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New York Giants Tuesday Morning Storylines: Super Bowl Repeat Possible, but not Without Defense

December 11th, 2012 at 12:10 PM
By Simon Garron-Caine

Talk of a New York Giants Super Bowl Repeat is on, as the 52-27 thumping they gave old foe Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints this week was apparently enough to get the ol' bandwagon up and running again, even as a key matchup with Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons looms.

'Eli' photo (c) 2012, Scott Rubin - license:

Gary Myers of the Daily News and Steve Serby of the NY Post didnt just hop on the bandwagon, they grabbed the reins and started driving it together, focusing on key themes like the leadership of Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin, a fair assessment of the NFC landscape by Myers, and, of course, the rarely defined but always apparent when present "swagger."

We'll start with Myers, who makes a simple but strong point: name a team in the NFC that the Giants can't beat in a big game.

"They first have to make it to January, of course, but as long as they are still playing when the calendar flips, there is not a serious contender in the NFC the Giants should fear because they have proven they can beat them all, except Seattle, whom they haven't played."

Although Myers glosses over that whole gotta make it to January thing (that's a pretty big one, after all), his point remains. The San Francisco 49ers? Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers? Been there, done that. The Atlanta Falcons? Ditto, and if we're in the playoffs it likely means we'll have done it again this coming Sunday.

Myers says the Giants got their swagger back on Sunday against New Orleans. If they can prove against Atlanta and Baltimore that Myers is right, we'll jump on that bandwagon right behind Gary and Steve.

Serby, for his part, says he's "shoving his chips to the middle of the table" on the Giants, and lists five reasons the the team can (the quarterback, the coach, leadership, the cavalry and Big Blue, whatever that last one means), and two they can't (health and the schedule).

It's hard to tell what he's getting at until he says, "once the Giants are in [the playoffs], the NFL has learned they are ALL IN."

Yeah! Rah rah rah! Go team!

Aaaaaaand much thanks to Ralph Vacchiano for actually writing about football this morning, reminding us all that the Giants aren't going anywhere unless the struggling defense rediscovers the form it had in 2007 and late last year.

The Giants are still searching for that seminal game, the kind of catalytic performance they had in last year's playoff game with the Falcons, that propels them forward, and Vacchiano writes that the players think it is coming soon:

"I think we've had some good performances," Coughlin said. "I like what I hear if you're telling me that the defensive players don't thin that they've accomplished they set out to, and that they think their best games are still in front of them. I would encourage that."

We thought the defense had that game again San Francisco earlier in the year, but there have been plenty of ups and downs since then. The pass rush has started to come on lately, but they haven't quite put a full performance together.

This week in Atlanta would be a great place to start.


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29 Responses to “New York Giants Tuesday Morning Storylines: Super Bowl Repeat Possible, but not Without Defense”

  1.  LUZZ says:

    Thanks for update on BJ, Dan. By the way, i didn’t want it to sound like you shouldn’t have done a piece on the BJ topic. I’ve been looking for updates on it all day. what I meant to say is that the 49ers would have to agree to this reunion and that I didn’t see any way they would.

    I guess it’s a matter between the NFLPA and the league officials right now, right? What percentage would you put on it that the league favors on the side of BJ? i say less than 15% chance, but I’m basing that on nothing.

    • The 49ers don’t have to agree to it. If Jacobs wins his grievance, he either gets paid to stay home or gets his wish and is wearing Blue as soon as he can get to Jersey.

      FF55 —

      I actually see Brown as a huge part of this offense’s future. If Wilson is the lead dog, Brown is his #2. If you can lock him up for 4 years at 8-10, that’s a great commodity to have. You have to figure Bradshaw’s not going to settle for the #3 and the Giants are unlikely to pay him $4 million a year to do so anyway. Besides, it’ll be Da’Rell Scott’s 3rd year and they aren’t keeping him around for nothing. He’s probably the fastest RB we have.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        I agree with you, but given Brown’s history I’d be a lot happier with a #3 who is a lot better than Da’Rell Scott. I wouldn’t want to ever have to depend on him for a real role late in the season unless he magically learns how to move laterally.

        I agree that it’s unlikely Bradshaw will happily take a significant pay cut, but he might want to think about his alternatives very carefully. If he were to come back with the Giants as their #3 guy he could probably play 3-5 more years in limited duty unless someone went down. If he insists on big pay it will be elsewhere on a 1-2 year contract with limited guarantees because of his health. And then he would be abused by a team that knows he’s probably only good for those one or two years and then will be completely done. He might wind up with more guaranteed money with the Giants when the smoke had cleared and he was ready to leave the game behind.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      I figured as much (re: reason for article).

