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New York Giants’ Monday Morning Hangover Could Last for an Entire Offseason

December 24th, 2012 at 10:30 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants turned in yet another gutless performance in yesterday's 33-14 loss to Joe Flacco, Torrey Smith and the Baltimore Ravens, in what may be the penultimate gutless performance of the season.

'Tom Coughlin watches from the sideline' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:

The Giants have only one long shot to make the playoffs next week, after they made Flacco and the struggling Ravens look like world-beaters yesterday. There's not much to say, few words to find to describe that pit in our stomach that usually signifies the end of the season, but we'll try.

Tom Coughlin's Giants teams have taught us to expect them to come to life when their backs are finally up against the wall, and many were expecting as much heading into yesterday's game…but when it mattered most, this team put up the kind of stinker you'd come to expect from them this year, after the Cincinnati Bengals debacle and last week's thrashing at the hands of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons.

The Giants spent all year bending reputations they'd earned over the last few years and last night was the breaking point for many of them: the pass rush is officially gone and the front four needs to be rebuilt; the offensive line could use a rebuilding of its own; Corey Webster is nowhere near a #1 cornerback anymore, and the Giants secondary isn't the same without Kenny Phillips on the field; the offense doesn't work without a healthy Hakeem Nicks, and in a season where he was playing to prove he was worth a big contract, Victor Cruz has been mostly invisible for months.

As this team has circled the drain for the last few weeks, desperately trying to hang on, one thing has been noticeably absent: leadership. And spark. Where was it? Who was it supposed to come from?

Justin Tuck is a shell of his former self, Ahmad Bradshaw's production doesn't match his passion, and Eli Manning hasn't been playing well enough to pick up the guys around him. Even Ol' Steady, head coach Coughlin, seemed to be hanging his head after last week's Falcons debacle.

The long shot the Giants make the playoffs isn't a total impossibility…but it's hard to see this team being competitive even if they do back into the playoffs.


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42 Responses to “New York Giants’ Monday Morning Hangover Could Last for an Entire Offseason”

  1.  Dirt says:

    The team is so void of leadership, it’s disgusting. Between Tuck sitting on the sidelines at times pouting, to Eli showing no fire, to Coughlin sending a message week in and week out that putting the best guys on the field isn’t paramount, it’s no wonder this team mails it in almost annuallly.

    It is no coincidence that the Giants best offensive outings were when Diehl and/or Bradshaw spent time on the injury list. Brown exploded. Wilson exploded. Locklear kept Eli clean. What kind of message does that send when you put those has-beens back in the lineup?

    Eli played out of his mind last year, when he spent the offseason without a coach, taking the bull by the horns and studying on his own, organizing practices, LEADING the team. This year, there wasn’t a television or endorsement opportunity he wouldn’t turn down. And it showed all throughout his mechanics. Lazy feet. Lazy decision making.

    Tuck. I have nothing left to say about him. Thanks for 2007-2011. I wish the best to you and your family as you pursue all your noble off field endeavours. But please get your unfootball-like attitude off my defense.

    In all liklihood, 3 out of 4 of the last seasons will be spent sitting home in January. I honestly can’t figure it out. Tom Brady makes the playoffs every single season regardless of the talent around him. Aaron Rodgers makes the playoffs every single season regardless of the talent around him. Peyton Manning makes the playoffs every single season regardless of the talent around him. Why is this a barely-above-.500 team with an elite quarterback? Makes no sense.

    •  Barbarossa says:

      Agree completely about Tuck, his self-pity and lackadaisical attitude is infecting the rest of the defense. I appreciate what he has done and he seems like a wonderful human being but I do not want him on the Giants defense any longer and I ABSOLUTELY do not want to see the captain C on his chest. At this point he is simply embarrassing himself with his play, his leadership (or lack thereof) and his comments to the media.

