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Humiliating 34-0 Loss to Falcons Leaves New York Giants with Legendary Monday Morning Hangover

December 17th, 2012 at 10:00 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

''Eli Manning' in his Giants jammie pants' photo (c) 2008, Marianne O'Leary - license: Ouch…you can put this one right up there with with the 31-13 Week 10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, but in all reality yesterday's 34-0 loss to the Atlanta Falcons was far and away the New York Giants most upsetting loss of the year.

The Giants not only got humiliated on the field, failing to score a single point, but they also lost control of first place in the NFC East and now have to win out just to secure a wildcard spot. This is the kind of bachelor party hangover that lasts all week…the kind that carries enough shame that you have to wonder if it will still be lingering next Sunday.

We don't really feel the need to recap yesterday here, but in case you missed it you didn't miss much on behalf of the Giants: Eli Manning threw two really ugly interceptions, the Giants were 4-of-10 on 3rd down, 0-for-3 on 4th down and allowed Matt Ryan to go for 265 yards and three touchdowns on a mere 23 completions.

Julio Jones caught every single pass thrown his way (6 catches for 74 yards and two touchdowns), wide receiver Harry Douglas (#3 on the depth chart) had 83 yards on three catches and the Falcons converted an astounding nine of their 13 attempts on 3rd down.

But we're done rehashing yesterday's debacle. Losses like this are better to just turn the page and move on.

The Giants still control their playoff fate (beat the Baltimore Ravens this week and the Philadelphia Eagles the next week and the Giants are guaranteed at least a wild card), so they're going to need to practice hard this week focused on that.

The Giants really didn't stand a chance yesterday…and we're left wondering what the chances are that they can shake off that unbelievably shameful performance and keep looking forward.


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32 Responses to “Humiliating 34-0 Loss to Falcons Leaves New York Giants with Legendary Monday Morning Hangover”

  1.  Krow says:

    Right now I’d like us to make the playoffs. We’ve already been the first champs to lose the opener … we’ve just gotten the worst beating of any champion … I suspect we’re also the first to be shutout in the modern era … enough is enough. With a little luck it’d be a rematch with the Packers … a team we know how to beat. But if we drop another stinkbomb like yesterday then we’re finished … and we’ll have richly deserved it too.

    •  Levito says:

      Not the only defending champion to get shutout, but definitely the worst.

      But yes, I agree. I want to make the playoffs, and I want to get a favorable matchup. The 49ers win yesterday guaranteed nobody will have to face Seattle at home. But there’s other dangerous matchups. Obviously Atlanta is at home throughout the playoffs and they aren’t quite the “paper tigers” they were made out to be on this board the past week. But I also wouldn’t want to face any other NFC East team.

      There’s not a lot of great roads through the playoffs here. If the Giants sneak in with the 6 seed, they’d have to play GB in GB (winnable, obviously), but then they’d go to ATL. Or, if somehow they won the division, they’d probably face Washington/Dallas in the 1st round.

      So while the Giants haven’t hurt their playoff chances, because it’s still a win 2 and they’re in scenario, the road through the playoffs just got a lot harder. They could have eliminated Washington a few weeks ago, and now, despite what’s been said around here, they’re poised to run the table.

      •  Krow says:

        The reality is that we’re not one of the top teams in the NFC, so there’s no easy path. Right now San Fran, Seattle, and Washington seem to be settling in as the favorites. Green Bay a notch below. Then us … Dallas … Minnesota … and Chicago trying to get the last two Golden Wonka Tickets.

      •  Valid says:

        There’s also the chance of us getting in with the No. 5 seed and having to face the NFC East winner in the first round.

      •  Dirt says:

        If the Giants somehow win the division, they’ll likely be the #4 and play the #5, which is more likely to be Seattle. Seattle already has 1 up on Was and Dal and Was and Dal would have to lose again for that to happen.

    •  Valid says:

      The Giants have proven twice now that all you need to do is get into the playoffs, and anything can happen. I don’t care what happened yesterday: this team is undoubtedly talented enough to reel off six consecutive wins just like last season. I still have the utmost faith they can do it.

      •  Krow says:

        I want to go on record as hoping you’re 100% correct. But it certainly doesn’t look that way right now … and hasn’t for the bulk of the season.

        We’re in the good-not-great category … IMHO. And yesterday not even that.

