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New York Giants Gloomy Tuesday Morning Storylines: Injuries Accrue, Eli Manning Questioned

November 13th, 2012 at 11:23 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

Man, what a dreadful day here in New York Giants land: it's grey and rainy outside, and we've got to mull over miserable storyline after miserable storyline, like "What's wrong with Eli Manning?" "How long will David Diehl play matador?" and "Between Domenik Hixon, Martellus Bennett and Ahmad Bradshaw, whose injury is worse?"

Without further ado, let's delve into this depressing pile of bad news. Let's start up top with the quarterback.

"What's wrong with Eli Manning?"

Depends on who you ask. Over at the Post, they're saying Tom Coughlin said there was far too much blame to go around for Eli to be at fault. Across town at the Daily News, Gary Meyers' column about the situation ran with the headline "Coughlin lays blame on Eli." And over at ESPN, Ohm Youngmisuk wrote that "Coughlin sees improvement in Eli." Go figure.

Honestly, we don't care enough to go back and listen to Coughlin's words and settle this week's New York back page semantics debate. Eli played pretty poorly (even he's not denying that), but there's not much you can do besides shrug it off and try to turn it around after the bye week.

Of course, if he doesn't turn it around people will keep asking about that shoulder.

"The Giants are back to being the walking wounded"

Okay, so Martellus Bennett (torn capsule, bruised ACL) will probably have to limp around the rest of the year, Ahmad Bradshaw (surprise, surprise) is back on the trainer's table getting "every test known to man," Domenik Hixon has one of those pesky high ankle sprains and Markus Kuhn will join Michael Coe on injured reserve.

Doesn't sound that bad, but Bear Pascoe, Travis Beckum, Ramses Barden, Justin Tryon and Marvin Austin all just bumped up one rung…and we've got a feeling that quite a few of you G101ers aren't too confident in at least a few of these names.

No word on how Kenny Phillips is doing and the Daily News notes that Jacquian Williams is aiming for a Week 12 return.

"Is Tom Coughlin loyal to a fault?"

This one's nothing new around here, but these questions are going to start getting some major play outside of G101 and our comments section if Ahmad Bradshaw and David Diehl aren't effectively replaced.

According to offensive line coach Pat Flaherty, Diehl will be "just fine" once the rust from his down time wears off. We're not buying that: Diehl has been trending down for years now, the offensive line was awful when he was in there early this season, much better without him, and is again trending down now that he's returned. He was awful last week.

As for Bradshaw, Gilbride did say that the lingering injuries are only part of the reason he split time with Andre Brown last week, so maybe the Giants are catching on here. Bradshaw complained that the Giants have been ignoring the running game, but if Bradshaw had to watch himself run right into defenders for no gain over and over again like we do, he might not be complaining.

For what it's worth, running backs coach Gerald Ingram said it was time "to grow up and be a man" for rookie running back David Wilson. To which we ask, how can we prove anything without being on the field?

"The New York Giants are still in first place"

The fact that the Giants are a game-and-a-half ahead of the Dallas Cowboys for first place in the division is about the only good thing Big Blue has going for them right now. Won't find much anybody talking about it though, because with the way the Giants have been playing a small lead like that can evaporate mighty quick.

Oh, yeah, and then there's this whole "Midseason Swoon" thing….

Here. Here. Here. Here (Hey, Mike Garafolo! Long time, no see!). Aaaaaaaand here.


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