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New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle: “There’s No Room for Error at This Point”

November 20th, 2012 at 1:15 PM
By Dan Benton

For New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle, the bye week really was a bye week. He didn't go near football, didn't think about football and completely cleared his mind. But the second he sat down on the plane back to New Jersey, his focus shifted back to his job and the dire situation Big Blue has put themselves in. And while appearing on WFAN Tuesday morning, Rolle called every game from here on out a "do or die" game.

"We have control of our own destiny at this point," Rolle said. "We just have to go out there, and we've got to take care of each and every week as if it's our last week, as if it's our first week, as if it’s a do-or-die week, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s do or die; there's no room for error at this point."

Although he wouldn't divulge any information about the players-only closed door meeting that took place on Monday, he did say that everyone on the team is of the same mindset.

"We need to improve just as an overall team, in the support of each other, offensively, defensively and special teams," he said. "I think that’s when we play our best, when the defense is tough and rooting on the offense, when the offense is rooting on the defense, and when special teams is going out there and shutting the other special teams opponents down. When we’re just clicking, when we’re all in synch, and we spoke about that yesterday. I just think it's better when we play very close attention to the minor details, each and every phase in practice, each and every phase of the game, and just the little things are going to be the things that carries us over."

Rolle feels, as do his teammates, that they haven't played their best football this year; that they have a lot more than they've shown. And with a 6-4 record and looking down the barrel at one of the most difficult stretches in recent memory, Rolle expects them to be perfect. In their minds, there's absolutely no room for error.

"I want to win six out of six," Rolle added. "That's the way I look at it, that’s the way I play the game, that’s my attitude about it. Four out of six, it may get us in, it may not get us in, it all depends. I don’t want to bank ourselves on an 10-6 season. So definitely going to go for a 12-4 season, and just hope for the best, and wish for the best."

Perfection is certainly one way to get the job done, and certainly something the Giants are capable of. Round one begins this Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers.


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44 Responses to “New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle: “There’s No Room for Error at This Point””

  1.  kujo says:

    Is David Wilson really being taunted by Alfred Morris and Doug Martin? Like, that sh*t is for real?

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Is it only me who is getting the feeling that something just isn’t right with the Giants this season? Guys get put on IR without explanation. Position coaches make a point of criticizing some of the players publicly. The defensive coordinator goes right back to the system that he had to change last season? Gilbride calls for a long pass on third-and-6 when Coughlin has presumably already decided he will go for the first down on fourth down. Wilson and Coe express bewilderment at the way they’re treated. Tuck seems unable to get out of the miasma he’s been in for most of the past two years. Cruz goes back to dropping passes. Eli can’t find a third receiver who is making correct reads.

    It all seems out of sorts. They need some big wins to bring everyone together. Players-only meetings won’t go as far as some great wins.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Ah different year same story. There is always drama in this twitter / 24/7 sports center world we live in , especially in NYC.. Especially hen the team starts every year out 6-2 and then trips over themselves weeks 9 and ten.
      I’m actually really pissed at myself for not taking advantage of this and betting the house on Pitt and Cincy. think every year outside of 08 we lost the 9th and tenth game of the season under Coughlin. I could have used a small amount of the money to buy Krow the “Ultimate Twilight Fan Experience ” where he could have watched the screening from the laps of both Jacob and Edward..

      •  Levito says:

        Putting players on IR to make space is nothing new. They put Cruz on IR his rookie year when he had a hammy issue that wasn’t going to be more than a week or 2 delay. Then they needed more WRs later in the season.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Of course, but it would be nice to let the player know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what it means for his future with the team. Then you wouldn’t get the kind of comments Coe just made.

          •  kinsho says:

            Bingo. I thought that was very bizarre of a Giants team that prides itself on loyalty and treating its own well (relatively speaking)

            I was driving home and I realized there’s been a lot of things said that’s been unnerving me about this year’s Giants. Wilson and Coe’s comments in particular are concerning.

  3.  GeezUp says:

    These are the same ole Giants that have to make things more difficult than need be. It shouldn’t take a players only meeting to get the defending Superbowl Champs back on track. Truth is we don’t have any excuse as to why we need to win every game to secure a playoff berth. This team needs to learn how to be Champions. Champions know and expect to get every teams best shot and still pull out a victory especially when they’re the superior team. Champions don’t look ahead of the schedule for the next big game, instead they focus and prepare each week like it’s the Superbowl. We all know this team is capable of making a run but it’s way pass the time for this bunch to play more consistently like the Champions they are and we know they can be.

  4.  demo3356 says:

    Goat- I’m confused bro.. I said that San Fran would clown Jason Campbell and that he was a complete stiff. Please tell me why we are still debating this and what your point is? How was any of that not correct? These garbage stats you keep regurgitating (75 td’s and 52 int’s over an 8 year career) does not help your cause, it only cements his status as a career stiff. Real NFL QB’s do that in about 2 maybe 3 years. Guy is hapless dude, but he appreciates you being the VP and only non Campbell member of his fan club

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I think Cris Carter was all about “Jason Campbell will be just fine and Marshall is one of the league’s best receivers”. So I guess that makes him a Campbell Fan Club member as well. Never mind that he’s dumb as rocks.