  2.  Valid says:

    Fortunately, this isn’t like two years ago when the Giants lost to Philly. All they have to do is win their last two games, and they’re in. I’m confident they’ll do that and proceed to make a run in the playoffs.

    Oh, and if we see the Falcons again in January (and it’s very possible we will), it’s a win. Mark my words.

    •  kinsho says:

      ‘Oh, and if we see the Falcons again in January (and it’s very possible we will), it’s a win. Mark my words.’

      That’s one of the few things we agree upon. But that’s a big big IF.

  3.  Liberal Giant says:

    Let’s face it. The season’s over; there will be no miracle run like there was last year or 08. It is time to start looking forward to the April draft. The Giants need a new left tackle and a fresh linebacker or two.

    I find the most dissapointing losses to be those by a slim margin against teams like the Boys, Eagles, and Redskins. One such loss is understandable. Three equals an inconsistent team with a quarterback who is not having his best year.

    •  Krow says:

      If we go 10-6 and make the playoffs I’m going to declare it a successful year. It can’t always be ‘win the Superbowl or failure’. As the saying goes, “the other guys get paid too.”

    •  demo3356 says:

      LOL! Left Tackle is the strongest spot on our OL.. Beatty has turned into a really good LT. We need a mauler at RT and need to start looking at RG as well. Snee’s play has been slipping a little. He probably will be gone in next 2-3 years.

  4.  Liberal Giant says:

    Valid. I mark your words. The Giants will not get out of the first round, should they even make it.

  5.  Levito says:

    Yes, we all know that all it takes is a playoff berth and anyone has a chance. And we all want the Giant to get that berth. But remember, just because the Giants did it twice, doesn’t mean they get in and they’re going to win it all. The Packers did it the year before the Giants, and the Steelers did it recently as well.

    The Giants need to win the next 2 games, and if they do, they’re be fortunate that they’re at least winning games to get into the playoffs, unlike teams like Baltimore which are backing in. So if they make it, it’ll be because they got their sh¡t together in time. But there’s some seriously hot teams in the NFC right now. the 49ers just owned the Pats last night (I don’t care that the Pats mounted a comeback, the 49ers closed it out when they needed and beat the Pats at home). Seattle has been slapping teams around and is showing they can win on the road. Green Bay’s always competitive, and the Falcons just sent a message to the rest of the NFC that they’re not to be taken lightly, and all roads to New Orleans go through Atlanta.

    •  Valid says:

      Meh. Call me overly optimistic, but none of those teams strike all that much fear into me.

      San Fran is a bit scary because the Giants have beaten them twice in a row on their own turf, and doing it three times in a row seems like a very difficult task. However, they have a QB who has not played a minute of playoff football.

      Green Bay? The Giants seem to have their numbers. Like the 49ers though, we have beaten them twice in a row and beating a team of that caliber three straight times will be tough, but Eli can shred that defense and our defensive line, as inconsistent as it has been this year, proved a couple of weeks ago that it can have a field day with that offensive line.

      As far as Atlanta goes, I would welcome a matchup with them in the playoffs. The Niners and the Packers scare me more than the Falcons. Atlanta is still winless in the playoffs, and I think the Giants will prove that yesterday’s loss was an aberration should the two teams meet.

      I still love our chances.

  6.  GOAT56 says:

    I admit I haven’t read a single post. If even I as an optimist feels as badly as I do I can only imagine what’s being posted here. Our division partners, Sea and Minn all won yesterday so it seemed like the worse nightmare we could all possibly imagine. Which it was nearly but luckily for us GB came through for us and beat Chicago. That allowed us to at least still be in control of our playoff destiny.

    Yesterday’s game was extremely disappointing on many levels but I have to say the feeling I have is a lot like the second redskin loss last year. So while it’s reasonable to conclude we just don’t have it this year I won’t go there yet. We play Bmore in a game that’s very much like the Jet’s game last year. This will be almost a de facto playoff game as will Philly if we beat Bmore. As disappoint and frustrating as it is watching this team, we are still capable of playing great football. So saddle up for our first playoff game this season next week.

    There are many complaints about the previous 15 weeks. But right now we are 2 games from the playoffs and that’s the way everyone must think. I still believe the team has utmost confidence they can Atlanta, SF of any other NFC team. The key is still getting into the playoffs. The only positive thing about this situation we have put ourselves in is we have to (9-7 is possible but unlikely) win our final 2 games so we can build some momentum heading into the playoffs if we win.

