me was who I was as a person, which nobody knew," Bennett said. "I think my teammates will tell you I’m one of the first people here every single day, I’m one of the last people to leave, and I go hard every day. Whether it’s practice or it’s a game, they know that I’m going to go hard."

If Bennett is to be re-signed, he hopes to recruit his brother Michael to play with him on the Giants. Michael Bennett is currently a defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who has nine sacks this season, more than any player on the Giants' defense. The Giants may be looking for a replacement for Osi Umenyiora who is expected to walk after this season. Bennett has always hoped to play on the same team as his brother in the NFL.

"I don't know if New York can handle two Bennetts," he said.

If Michael Bennett's personality is anything like his brother's, the Giants' locker room could be quite the scene. However, Bennett stated he wasn't aware of any talks between his agent and the Giants.


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18 Responses to “New York Giants’ Martellus Bennett Wants to Remain with Team; Would Consider “Hometown Discount””

  1.  Krow says:

    This is a golden opportunity to lock up two players at need positions for several years … and at a reasonable cap hit.

    The Bennett boys would fill two holes … starting TE and starting DE. And Reese can get them both with a package deal. We can offer them what most teams can’t … the chance to play together. This has fallen right in out laps … and we need to take it.

    •  rlhjr says:

      I agree with you 100 percent Krow. MartyB is to some degree a freak.
      The kid can block and is pretty dependable receiver. He is a solid football player and even with his knee hurt the best blocker (power wise) on the current offensive line. I suspect he (Martellus) needs minor knee surgery at season’s end. But Martellus is a keeper if ever I saw one.

      His brother (and I had no idea that was his brother) is a damn good DE and would take a lot of heat off of JPP and/or Kiwi. I’d take that deal in a second.
      It would make it a no brainer to hit the eject button on Tuck and Osi.
      IMHO both Tuck and Osi need to be moved no matter what.

      Bennett, JPP, Tracy, Ojo and Kiwi make for excellent ability and depth at DE.
      Make that deal and if you are Reese, all you’re looking for is a kick **** DT to stick in alongside of Joseph and Kuhn. If only Mr. and Mrs. Bennett could have had a DT.

      •  demo3356 says:

        I’m a big Black Unicorn fan and his brother is solid but not spectacular. Not sure he is really even a starter on this team. Would be a GREAT rotational player and is versatile enough to play DT as well but is not an upgrade over Kiwi or even Osi. Just to keep things in perspective, JPP had more tackles and sacks last season alone than Bennett has had in his entire 4 year career combined.. I’d take both but dont see it happening unless Osi and Tuck both go

        •  rlhjr says:

          Rodger that bro. It would be a pretty good rotation though. At least on paper.

          •  Krow says:

            The kid has 9 sacks over 15 games. If Osi walks … and Tuck continues doing ‘whatever the hell it is that he’s doing’ … then the young Unicorn would really help. Younger … faster … hungrier … meaner.

            •  demo3356 says:

              He’d be a nice addition, no doubt.. He is solid vs the run as well. It will be a matter of do the Bucs let him go or do they make him a bigger offer than we can, even considering the Brotherly 2 for and Does Osi leave? Tuck Restructure? Retire? Get cut? JR is going to have limited cap space to fill a TON of holes. With JPP and Kiwi as starters, Tracey and Ijomo in the mix and depending on Tuck, we may not be able to allot more resources to DE position when we need 2 OL, 2DT, RB, WR, TE, LB and CB help

  2.  rlhjr says:

    Can’t help think how Norm would be sounding off (or not) about Maarty B’s stat line at this point. As I remember it, Norm has a running wagger that Martellus would not catch as many balls as he already has. LOL.

    Kinda miss Norm and 55.

  3.  Levito says:

    Yea, I’d gladly bring Marty back. He’s been pretty solid, despite the knee and he’s worth it for the entertainment alone.

    I’d also be good with adding his brother to the DE rotation. I assume Osi’s a goner anyway. I think getting rid of Tuck jumping the gun a little bit. He probably needs a salary adjustment, but he’s still worth keeping around. If he can’t rebound next year, he’s probably finished though.

    I’d really like to see the Giants add to the DE rotation before the draft. It would be nice to spend the first round pick on something other than a DE this time around.

    •  Krow says:

      We need to add starting level players at ROT, DE, DT, MLB, and CB. There’s no way the draft alone can fill that shopping list. Not to mention the fact that we also need some depth at OG and RB. We’re also going to have to deal with some undetermined departures too.

