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New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle: “We’re Going to Go Out Like Champions”

December 24th, 2012 at 12:30 PM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants showed almost no emotion on the field Sunday afternoon as they were annihilated by the Baltimore Ravens 33-14, but there was quite a bit of it in the locker-room after the game. Much of it came from veteran safety Antrel Rolle, who often speaks up when no one else wants to. And although he was visibly disappointed, he insisted the Giants have one last bit of fight left in them.

“Our season’s not over yet," Rolle said, “so we’re going to go out like champions.’’

Several of his teammates didn't share that same outlook. Instead, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul likened them to scared little boys who had been bullied and subsequently pissed themselves.

“Do we deserve [the playoffs] by the way we played? Do we?" JPP said. “[Expletive], I don’t think so. We went out there and we pissed down our legs. There’s really nothing more I can say.”

That's about as accurate and honest an assessment as you're going to get from anyone. But the NFL is a 16-game season, not a 15-game season, whether you're in it or not. And if nothing else, the Giants owe it to themselves and their fans to come out strong on Sunday afternoon and end the season on a positive note against an NFC East team that has no business even competing at this point.

“There’s obviously something missing because this is not who we are, this is not our team but this is the team we’ve displayed two weeks in a row now," Rolle said.

With their slim playoff hopes still alive, we'll see on Sunday whether or not the Giants have truly quit. Either they're going to come out, play hard and hope for the best, or simply pack it in and let the Philadelphia Eagles have their way with them as they have each of the last two weeks against the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens.


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32 Responses to “New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle: “We’re Going to Go Out Like Champions””

  1.  Valid says:

    Really, really love Rolle. I hope the dude retires a Giant.

  2.  Valid says:

    At the very least, end Michael Vick’s career this Sunday. Give that scumbag another concussion and send him into a much-deserved early retirement.

    •  TuckThis says:

      He won’t retire. Woody will make him the QB of the J-E-T-S, Jets. Jets. Jets!

      •  demo3356 says:

        Either Vick or Romo will be QB for the Jets next year. Romo is a free agent. I could see the desperate Jets offering him a CRAZY deal. If not it will be Vick

        •  TuckThis says:

          If the Cowboys don’t resign Romo, where do they go? I can’t see them letting him walk. Who’s available?

        •  tman540 says:

          lmao dude? you think the Cowboys are going to let Romo walk? Have you seen how he’s been playing the last 6 weeks? Dude’s a Cowboy for life without a doubt

  3.  mike wood says:

    Better not just give up. I have front row seats right behind their bench. Il let them know just how upset I am if they don’t give all their effort next Sunday

  4.  demo3356 says:

    Pretty sure BOTH Coordinators are safe. Fewells defense shut down 2 of the top 6 Offenses ever on the way to a Lombardi last season. The difference between last year and this year is
    1) Last 6 games last year the front 4 got a TON of pressure on opposing QB;s
    2) the secondary did not blow coverages all over the place

    This season front 4 was non existent and the secondary was a burn unit. This is not Fewells fault. He cant help it if Justin Tuck, JPP, Osi and Canty can not do anything or create any pressure. He also cant help it that Coery Webster has lost it over night, that Aaron Ross left for JVille, that Kenny Phillips was a non factor for all but 2-3 games due to injury or that our offense was going 3 and out like it was in style. I’m not a huge fan of Fewells, would trade him for Spags, Lebeau, Capers, Nolan or Zimmer in a heartbeat but feel he is better than most here understand and think he gets far too much heat

    •  Valid says:

      Funny how Ross went from G101′s whipping boy to a guy we really could have used this season.

      •  demo3356 says:

        He was far Perfect but we did win two titles with him as a starter. We beat the
        13-3 Cowboys and Packers high flying offenses
        18-0 Patriots record breaking offense
        15-1 Packers record Breaking offense
        13-3 Patriot record breaking offense
        all with Aaron Ross starting at CB… Say what you want but he would have helped a lot this year as would Mario Mannigham. Unfortunately when you win 2 SB’s in 5 years other teams are going to over pay to steal your players and coaches. This is part of what makes it so hard to stay on top.