  2.  Barbarossa says:

    Repost from last night

    Barbarossa says:
    December 23, 2012 at 11:26 PM

    I know this has all been said many times tonight but I feel compelled to say it again. This was an atrocious embarrassing (insert additional appropriate adjectives here) performance that made me sick to watch. I know our season is not over on paper but I think it is reasonable to assume that we are not headed to the playoffs. The majority of players look like they just do not care at this point which is not an acceptable attitude in what is essentially a playoff game. Examples need to be made and heads need to roll, the peasants (myself included) are getting out their pitchforks and torches and only blood will appease us. My two cents, Fewell needs to go and Tuck needs to go (I could go into why but hopefully it should be self evident). I’m NOT saying blow up the team and start from scratch but an attitude adjustment is a must before next year. One last thing, the body language of some players was also unacceptable, I don’t know about you guys but when I screw up at work I don’t go laugh about it with my coworkers at the water cooler, I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I fckd up, I think football players should too.

  3.  Dirt says:

    And, as I’ve been saying the last couple weeks, just because they’ve rallied before, it has no predictive value for going forward. Tom Coughlin’s Giants rallied two (2) times. They faded badly seven (7) times. You can’t build a team around a 4-game and 6-game winning streak surrounded by complete and utter inconsistency.

    So, no, they haven’t taught us that they respond with their backs against the wall. They’ve taught us that they have a couple of times. On the other hand, 78% of time, they fold.

  4. Anthony Raiaaxr29 says:


    It’s obvious a corner and an olineman need be added via free agency.

    Obviously Brent Grimes is out of the question, he’ll either end up back in Atlanta or cost too much money. I wouldn’t mind bringing in a guy like Quentin Jammer, someone who is big and physical. I wouldn’t even mind bringing in Pacman. Rasean Mathis, Chris Houston, Kelvin Hayden round out an average but serviceable FA CB crop.

    As far as DLine I’d be fine getting Ansah or Sam Montgomery from LSU, with a prayer Bjoern Werner falls to us. Enough finesse guys, give someone who is going to maul the offensive lineman and hit the crap out of the qb. We still need to add a veteran Dend.

    As far as the oline I would be Okay with grabbing one of the three Bama Olineman (Fulker/Warmack/Jones) in the first round.

    •  Valid says:

      I would stay away from Grimes anyway due to the fact that the dude tore his Achilles this season. Jammer would be awesome, though.

  5.  TuckThis says:

    “Tom Coughlin’s Giants teams have taught us to expect them to come to life when their backs are finally up against the wall”

    This is a case of selective memory. It seems that way because the 2 times they have done it they won the SB. What we choose to forget is all the times they haven’t done it. This team is notorious for 2nd half swoons. It’s one of the consistent things about this inconsistent team. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  6.  demo3356 says:

    Well that was about as disgusting a performance as one could ask for.. Outside of Prince, Wilson, Hill, Rolle and Hixon NOBODY performed well. Nobody else won their individual battles. This team does not deserve the playoffs. They should let a young hungry team that gives it everything they have EVERY week like the Vikings get in. Its obvious that many of our players are fat and happy along with having way too many off field commitments.. This happens to teams that win and is why it is so hard to repeat. I (along with Krow) have been saying for much of the season that we will be saying goodbye to several vets after this season. Too many guys making too much moolah and not doing enough to earn it. Like I said 3 weeks ago at least 4 out of Deihl, Snee, Bradshaw, Tuck, Osi, Canty and Webster will be gone. Team needs to get younger and what vets they do bring in need to be guys hungry to win, unlike the contents we have that have obviously lost their fire

  7.  jb322 says:


    Ok, let me be a ray of hope here. We are not that far away. On offense, we have an elite quarterback( even though he spends most of the time running for his life), elite receivers and a very good left side of the line. We need a serviceable right tackle and guard. Like I said before, Cordle and Brewer ARE an upgrade over Diehl and Snee, as is Wilson over Bradshaw. We have $30 mil in cap coming off the books, and if we renegotiate some contracts(namely those 3) we can pick up another $10 mil. We can use that to resign Cruz, Boothe Bennett, Beatty and Brown (and Phillips and Rivers at discounts over their current cap numbers). I think we can get this done for around $16 mil and have enough for one key FA addition (OT Andre Smith anyone?) That gives us a great nucleus for next year.