      I’m not looking for us to do a Philadelphia, and sign every free agent out there. But 2 or 3 would make next year a lot easier, and take the pressure off the draft.

      •  Levito says:

        The Giants rarely make a big splash in FA. I don’t think that’ll change this year. Boley/Canty was the only 2 man FA splash they’ve made in a long time. Rolle and Bennett were the only big signings they made on those years. I don’t think that’ll change. They’ll probably try to resigh Diehl at a lower price, since he won’t get much interest in FA. Tuck, Webster, Canty may take pay cuts. Osi will walk, and they’ll try to replace him. Maybe they’ll make one other splash. There’s some intriguing D line FAs, if their teams ever let them hit the market.

        They have to draft OL at this point. None of the quality linemen who are pending FAs will ever hit the market.

        It would be great if they could get a bargain on one of the WRs out there. It’ll never happen, and it’s not the Giants style, but damn, there’s going to be some talent out there: Greg Jennings, Wallace, Bowe and Welker are all likely to hit the market.

  4.  Krow says:

    I’m worried about Norm. FF55 is upset, and I suspect will be back. But Norm … damn, there’s no info at all. He disappeared right around hurricane Sandy time.

  5.  demo3356 says:

    We have a ton of holes on this roster with 21 pending free agents. With Diehl a lock to get cut, TT likely gone a and guys like CWEbb needing to take a huge pay cut or go bye bye, JR has lots of spots to fill and limited resources to fill them with. Adding 2 quality players like the Bennett bros at a reasonable price would help two likely areas of need

  6.  demo3356 says:

    It would be nice for this team to go out and play like they did in the Carolina, SF, GB, New Orleans games and finish out with some heart. Send Reid and the Dog Killer out with their tales between their legs. Give us all a reason to watch the 4 pm and possible Skins Cowgirls games to see if we can sneak in. The Bad News is that if Bears and Vikes do lose then the Skins clinch a playoff spot before they take the field and may not have the same level of desperation to win. I know they would rather win and host a Wild card game then lose and go on the road, but there’s still a tendency to relax a little when they know they are in either way

  7.  Liberal Giant says:

    What happened to Norm and 55? Did they die? I’d be happy with the brothers too, though Bennett the TE’s production dropped in the second half of the season. Where was he during the last two games? Or perhaps, was this a Manning issue?

  8.  Liberal Giant says:

    Also, Snee does not deserve to go to the pro bowl.

  9.  rlhjr says:

    Well I hope Reese doesn’t undergo paralysis by way of analysis. I really feel he needs to overhaul this offensive line. And follow that up by obtaining help at DT/LB and CB in that order.

    I think signing FA OL/DL and drafting properly will help fill some of the holes. And let’s just say it; The club may take a step back. Better to change on the fly now than wait for the bitter end with the likes of Osi, Tuck, Webster, Diehl, Canty and Phillips. That’s way too much $$ for the level or performance given. Terrell Thomas should be given a chance, but he has to be carefully evaluated. If he cannot return to a high level of play, he has to go.

    Reese has to either fish or cut bait with the young offensive linemen he selected last spring. The team needs offensive line talent (able to play sooner rather than later) protecting Eli and escorting Wilson and Brown.

    I mean if the three OL picks Reese made in the spring are ready to play next year, then all is well. And Reese can focus on the defense via the draft.

    If those kids are still projects and cannot be trusted to protect and run block then the organization has to make a decision; Will they take the win now path, or will they utilize the draft to re-build piece by piece?

    And that would mean getting the best available center, guard, LB and DT they can find in the draft. And not necessarily in the order I’ve written them. Personally, I think drafting is the way to go. Just my opinion.

  10.  clever username says:

    Love Bennett. Love his nickname. Love his attitude. Would love to see him get a 4-5 year deal. Another off-season with Eli, and sky’s the limit.

    Bulk up on O-Line. Find a veteran (not an OLD one) MLB to go along with Boley (pay cut) and J-Will. C-Web (pay cut) plays the nickle and Prince and Swag start. Rolle, Brown, Hill and Sash as safeties (sorry KP – my boy from the U, but not the player he was pre-injury). JPP, Kiwi, Ojomo, and Tracey on the ends. Keep Lumpkin to go along with Brown, Wilson, and even Bradshaw in a reserve role (paycut).

    We already have most of the pieces if you ask me. Draft O-Line, CB, DT, and maybe LB if you can’t get one in FA.

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