    Today is for everyone to b*tch and complain so I might not read much because I certainly agree that’s everyone’s right. But I will say given that we have a faltering Bmore team and a bad Philly team left even if you don’t feel great about us winning these last 2 games is far from daunting. Now it’s all about just having the chance to repeat.

  7.  rlhjr says:

    Emotions can easily distort your perceptions of what is real in life and in the surrealistic sporting environment of this day and age. I will not speak for everyone, but I can speak for me.

    Sometimes I see situations and think “man, there is just no way this should ever happen.” And my head explodes in anger. I have learned to fight off those emotional responses with logic. In other words, nothing is ever as good or bad as it seems especially at first blush.

    That said, I think the best description of what I feel is hopelessness.
    The reason for my hopelessness stems from how much positive feeling I have vested in a different/better outcome than what was presented Sunday.
    A lose would have been acceptable, but a “TANK” job?

    Being a Giants fan for as long as I have, I’ve been faced with a number of situations that were quite frankly as odorous and hopeless as what I have seen from this team on six occasions this season. Never mind the lapse of years past. Those failures are what they are. And each season is different, particularly in Big Blue Land. Simply put this edition of the New York Giants is about as consistent as mercury.

    The lesson should be to not vest myself as deeply in anything that has the potential to fail so completely and totally. But think of the fun you miss when that thing or those things succeed.

    I could name names but I’m pretty sure we all know which players have failed the Giants this season. And I am sure we all know that injury is never a good thing to deal with even though we all know they are not an excuse.
    Yeah, right…………………..

    I think Reese has failed the Giants fans with his lack of building a strong offensive line, and a strong front seven. I think it was less than intelligent to not have started replenishing those linemen with quality draft picks years ago. And now it looks as though the defensive line is short on talent in general and depth overall. This applies to the defensive tackles in particular.

    It seems the Giants are not that into winning consistently. They win on a strict rotational basis. And they need a weak schedule in order to thrive. You might say every team does. However, I’ve never regarded the Giants as “EVERY TEAM” I’ve always regarded them (the organization and coaching) as a cut above the norm. The Giant organization is one to be proud of as a fan.
    So my disappointment is shall we say enhanced. I am sure some share my feelings to a greater or lesser degree.

    One thing is for sure, when they epic fail as they have done this season, even in close games it’s largely due to the offensive line defensive line not living up to expectation. And finally the glaring bottomless pit that has been the Giants line backing.

    With all of that, I simply cannot believe this team has so few players with heart and/or pride in what they bring each time they take the field. I cannot blame Coughlin, Fewell or Gilbride for this debacle. Tom Coughlin manages and the other two coach and coordinate these players. They have nothing to do with execution of each player on the field other than providing them with a scheme to carry out. I forgive the bad play call or time management mistake.
    But this type of performance happens all too often with this group of players.

    Some of these guys need to be on the first thing smoking out of town……TODAY. And this much is totally true: A team in the thick of fighting for the playoffs does not lose a game like this by not showing up for the contest. A real football team would fight, scrap, cuss, spit and bleed before losing under such circumstances. A team with backbone and leadership puts up a fight. A team with talent put up a fight. A playoff caliber team puts up a fight. These Giants simply lie down and die.

    They do not care folks. For whatever the reason, the majority of Giant players do not care how they look to fans, teammates or peers. They show up for a pay check and that is about it. Reese does well in drafting character players.
    But he and Ross must do better overall in finding “football players” with passion and pride. To play a game like yesterday indicates a LACK OF CHARACTER on behalf of the Giant players. And you had better believe it.

    In the end this is football and not the try outs for the boy’s choir.
    They are a disgrace pure and simple. And I am completely and totally ashamed of them. BUT REMEMBER, NOTHING IS AS GOOD OR AS BAD AS IT SEEMS. Insight from a long time Giants fan.

    •  Krow says:

      Well put. And yes, the lack of passion is the hardest, most troubling aspect to me as well. The other team too often appears more fired up … more into the moment. We need more angry, hard-nosed players. A few natural leaders wouldn’t hurt either.

    •  kinsho says:

      Excellent post. I was thinking about how much our team lacks passion compared to some of the other teams out there. I mean, looking at Tom Brady yesterday, you know that guy wanted to win so badly that he willed his entire team back from a 28-pt deficit.