        •  Valid says:

          No I agree with you. I was saying he definitely could have helped this season even though most of us ripped him to shreds for most of last year.

    •  Barbarossa says:

      I agree that Fewell can’t help the way some of his players have suddenly become incredibly average, or the injury situations but for me the infuriating thing about him is his defensive schemes and his inability to make adjustments to his game plan. Specifically the numerous blown coverages and mismatches across the middle that we are seeing every game. To me these are problems of communication and scheme problems, Fewell is trying to do to much with too little and it is leaving gaping holes in our D. The way he stubbornly refuses to adjust when the other team is obviously exploiting his defense is maddening. It is similar to the way Gilbride will sometimes inexplicably fail to change his offensive scheme to exploint a known weakness on the opposing team, to me it smacks of a “I’m the smartest guy in the room and we are going to do things my way and I don’t want to hear anything about change again” kind of mentality.

      •  TuckThis says:

        ding. ding. ding…give this guy a cigar! correct on both accounts.

      •  demo3356 says:

        It is all tied in to lack of pressure from the front 4 and blown coverage’s in the secondary.. Nobody can cover when QB is given all day to throw. I do agree that he is not the best at in game adjustments though. Neither is Gillbride. Like I have posted several times, we dont win by outsmarting folks we win by out executing them. We are built on pressure from dLine and big plays on offense. When Clicking on those fronts our weaknesses in other areas are covered up. When not executing those 2 our flaws are exposed badly

        •  Barbarossa says:

          I certainly agree that the lack of pressure from our front four has quite a bit to do with our defensive woes. I predict a substantial turnover this year among our front four. In particular I hope desperately that Tuck retires or leaves in some other fashion, at the very least he should not be a captain next year. I like the guy but the entire team is giving off a fat happy and contented vibe this year, and Tuck and his existential crisis act have a lot to do with the teams various attitude problems. I said this in a post earlier and I still maintain it, some heads need to roll this off-season to make a statement about how unacceptable the teams performance was and Tuck and Fewell are on top of my list, although they certainly aren’t the only ones.

          P.S. I also agree with you that despite my wishes he will in all likely hood be back next year, Superbowl wins tend to buy you quite a bit of good will from the front office and ownership as they probably should.

    •  tman540 says:

      The problem with Fewells defense is that it’s a Cover-2 style…. Cover 2 requires 4 d-linemen who can get to the QB without blitzing, 3 Lbers who can cover and roam the middle of the field, 2 corners who can play zone and 2 safeties that can split the back end of the field and cover half of it by themselves.

      Cover-2 is very reliant on good linebackers (see DA BEARS), something we DO NOT HAVE. Rivers was suppose to be a stud in the Cover-2 system, unfortunately he couldn’t stay healthy for more than few games at a time to make an impact. If we’re going to run Fewells Cover-2 next season (which I hope we DO NOT), we need to completely overhaul the LBing corp.

  5.  TroyThorne says:

    Aaron Ross stunk for us and he was toasted in Jacksonville on the regular. He would have provided nothing for us this year but another name in the burn unit.

    I said weeks ago, back when we were leading the division, that I didn’t believe we could beat the Eagles until we actually showed we could. They were terrible early in the year and we still choked to them because they have us over a barrel. Obviously I was nailed for saying as much and it’s interesting to see so many tunes change now.

    I don’t care what anyone says really, I believe Fewell needs to be sent packing. I doubt Gilbride is going anywhere unless he finally takes a job in the college ranks but I don’t see any reason to keep Fewell employed. Yes I know, we won a Super Bowl with him. People seem to think that means every single member of the organization is great and doesn’t need improving. I saw it used as the excuse for David Diehl for 5 years now (all of which I was screaming about how terrible he was. For the record, he didn’t “fall off” or “suddenly decline”, he’s been playing exactly like this since he moved to LT. People just chose to ignore it for some reason). It doesn’t hold any weight though. There were plenty of bad players and coaches on each of those teams. Fewell’s defense has been bottom of the league for 2 years running. If that’s a player issue and not a coaching issue then we are in some serious trouble.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Oh you are getting you wish with Diehl this off season but Fewell will be back barring a HC job either pro or College. I see many players going bye bye but no coaches unless THEY leave for other jobs. Book it

