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New York Giants’ David Wilson Sets Franchise Record with 327 All-Purpose Yards

December 10th, 2012 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Rookie running back David Wilson set lofty goals for himself shortly after being drafted in the first-round of the 2012 NFL Draft by the New York Giants, but a fumble in his first game against the Dallas Cowboys derailed many of them. Since then, it's been a long climb out of Tom Coughlin's dog house – a climb that reached a head on Sunday afternoon when Wilson set the franchise record with 327 all-purpose yards.

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"To come out and have a breakout game like this, it’s an excellent feeling – you want to have a good game. Every game you want to have a good game," Wilson said. "I think I went out there and my teammates went out there and we played great."

In addition to setting the franchise record in all-purpose yards, Wilson also became the only player in NFL history to amass 200 or more kickoff return yards, while also rushing for 100 or more yards. The cherry on top was that he added three touchdowns.

This journey wasn't easy, however. Wilson entered the NFL familiar with a simple, straightforward college system. He then had to adjust to one of, if not the most complex pro systems in the league. But with the injury to Andre Brown, Wilson was thrust into a larger role … all with the faith of his head coach who said earlier this week that the rookie was finally "ready to go."

"This is a great organization with great coaches. They make the right decisions – it’s the reason they win games," Wilson said. "They knew how to handle me and knew what to do with me to put me in the positions where I could win. They just made all the right decisions."

Finally, the youngster set another mark that went overlooked last night with all of his other accomplishments. He now ranks first in Giants history with 1,321 kickoff return yards on the season and counting.

Patience is a virtue, and with Wilson, it's paid off for everyone.


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13 Responses to “New York Giants’ David Wilson Sets Franchise Record with 327 All-Purpose Yards”

  1.  Dirt says:


    I got murdered for this a couple weeks ago, but Eli gets lazy at times and the coaches know it. On TV Coughlin went ballistic after that pick. Because it was a) bypassing an open receiver to b) lock on a guy to draw the safety before throwing.

    I love the guy but at 31, that’s who he is. 2 Time Super Bowl MVP, warts and all.

  2.  Krow says:

    He’ll definitely win NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      And rookie of the week. And player of the week.

      •  Dirt says:

        And Offensive Player of the Week (is that the same?)

        • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

          It is. It would be NFC Offensive Player of the Week, NFC Special Teams Players of the Week and NFC Rookie of the Week (pretty sure that’s how they breakdown those awards).

          •  Levito says:

            Is it possible to win more than one of those awards in the same week? When was the last time that happened?

            I doubt he wins offensive player of the week though. I’m assuming AP (154 rushing, 2 TD against Chicago) gets it.

        •  jfunk says:

          No way Wilson is in contention for Offensive Player of the Week. 100 yards & 2 TDs isn’t going to even get him on the list.

  3.  wrdag says:

    The irony is that he was on the field due to injury and puts on a season saving show much like Bradshaw did in the Buffalo game in TC’s first Super Bowl run. Wilson should now start to take away carries from Bradshaw…deja vu all over again.
    Will Hill ,another rookie looked pretty good as well. On the BAD: Rueben Randle seemed to be planted firmly on the bench. Kid has talent but the brain looks to be an issue.

  4.  JimStoll says:

    ….and just like that, the Giants are kings of the world again.
    what a crazy team. great one week; terrible the next; great the next.

    half way through the second half I was worried that this was a game we typically lose. opening kickoff to the Saints 45; penalty and 3 and out
    second series, fumble recovery, pick six on a bad pass by Eli

    then following the Wilson TD, the next fumble, the Giants waste another drive with a missed FG

    the game had the feel of squandered opportunities early that would come back to bite; but credit the team and especially Eli for relentlessly pressing the Saints
    I feel the game was won on the last drive of the second Q when Eli drove the team to a TD and 8 point lead with seconds left

    a few other observations:

    1. The David Wilson is a bust mantra can now be retired; will be interesting to see the number of snaps he gets from here on out

    2. it looks like the Coughlin and Gilbride are intent on getting Jernigan into the mix more; he was on the field early and often; the kick return he turned in will help and coughlin’s praise for him in the post-game is suggestive of the braintrust really wanting the kid to succeed

    3. for all his occasional blown coverages, what can you say about Stevie Brown and his anticipation? that second pick was pure read and attack; a lot of safeties whould have made the tackle after the catch instead of seeing and braking fast to the ball

    4. surprisingly (at least to me) Nicks actually looks a little stronger week to week; when he is right, victor becomes so much bigger a play-maker

    5. I thought Osi had a really active game; Tuck too

    6. but what is up with our DT’s? we were constantly gashed for 5, 6, 7 yards a carry right up the middle

    7. it appears that both Williams and Rivers came out of the game healthy and that could be big for next week against the Falcons

    8. we were so so close to a perfect day, but credit the Skins and Cowboys for playing tough under crazy bad circumstances

    9. as for the skins, I can’t believe RG will play this week; maybe not the remainder of the season. they are lucky they are playing Cleveland this week, although Cleveland is actually improving week to week. We know one of the Cowboys/Skins will finish 9-7 at the best due to playing one another Week 17; I still expect Dallas to lose this week against Pittsburgh, but given their performance yesterday, who knows. But we righted the universe yesterday, got a huge monkey off our back, discovered our No. 1 pick, and recorded what may be a record 4th blowout in a single season. all in all, a great day for the boys in blue

  5.  jfunk says:

    On a sour note, WTF was Barden thinking on that PI penalty? He just ran down the field and immediately engaged his man. That play had zero chance of success because it almost seemed as if Barden had decided in advance that he was going to draw a penalty for his own amusement or something.

