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New York Giants Hold Players-Only Meeting to “Clear the Air”

November 20th, 2012 at 9:15 AM
By Dan Benton

As the New York Giants returned to work on Monday morning, they did so with the knowledge that the next six games will ultimately determine their fate. And after losing their previous two games, quarterback Eli Manning and defensive end Justin Tuck took a proactive route and immediately called for a players-only meeting to "clear the air."

'Justin Tuck: Calm Before the Storm.' photo (c) 2009, Heath Brandon - license:

“It was us just going over some things that we’d like to see changed,” Tuck said. “It’s something that we did last year, and we’re hoping to build on a little bit. All players just going in, and being able to clear the air about what we feel can make this team better, that’s all.”

Offensive lineman Sean Locklear and linebacker Chase Blackburn revealed that the meeting allowed for all players to stand up and share what was on their mind – "good, bad or indifferent" – but beyond that, everything will remain behind closed doors.

This type of meeting is nothing new for the Giants as they held a similar sit-down a year ago before they went on a run that eventually ended with a Lombardi Trophy. It's designed to re-gain focus, which is something many players say was lost against both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals.

“What bothers me more than anything is sometimes we’ll go out there and we’ll display some good things, sometimes we’ll go out there and stink it up, but there’s never been a moment where I can say, ‘We’ve been great,’ ” safety Antrel Rolle said. “Once we get back to that, I think we can set our own destiny.”

By the sounds of things, the team was quite a bit more focused in practice on Monday, and are looking at the next six weeks as a "six game season." They all realize what's at stake, and they'll have their first chance to respond on Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers.


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