    On defense I think we missed Dave Tollefson and never adequately replaced him. Joseph, JPP and Kiwi are solid and are a great nucleus to build the line around. Our secondary has a solid foundation especially if we get Phillips and Thomas back. At linebacker, we can use a beast or two, but really there are not that many holes to plug.

    On the coaching staff, I think another year will do wonders for this staff. Remember, new WR coach and QB coach this year, I don’t think its a coincidence that these 2 units were not on the same page with 2 new coaches. Hopefully they will be better with another year under their belt. They were both learning on the job this year.

    I think Fewell, Gilbride and Coughlin all backslid this year and should come back stronger next year ( if they are here). I think their biggest problem was their misplaced loyalty to the veterans, lack of imagination on offense, not enough agressiveness on defense, and their failure to make in game adjustments. All these are correctable and I would be surprised if they weren’t.

    So I know that things look bad right now, but this team is not going away. Remember, the Redskins will come back down to earth, Dallas will be one year older and Philly will be a complete mess for some time to come. The Giants will be fine.

    •  Valid says:

      Awesome, rational post completely devoid of knee-jerk. Probably the best post I have seen made over the last 24 hours.

      People here are acting like we’re the fcking Kansas City Chiefs (or, heck, the Philadelphia Eagles). This team still has a TON of talent on it, and with the right moves this offseason, it will be right back to contending for a Super Bowl next season.

      Only thing I disagree with is the Redskins coming back down to earth. They will likely be even better next year with Orakpo, Carriker, and Fred Davis coming back. Of course, there is the chances that RGIII goes through the sophomore slump, but we can’t bank on that happening.

  8.  demo3356 says:

    Also for the drool cup wearing, window licking, bed wetting F*cktards.. Tom Coughlin is going NOWHERE UNTIL HE RETIRES!!!!!!! I cant believe we still have idiots talking about firing the guy that has bough us two Lombardi’s in 5 years.. Pretty sure Gillbride and Fewell aren’t going anywhere either. Maybe they get head coaching jobs at the college level, but beyond that I’d get used to the fact that they will be back.. Pretty much every player got whipped on both sides of the ball 2 weeks in a row and none won their INDIVIDUAL Match ups. That is a player issue, not a scheme issue. Corey Webster got beaten like a drum, our front 4 got ZERO pressure, our OLine bot mauled, our WR’s got zero separation, our franchise QB looked terrible and inaccurate. I look for our roster to get significantly younger and hungrier next year.

  9.  demo3356 says:

    Positives to build on
    Rueben Randle, Jayron Hosley and David Wilson will be very good players in this league
    Will Hill and Stevie Brown were great finds and along with Antrelle Rolle will have safety a strong point for this team with or without Kenny Phillips
    Prince is developing into a shut down corner
    Loosing Aaron Ross and Mannigham last year will net us at least one ore more likely two additional picks in the draft

    • Anthony Raiaaxr29 says:

      This. Still a ton of talent on this team and defense. Fix the dline. Add a corner opposite of Prince. Add some maulers on the right side of the oline and were back competing for a championship.

      •  Valid says:

        Sucks that Terrell Thomas got hurt again, huh? Really could have used that dude this year and for the future…

        •  demo3356 says:

          yeah he was a GREAT Tackler and solid in coverage.. He was looking like a pro bowler when he got hut the first time.. I think it is over for him now though. That many knee injuries is hard on a corner. Missing two years doesnt help either. He does posses the tackling skills to move to safety but unless we lose KP I dont see him cracking what we have with Rolle, KP, Hill and Brown

  10.  Valid says:

    One dude I would LOVE to see us go after this offseason is Cliff Avril.

    •  demo3356 says:

      He’s a beast but he is going to get fat $$$ not sure we wil have the cap room for that. We need to address DT, OT, RB,CB, LB as well as DE and cant put all our eggs in that basket. Some team will over pay for Aviril

      •  Valid says:


        From what I can recall, this free agent market is pretty decent, as well. A lot of nice players who shouldn’t be too expensive. Not sure how much Alan Branch would cost, but he’s another guy I’d love us to pursue. Monstrous DT who eats up a ton of space in the middle.

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