      I’m not asking for Eli to be like Tom Brady, that’s not who he is. But I’m asking for any one of the other players to step up and show that same passion that he or Ray Lewis bring to their respective teams.

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Kiwi is correct. That was a disgrace. That’s all that need be said about that game.

    It certainly made clear how debilitated this team is with an unhealthy Nicks, an absent Manningham, a washed-up Diehl at tackle, Amukamara and Phillips unable to play, and no depth at running back.

    The team that they have this season could only be saved by a red-hot Eli Manning who does what he did last season and for the first part of this one: win games nearly by himself. He is not playing nearly that well now (in good part because he doesn’t have a lot of great targets right now and has no consistent running game to allow him to get in a real rhythm), and he cannot win those games without help. And in partnership with Eli the defensive front needed to have a great year. Instead it has been garbage. Yeah, yeah, I know all about the schemes intended to stop them. Sorry, they’ve been getting beaten regularly one-on-one all season, regardless of what they claim.

    They may beat the Ravens and the Eagles. In fact, they should. So they really SHOULD make the playoffs even now, especially if Prince, KP and Bradshaw can return by Sunday. And if they make the playoffs that is what anyone can reasonably expect, and then you hope they get hot.

    I said about a month ago that I was seeing issues at the “core” of the team that I thought made it highly unlikely they would defend their title. That has only become more obvious over the past weeks. But you cannot expect a championship every year, and there are still a lot of good players on this team. All we can hope for is that lightning strikes again while we await what I think is going to be a pretty significant set of roster changes by next season.

    •  kinsho says:

      The running game was atrocious last year and Eli still had a season of the ages. I’m thinking Eli’s in a deep funk this year, perhaps due to the absence of Mike Sullivan…

  9.  James Stoll says:

    Gonna be a long week
    Hard to believe in the team today
    Easy to see a final collapse
    But they looked that way after Cincinnati and even Washington 2
    But we’ll have to see it to believe it

  10.  demo3356 says:

    LOL! Its like Groundhog day around here.. Monday morning after a horrific week 15 loss and the same characters are jumping off the bus the same way they did this team last year. Just like last year I’m here to remind them that 2 wins and the Giants are in. Go back and read the threads from this day last year and it will be like the twilight zone. I actually believe that the team was in worst shape last year and things looked bleaker than they do now. Last year we were 7-7 and had only one win over a winning team (Pats) up to that point. We were swept by a TERRIBLE skins team and got murdered in a doom by the Saints and looked heartless. The same ole characters were crying how we were done because we had no pass rush and couldn’t cover anyone. I’m not kidding either.. Go back and look at the threads.. Many mocked me for guaranteeing the Giants winning the last 2 and getting into the dance and were screaming for the heads of TC, PF and KG at the end of the coming 7-9 debacle.
    Chin up folks, we have 2 games left against teams that ARE sinking Ships. One has lost 9 out of ten and is about to clean house tip to bottom and the other has just fired their OC and is banged up all over the place on both sides of the ball. This team for whatever reason sleep walks through games that it doesn’t deem a must win and only plays up to their level when their backs are COMPLETELY up against the wall. As Maddening as it is, it has worked for them. Win out of lose out I (as does Krow) see a big roster turnover after this season. Too many fat cats that make too much money and two many young guys about to hit FA. I think they will find a way to win these last 2 games and get into the dance.

    •  kinsho says:

      We shouldn’t underestimate the Ravens or the Eagles. The Ravens are looking for a statement game now that everyone and their mother have deemed them a sinking ship. Combine that with an elite RB that can force his way past our porous run defense.

      As for the Eagles, keep in mind that’s Andy Reid’s last game as an Eagle against a hated division rival.

      But I’m not so negative here. I think we’ll definitely win at least one game. I’m 50/50 on whether we win both.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Demo, when a lot of us did not believe last year, you did. And that is a credit to your love of your team. So I hope that once again your perspective is a good one. Right now, I feel like I’m back in school and the guys are playing a game of “chest”. (When you walk up to a friend, and bust him one as hard as you can in the chest)

      I am out of air, and gasping for breath. So I welcome some silver lining within the clouds. LOL.

    •  Valid says:

      Thank God for posters like demo and GOAT who make sure I am not the only optimist around here.

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