    Is it possible that he actually doesn’t know the rules at this point? Isn’t he supposed to be relatively smart?

    •  Levito says:

      Trying to remember the formation, did Wilson go in motion? It’s possible it was a designed run play that Eli audibled out of and Barden didn’t get the message.

  6.  Nosh.0 says:

    Few things from yesterday.

    - In case you missed it, Kujo dropped some gems during yesterdays game thread.
    1. “I think FF55 uttered a racial epithet when Barden drew that flag.”
    2. (After Prince missed an Int on a tipped ball Troy criticized Prince for having a disappointing season, something which all Giants fans know not to be true. Angry posters then started criticizing Aikman. Then Kujo dunked the point home with this beauty:
    “Maybe Prince refused a dance at one of those all-men sports bars Aikman likes to frequent”.
    Well done sir. That’s why we pay you the big bucks.

    - Barden actually has become a real difference maker, for the other team.

    - Some people debating Cam Newton, Bob G-String, and Luck. My 2 cents, Cam, if he ever gets his head on straight should be another Ben Rapist (minus the rape hopefully)/McNabb in his prime. I think he certainly can throw the ball better than Bob G-string. However G-String has a much better head on his shoulders at this moment, so that may make the difference in who has a better career. But Cam can sling it down field, no yet sure Bob G-String has that skill.

    - And Luck to me is on an entirely different level. At the minimum I think he becomes a carbon copy of Arron Rodgers (minus all the commercials, because his goofiness makes Eli look charismatic). And at best, who knows, sky’s the limit for Luck.

  7.  Nosh.0 says:

    Now, time to take off my Nosh.0 cap and put on the Noshtradamus wizard hat. When trying to predict what will happen with this team, what is one thing we know is true? This team loves story lines. In 2007 it was penning the greatest football fairytale in the history of the NFL, last year it was a poor attempt at a 2007 sequel, although no one was really buying the drama of it. After the skins game, it seemed like the team was falling right back into to that over used narrative, and then watching yesterday it all clicked. Let me explain.

    - Yesterday we turned our season around against the NEW ORLEANS Saints.
    - Eli and Peyton grew up in NEW ORLEANS
    - Their Dad became a legend playing in NEW ORLEANS
    - The Super Bowl is being played in NEW ORLEANS

    You see where this story is going? Of course we haven’t had a Manning Bowl yet! Because there’s only one city, only one stadium it could be played in. It’s as if the Football gads started writing this chapter of the NFL Bible 40 years ago. And then there’s this:

    - Who is the one guy who has haunted Eli for his entire life? The guy who no matter how well he played, he would always be second best to? Thats right, his older brother Peyton. I remember the day we drafted Eli my friends coming up to me with a sort of condescending smile saying “He’s not as good as Peyton”. Even after his first SB, that was the first thing out of peoples mouth, “He’s not as good as Peyton.” And I’m sure it’s a phrase he’s heard uttered since he was in 9th grade. “You’ll never be as good as Peyton”. No wonder so many people on this site treated Eli like a neutered special ed child. It’s because they felt bad for him for having to seemingly live up to the impossible standards his brother set.

    Peyton will always be the celebrity and spokesman of the family. He’s got that sort of dominating personality, and charisma Eli could only dream of. And his regular season dominance is unrivaled. I doubt there is a day when Eli or any QB for that matter, will be thought of as “better” than Peyton. But if Eli beats his older brother in New Orleans, he’ll forever be his equal. And never here the phrase “Peytons better” for the rest of his life.

    Look I don’t like making predictions. I’m a big believer in Jinxing, and the last time I uttered the phrase “That’s game” Mike Vick and DJax started running circles around our team.

    But this story line is too good, too perfect. The ESPN campus will explode. Peter King will have a heart attack, every Pats fan will commit suicide. Saint Brees may have been adopted by that city, but we all know what family runs New Orleans.

    Peyton chose the AFC to stay out of Eli’s way. But this is destiny. Not even Kevin Killdrive could screw this up. Normally I’d expect Peyton to blow it in a playoff game against Bellicheck, but Peytons got a real HC now, one who knows how to win playoff games. He’ll get him to New Orleans.

    Anyway that’s the prediction. The Manning bowl in New Orleans. The final coronation of the NFL’s royal family, and the day Eli finally becomes his brothers equal. It’s really too bad Steve Sabol won’t be there to see it.

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