      But as of right now, I’d say it’s 50/50 because Jacobs’ conduct wasn’t really detrimental to the team. Certainly nothing worthy of a three-game ban.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    I’m sorry, but did anyone talk Kujo out of his #FreeBJ hash tag?
    LMAO still……………………….LOL…………..LOL


    Talking about their meeting with Cleveland, he said on ESPN’s SportsCenter (via “We have a little bit tougher of a task with Kirk starting.”

    “We have to play well around Kirk so Kirk doesn’t feel like he has to save the team and help him to be a comfortable as possible,” he continued.

    I was never buying it, even if RG3′s knee wasn’t serious, that he’d be able to play this week. Any knee sprain bad enough to have him hobble around, ultimately unable to put pressure on it last week, is not going to be in game shape 7 days later. It’s just not.

    It kind of surprised me that a bunch of happy-talk from Shanahan made everyone think RG3 would play.

  4. How do you know Da’Rell Scott can’t be a good 3rd RB? That guy’s got tools, man.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      F55 doesn’t believe he has the laterial quickness to succeed as a runner or KR. I see some of the things F55 is talking about but in preseason and his few carries I though Scott showed more laterial quickness and definitely a lot more power than as a rookie.

  5.  Levito says:

    Simon Garron-Caine says:
    December 11, 2012 at 12:04 PM
    Levito — Vested veterans don’t pass through waivers, I believe.


    Simon, all players pass through waivers after the trade deadline.

  6.  rlhjr says:

    As much as I like Brown, the Giants need to take another running back in the draft. This guy should be big (240) fast and physical. This will be the swan song for Bradshaw. And that does not make me feel good, but the beat goes on
    Good thing they are easy to find.

  7.  Levito says:

    Simon- good article, but my main thought is: last year’s SB performance wouldn’t have been possible had the defense not figured things out late in the season. It was around this time last year that they started to put it all together for the SB run.

    Should KP get healthy, and the injuries to Prince, Nicks & Bradshaw not present too much to overcome, I like the Giants chances. But they have a couple of tough games to get through first. If the Giants win enough and make it to January, there’s no question they can make a run. It’s getting there that’s going to be a tough road.

    • Exactly why I pointed out that Myers kinda glossed over the whole “if they can get to January” thing. That’s key. Today was a day for that column, but at the end of the day if Myers waits for a good performance against the Falcons before writing a Repeat column, he’ll be just a member of the bandwagon and not driving it.

      That’s why I really liked Vacchiano’s story. It’s chock full of quotes of defensive players saying we’re not there yet, we know we have left some plays on the field, and we know we have to find that peak if we’re going to go deep.

      Myers says their poised for another Super Bowl Run — but Vacchiano’s right that they must, MUST find that scary defense that they found against Atlanta in the playoffs last year.

      We’re not saying they can’t find it. We’re just saying we’ve seen it but once or twice this year, and their running out of time to show us they’ve got it.

      It’s nice to hear them sound realistic about what they have and haven’t done, and confident about what they can do. But it’s time to see it. One more poor performance from this defense could end our season.

      Time for that catalytic performance.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        I think a really big negative difference between the defense at the end of last year and the one out there now is that Canty is not the same player and Rocky is a year older. That makes us vulnerable to runs up the middle.

        On the other hand, with the Prince of 2012, Brown, Hill and Hosley added to the defensive backfield, and with the hope that KP can get back in another few weeks, they more than make up for Webster’s mysterious decline in the back seven.

        The two things that would take them over the top and make them a very hard team for anyone to beat would be a big step up from the defensive tackles and the reemergence of Corey Webster. Get those things and watch out.

  8.  kujo says:


    Don’t act like you didn’t know Mister Sisters closed down and was replaced by a **** joint!

  9.  rlhjr says:

    The Falcons can hit the Giants where it hurts. Between White, Jones, Gonzo and their running backs (especially the kid) this defense will have it’s hands full.

    There has to be a pass rush, there has to be coverage and there has to be run accountability.

    Conveersely, the Giants have to stay even to ahead on the scoreboard.
    We’ll find out about the calleber of this team in the next two weeks.

    •  Valid says:

      Atlanta’s running game has actually been terrible this year. They rank 28th in the league in that category. If we can contain their passing game, we have them.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I still think our strength is pass defense. While the pass rush and coverage have had issues we have done a good job of making plays and holding teams in the redzone. Where it hurt to me is a physical running game. The way Atl ran the ball 2-3 years ago. Offensively to me they are a lot like GB.

  10.  The Original G Man says:

    Paul Tagliabue has affirmed the NFL’s findings in that the Saints did indeed have a bounty system. He has, however, vacated all player suspensions.

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