      •  demo3356 says:

        Carter is a clown.. Anyone who didn’t see Campbell getting clowned last night is clueless

        •  GOAT56 says:

          If you really think an QB outside of the top QBs would have succeeded under that pressure you are dead wrong. They were getting pressure right when his backfoot hit. I can’t even say he was holding the ball. The chicago RT made Diehl of right now look like a HOFer.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      You were right that SF dominated them but that was on the OL much more than JC. My point has been that JC is decent. With the parts working around him JC can do the job. The OL was horrible and gave him little chance.

      Who are you comparing him to? My point is outside of the top 15-20 QBs in the NFL he fits right in with the next group. Which is a QB you can win with other parts around. To me complete stiff means he can’t play. I don’t see that at all. Is Kyle Orton a complete stiff to you? Maybe stiff means a JAG to you, that I can agree with. QBs like Gabbert or Skelton look like complete stiff which means a bum to me.

      His stats were basically built in 6 years with a terrible franchise. 15 TDs a year is nothing great I agree but you can’t discount 8-9 Ints a season. I don’t see where that’s a stiff. He’s a decent player.

  5.  skechy says:

    At this point i believe more of what Wilson said then what the RB coach said. First off he opened the can of worms and threw Wilson under the bus last week. Because of him i’m sure Wilson was asked a lot of questions directly from what s the coach said and i’m glad he answered honestly. This coaching staff has already shown the ability to get slapped in the face with talent and choose to play the vets over and over. The one run against the browns Wilson had for a TD showed more promise then anything i have seen from Bradshaw in some time Bradshaw might get a TD on that run 2 times our of 10 probably gets caught from behind even if he hit the hole correctly. Bradshaw will not get you any more yards on a play any other running back wont get you. If its a no gain Bradshaw will get a no gain nothing special there. Andre Brown shows way better vision and ability to get positive yards every play and they still wont give him more of a work load then Bradshaw. Tired of this discussion though glad he might be fresh for the final push but there is no reason to be the only team in the NFL that doesn’t play rookies in some capacity then talk about how there never ready while the vets know there jobs are never in any kind of danger and half the season play disinterested.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Yeah, but it’s a very fine line. Joe Torre used to stay loyal to his veterans except in extremis (ie. A-Rod batting #8 in the playoffs when he couldn’t buy a hit), and his theory was that you’ve got to show them you have their back and then they’ll perform when you really need it. Coughlin probably feels somewhat the same. It’s the ONLY explanation I can think of for the preference for Bradshaw and Diehl. He cannot have failed to notice that he has players on the roster who could most likely be more productive than they.

    •  BLU-82 says:

      I mean it’s frustrating as hell but I think it works. I am 100 percent confident that Wilson will be a better play for all of the time he’s spent on the bench. And frankly in that quote, he sounded a little pissed- which I like in my running backs. If he has flaws in his game, even if they’re small ones, he’ll be a flawed player down the road. Whatever it is he’s doing wrong, you can be pretty sure that whenever he sees the field it’ll be one of his strongpoints because it’s cost him so much time on the field.

      It’s like penmanship. If you write every letter of the alphabet 1000 times in cursive, you’re gonna be pretty frigging good at cursive. In fairness, it didn’t work for me. But they weren’t allowed to use rulers when I was growing up so I guess it’s different. The Giants coaches however, can use rulers. And Wilson has some substance to his hype. They’ll mold him into something special.

  6.  giantsfan says:

    After watching the likes of Cassell, Campbell, and even rookie Qbs occassionally find an open man baffles me on why our team of an elite QB and incredible WRs went on like 6-8 straight 3 and outs. I can’t figure this out.

    •  Levito says:

      Eli hasn’t played well. But Campbell didn’t look good, or even competent last night. Why’s that? Because his O line is TERRIBLE. Pressure in his face after 1.1 seconds. The Giants O line is an improvement, but not by a ton. Gabe Carimi = Dave Diehl.

  7.  BigBlueGiant says:

    best of luck to Plax.

  8.  Krow says:

    I know we’d all like to see a better regular season record … but the truth is that emotional energy is like anything else … you only have so much. We try to peak for the playoffs. It doesn’t always work. But when it does we have a real shot at running the table. Getting hot and cresting in the playoffs is what wins Superbowls.

  9.  Levito says:

    Ed Reed’s suspension was reduced to a $50k fine. I guess KP is safe for a little while.

  10.  Krow says:

    Aaron Curry dumped by Raiders … what a draft tragedy that guy turned out to be.

    •  Levito says:

      Terrible top of the first round that year. Looks who else was drafted up high with him: Sanchez, Jason Smith, Heyward-Bey, Aaron Maybin, Knowshon Moreno.

      •  Krow says:

        Wow, what a dumpster fire. And we come out of it with Nicks. Muahhahahahaaaaa …

      •  jfunk says:

        Of course you always have to wonder if better coaching could have gotten more out of some of those players.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        DHB shouldn’t be grouped with the others. He’s proven to at worse be a good starting WR. And Sanchez too, he still has done something. The others are complete busts.

        •  Levito says:

          Disagree about Sanchez. And DHB is at least a serviceable starter. But he was a stretch at that point, especially considering who was behind him all in the 1st round: Crabtree, Maclin, Harvin, Nicks, Britt,

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