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New York Giants’ Mathias Kiwanuka: Sunday’s Display a Dishonor to Anyone Who’s Worn the “NY”

December 17th, 2012 at 8:35 AM
By Dan Benton

'Mathias Kiwanuka' photo (c) 2006, Alexa - license: The New York Giants didn't just lose on Sunday, they were flat-out embarrassed and humiliated by the Atlanta Falcons. So much so that defensive end/linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka said it was an insult to anyone who has ever worn the uniform or fans that wear the logo.

"[It's] embarrassing not only to us but to anybody who ever wore a Giants decal on their hat or shoulder or anything like that," Kiwanuka said.

Despite the horrid display, some members of the team maintain their faith. And with their playoff fate still in their own hands, defensive captain Justin Tuck says this loss hasn't shaken his confidence, and he can't wait for next Sunday to get here.

“What’s the girl in the Wizard of Oz and Toto? Dorothy?’’ Tuck said. “I wish I had some red shoes so I could kind of wish myself right to next Sunday because it can’t get here quick enough. … We’ve had crappy games like this and came right back and played like Super Bowl champions. My confidence is not shaken."

The game, Osi Umenyiora said, was played "with a heavy heart." But he added, "that's no excuse," saying the Falcons played with the same level of sadness over the lives lost in the Newtown, CT shootings on Friday.

Whatever the case may be, the Giants' only hope is to shake this off immediately and avoid further embarrassment in weeks 16 and 17 when they play the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles respectively.


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9 Responses to “New York Giants’ Mathias Kiwanuka: Sunday’s Display a Dishonor to Anyone Who’s Worn the “NY””

  1.  Begiant says:

    Dan, If we ended with the same record as the Vikings, Bears or Seahawks would the tiebreaker be conference record or divisional record? I see you said “with both NFC East teams based on division records, but would hold tie-breaker edges in the wildcard because of a better conference mark.” however I think that meant against the Skins and Cowboys and not teams outside of the division.

  2.  Highbridge Harry says:

    The Giants have lost their MO JO. Without a pass rush they are finished. Also Eli has to stop making with the funny faces and start hitting his receivers, he’s either to long or to short with his passes and how about rolling out once in a while.

  3.  James Stoll says:

    Things look grim right now.
    How is Snee? The thought of Cordle next week is really scary.

  4.  Levito says:

    As long as the Giants don’t fold under the pressure, it’s not looking all that bad. The Ravens have a new OC who didn’t exactly impress yesterday. Their defense is pretty banged up. The Giants should be able to get it together and pull out the win. Then there’s the Eagles. If the Giants can’t beat THIS Eagles team, they don’t deserve to play in January anyway.

    •  Krow says:

      Right now I’d like us to make the playoffs. We’ve already been the first champs to lose the opener … we’ve just gotten the worst beating of any champion … I suspect we’re also the first to be shutout in the modern era … enough is enough. With a little luck it’d be a rematch with the Packers … a team we know how to beat. But if we drop another stinkbomb like yesterday then we’re finished … and we’ll have richly deserved it too.

      •  Levito says:

        Not the only defending champion to get shutout, but definitely the worst.

        But yes, I agree. I want to make the playoffs, and I want to get a favorable matchup. The 49ers win yesterday guaranteed nobody will have to face Seattle at home. But there’s other dangerous matchups. Obviously Atlanta is at home throughout the playoffs and they aren’t quite the “paper tigers” they were made out to be on this board the past week. But I also wouldn’t want to face any other NFC East team.

        There’s not a lot of great roads through the playoffs here. If the Giants sneak in with the 6 seed, they’d have to play GB in GB (winnable, obviously), but then they’d go to ATL. Or, if somehow they won the division, they’d probably face Washington/Dallas in the 1st round.

        So while the Giants haven’t hurt their playoff chances, because it’s still a win 2 and they’re in scenario, the road through the playoffs just got a lot harder. They could have eliminated Washington a few weeks ago, and now, despite what’s been said around here, they’re poised to run the table.

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