  6.  demo3356 says:

    Now that I have defended Fewell and pointed out he will be back next year as he has earned, I have to be fair and balanced and blast him for his ill advised plan yesterday..
    WTF WAS WITH THE 4-4 DEFENSE??? The 4-4 Defense is a GREAT defense in youth football, high school and even in some college programs. It is the best way to stop the run as all gaps on both sides of the ball can be controlled as well as outside contain.. HOWEVER any competent Passing game will SHRED a 4-4 anytime they want to… Further more.. You are taking out a safety (possibly our best unit this year) and replacing them with a 4th Linebacker (our weakest unit by far). I give him credit for trying or thinking outside the box but man that isnt a good idea vs Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin when Cwebb has proven he can no longer shut down top tier WR’s one on one. If anything I would have liked to see that vs the Skins and RG3 to stop that BS College read option crap…

  7.  demo3356 says:

    Well as disgusted as I am with this team and as much as I believe they dont deserve a shot at the playoffs I’m pretty sure I will be cheering my **** off next Sunday for a Giant win and losses by Dallas, Minny and Chicago to keep the dream alive. On the flip side if we lose or dont make the playoffs it will motivate ownership and JR to chop some over paid under performing vets. Here is our schedule for next year if we finish 3rd
    Dallas (Home and Away)
    Philly (Home and Away)
    Washington (Home and Away)
    Green Bay
    St Louis*
    At Chicago
    At Detroit
    at Oakland
    at San Diego
    at Tampa Bay*

    * Subject to change depending on Sundays results. We could finish second with a win and a loss to Dallas which would change Rams/ Bucs to Saints/ Seattle or possibly SF but likely Seattle

  8.  LUZZ says:

    I am far from a Perry Fewel fan. I’m not often a critic of coaches, because so many of us (me included) have such little knowledge about the X’s and O’s of today’s game. For example, I’m pretty sure that over half of those shotgun draws everyone hates so much are checks at the LOS by the QB. Based on the alignment of the defensive front , down & distance, and personnel package on the field, Eli checks into those draws. Anyway, back to Fewel. His style is just too passive for my taste. I hope a college offers him a HC job.

    I’m sure I was disgusted as everyone else watching yesterday’s game. I’m sure it’s an overly simplistic POV for most on here, but my take is that you just can’t win them all. Sure I would have loved to win 12 games this year, but it just wasn’t in the cards. To me the team just looks tired, not a great excuse, but it’s what i am seeing. Maybe it was storm Sandy, maybe Sandy Hook shooting, maybe just plain complacency, or maybe tired from playing an extra month last year. i really don’t know. I know the Pats played an extra month too, but they were the loser of the SB and the loser tends to come back motivated.

    I’m surely disappointed in this season, but I am hopeful and excited for next year. To be honest, I’m still riding somewhat of a high from the combo of ’07 and ’11. I love this team, always will, and can’t wait to see what the plan is to improve the roster.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Giants101 out there !

    •  demo3356 says:

      Same to you my friend and like I always say you do not post enough!

    •  Barbarossa says:

      What a rational and pragmatic post, it has no place on an internet forum! Come my good man put down you logic, pick up your pitchfork and join the mindless mob! It’s so much more fun.

  9.  demo3356 says:

    I’m off to get stuff ready for the Annual D’Emo Christmas Eve Party. Got lots of booze to buy and have to get house ready for all the family coming over. I wanted to wish everyone here at G101 a Merry Christmas Eve!

  10.  Krow says:

    Well hey .. Every year can’t be a Superbowl year. The ups and downs are half the fun. Happy Holidays one and all. And special thanks to Antonio ‘fat boy’ Pierce for an insightful article. Good thoughts for Tiki Barber too. But Shockey has to wait another year before he’s off the naughty list. Sorry Jeremy, but you were such a disk.

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