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New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin: “I Take Full Responsibility for This Team”

December 24th, 2012 at 2:30 PM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has seen his share of second-half meltdowns, but none of them come with as few answers as this one. After starting the season 6-2, the Giants have gone 2-5 and are on the brink of playoff elimination. And after being routed for the second consecutive week, the coach still has no answers … although he is taking full responsibility for the overall futility.

"I take full responsibility for this team. I am the head coach. What's happened over the past few weeks is hard to explain," Coughlin said. "It's a very difficult time for all of us. What has happened over the course of the last couple of weeks is very difficult to explain. We had a resounding win against New Orleans and felt real good about ourselves. And then I have no explanation as to why we're in the position that we're in."

If you ask retired linebacker Antonio Pierce, he'll tell you the team is "mentally drained." However, after another debacle in a must-win game, it might be something more than that. It seems like blasphemy to suggest a Coughlin-coached team has quit, but it certainly seems like they've given up. And with no other answers to be found, it appears to be a legitimate reason as any.

Whatever the case may be, the coach has empathy for his players. And as much as he'd like to figure out why things have gone so far South, he's coming up as empty as the team has appeared on the field.

"I feel badly for everybody in that locker room because I'm sure that none of them, they can't figure this thing out either. we don't look like a well-oiled machine offensively at all. We're just a very long way from being the team that played New Orleans," Coughlin said. "It's difficult. Very, very difficult. There are a lot of proud guys in that locker room that are looking to me for answers. The answers are not easy ones."

Still clinging to playoff hopes, the Giants will have one final opportunity to end this season on a high note. They face a Philadelphia Eagles team, led by the soon-to-be unemployed Andy Reid, who are equally as desperate for answers. Accordingly, they will need to practice hard this week, prepare themselves and find whatever answers they possibly can.

And they had better, because the New York crowd will not treat them well if they come out and lay another egg going away in week 17.


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10 Responses to “New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin: “I Take Full Responsibility for This Team””

  1.  Krow says:

    Don’t fight over it guys … There’s plenty blame to go round.

  2.  Barbarossa says:

    Here is an idea Tom my lad, I know managing a bunch of young millionaires who can choose to ignore you at will is a difficult task and your default setting is to be painfully loyal to your staff and players, but I can’t help thinking that some of them are taking advantage of your loyalty at this point. Some are simply going through the motions to collect an easy paycheck (Justin Tuck). Others (David Diehl, Chase Blackburn etc.) seem to be trying their hardest but they are just not very good. Meanwhile David Wilson, a passionate and explosive rookie, languishes on the bench receiving only 3 carries Sunday. I realize it’s tempting to always go with the tried and true production even if that production isn’t great, but sometimes you need to mix things up just to let people know their jobs are on the line. I realize Tracy and Ojomo are untested, but I would gladly have risked their rookie mistakes the last few weeks in exchange for a little enthusiasm for the game. Also, Merry Christmas to all.

  3.  Dirt says:

    Well, there we have it, the old man has taken responsibility. Which means?

  4.  Dirt says:

    Dan, Haz, Simon, Jen, Paul, Casey, Kyle, Frank, KD, Angel Lugo, norm, FF55, George Vreeland Hill, demo, Krow, kujo, Terrence T, rdjkhsjr, Samard, Stu H, Jim Stoll, TroyThorne, LUZZ, Levito, TOGM, axr29, GmenMania, BigBlueGiants, Hansh, Validi and everyone else, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday and I hope all your wildest dreams come true.

    Now I’m gonna go take a cue from my favorite team and quit for a while!

  5.  Liberal Giant says:

    I really can’t argue with Troy Aikman’s assessment that the Giants are consistently inconsistent. I think that is a fair statement, not for just this year’s team, but prior squads too. It is hard pinpoint the problems this year. Part of hte problem isthe change of chemistry that comes with the change of key personnel. And of course, injuries and age play a part in the collapse. Osi, Snee, and Tuck are running out of gas. There is no more Jacobs to help block for Manning. The team really never developed the kind of third wide out they had in Manningham. Last year, the team lucked out with a tight end who started out as a virtually unknown quantity and who turned into a real impact player. His loss during the SB was felt in this subsequent year. And then there are the linebackers. We really have not seen a strong leader in the LB position for a long time.

  6.  Liberal Giant says:

    Having just now read some of the recent post Sunday posts, I agree, the team is missing leadership. Specifically, the team lacks the kind of leadership that can only come from a standout player. This team needs an impact player. The kind we saw, way, when Shockey demonstrate in his rookie year.

  7.  jfunk says:

    Happy Holidays everybody!

  8.  rlhjr says:


    I think every one of these players want nothing to do with playing another game past this coming Sunday. Even those playing a anything close to a high level can not be enjoying the total collapse of their team.

    It’s very sad actually. They realize they are done. Like being told you have a disease that there is no cure for. “LACK-OF-TALENT-ITUS”
    And it has sucked the heart out of each and every one of these players.
    They want to go home.

    So Fewell confused his players in arguably the most important game of the season? What a dope. Do not blame Coughlin, he’s just doing his thing.
    And Gilbride needs to be told what to do by Eli. But Eli is the good son, and does not have it in his personality to turn this thing on a dime.

    I have long thought that Norv Turner would be the best offensive coordinator the Giants have ever had. I only wish Reese felt the same. Gilbride is a jerk, with an overblown ego. Turner is not head coach material. But there is not a better offensive mind in the game…period.

    Mr. Mara is the one who settles for substandard play and coaching.
    And if the team goes 8-8 every year, his pockets are full and that is the real bottom line. Until the front office feels embarrassed by the product on the field, the Giants will be a semi talented team who once in a while (every five years) plays up to their potential and may contend for a title.

    So all you season ticket holders all of you with PSL ‘s are paying for what you have seen the past 7 weeks. This club will win if they are lucky enough to draft or otherwise come by some players with balls, and ability.
    The coaching is absurd and only surpassed in it’s mediocrity by some of these players. The draft strategy seems a bit off as well. They are not terrible, just………off.

    So the bottom line is Mr. Mara is not losing any $$ so all is well. Never forget, the owner sets the pace. Either he wants to win or just wants to make money.
    Everything said here really makes no difference. We have what we have.
    So take it like the Mara’s take it. To contend once every five years ain’t all that bad I guess.

    The NFC East looks like Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles and the Giants bringing up the rear for about three years. And if Eli is to be kept healthy, they better start with O-line. The defense will suffer if new D-line talent is not found.
    It will not be a dominant unit until three linebackers are found.

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