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New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin “Baffled” Strong Practices Aren’t Translating to Strong Performances

December 18th, 2012 at 1:30 PM
By Dan Benton

Earlier this season, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was admittedly unhappy with several practices. He called his team out after what he deemed "bad practices" leading up to an opening week loss against the Dallas Cowboys. Since then, things have turned around and the coach is quite pleased with what he sees on the practice field. However, as the Giants continue their rollercoaster season, he finds himself baffled that quality practices aren't turning into quality performances on gameday.

"It’s baffling to me in a way, to be honest with you, that we are not transferring from the practice field to the game field what I see in practice. Practices last week, Thursday was very good, Friday was good, not great, but good. Game day is not looking the same. That’s a concern for me," Coughlin said.

So, with the team prepared, practicing well and allegedly motivated, what is it that's going wrong? That answer eludes not only us, but Coughlin and the other coaches as well.

"I would like them to think that at this time of the year, we can take our ability and the experience that we’ve had and share it with the young guys and have a good week of practice and have it carry over to the game on Sunday," Coughlin said.

Perhaps, as Corey Webster alluded to earlier this season, this team just can't bring themselves to perform consistently unless their backs are against the wall. And while it's not an ideal situation, it's one that's proven true more times than not in recent years. Then again, the Giants went into Atlanta thinking that game was a must-win and didn't realize until after their loss that they were still in control of their own destiny.

There's no doubt the Giants are a talented and competitive team. We've all seen it … several times this season. But something is lacking, and it doesn't appear that anyone, even those intimately familiar with the players and coaches, can quite put their finger on it.

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10 Responses to “New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin “Baffled” Strong Practices Aren’t Translating to Strong Performances”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    Once again, I think there is more mythology than fact in writing and thinking about the Giants. The statement above that more often than not the Giants play their best with their backs against the wall is simply not true. In fact, just the opposite is true. In 2009, 10 and 11, they faced similar situations as now, and 2 out of three times they came up short, and came up short badly.
    That said, hearing Coughlin admit he is clueless as to why is not comforting, but what does anyone expect?
    Quite frankly, in the era of no practices, I don’t even know what it means to have a strong practice.
    But truth be told, when other team’s have something to play for or are otherwise amped, they whoop us.
    That’s the way this team rolls in 2012, and most other years.

    •  James Stoll says:

      Which is whybwe should be afraid of Baltimore. Lewis will be back and he’ll have their defense amped. That could mean Eli gets slaughtered. Maybe one of his famed 4 INT days

  2.  Levito says:

    Jorge Castillo
    Kenny Phillips on ESPN 98.7 on whether he’ll play Sunday: “Yeah…the situation we in right now, it’s now or never.” #nyg

  3.  Krow says:

    Tom Coughlin is going to stop coaching the Giants when Tom Coughlin decides he’s had enough.

    The simple reality is this … despite what anyone thinks of him the NFL is a results driven league … and TC has delivered not one, but two … count ‘em … two Superbowls.

    He’s got the Golden Ticket …

    I think we’re in for some changes … and quite possibly major player and assistant moves. But Tom is part of the furniture, and he’s earned it the old fashioned way … by putting Lombardis in the trophy case.

  4.  Krow says:

    Now just to be clear … I’m not saying we just muddle onward in the same old way. The NFL is changing. Our success played a significant part in sparking that change.

    We have to adapt … or end up like the dinosaur. We need to move some players out … and move some others in. We need fresh ideas and new approaches to old problems. There’s a lot to be done. But it’s not going to be the ‘blow it up and start over’ variety. Stability in an organization is critical to success … and very hard to establish. They’re not throwing that away because we didn’t win two Superbowls in a row.

  5.  LUZZ says:

    Bet the Giants this week boys !!

    •  James Stoll says:

      On the positive side, horrible against the Bengals, terrific against the Pack; dreadful against the Skins, spectacular against the Saints; super terrible against the Falcons;______against the Ravens

  6.  Highbridge Harry says:

    Can someone explain to me why the front defensive four are having such a hard time getting to the quarterback regardless of what team their playing???Coach Coughlin can’t get out on the field and do this for them, if these guys can’t figure it out themselves they should send a lot of their salary to the Sandy relief fund, IT’S GETTING EMBRRASSING. After each game these guys talk the talk but on game day they don’t walk the walk.

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