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New York Giants Pass Rush Comes Up Lame In Loss to Cincinnati Bengals

November 12th, 2012 at 2:45 PM
By Paul Tierney

'Justin Tuck' photo (c) 2012, Mike Morbeck - license: The New York Giants defense is built on the pass rush. Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck are key cogs in a unit that has relied heavily upon turnovers to keep them in games. Part of forcing those turnovers is putting pressure on the quarterback, which was a notably absent aspect of Big Blue's pathetic effort yesterday in Cincinnati. The Giants had zero sacks on the day. The ineffective pass rush was not the only ailment the Giants had yesterday, but it is perhaps the most worrisome. 

In Week nine, the Bengals allowed the Denver Broncos to sack the quarterback five times. Andy Dalton was skittish in the pocket, he did not correctly identify blitz packages and the offensive line was blown off the ball by Von Miller and Co. The Giants were not playing an All-Pro caliber offensive line this weekend, nor were they going up against the second-coming of Joe Montana under center. This was a mediocre to below average offense that scored 31 points on the defending Super Bowl Champion's defense.

Furthermore, the Giants have no handle on why they have been underperforming as of late. Defensive end Justin Tuck says that the team needs to keep plugging away in practice. However, that line is getting old and the results need to show on the field sooner rather than later.

"No. I don’t think it’s effort. We had a good week of practice. I don’t know. There is an opportunity for us to do some soul searching and look ourselves in the mirror this week. Just get away from football a little bit, refresh our bodies and minds and get back to playing Giants football," Tuck said. "We’ve got to do a good job of looking at ourselves and getting back on track. If not, none of the next six are going to be easy. We’re capable of turning this around. That’s where our mindset has to go."

Unfortunately, the problem with the Giants defense is not the pass rush. Yes, we have seen Big Blue's defensive end trio go dormant at times this season, However, that's going to happen from time to time. If teams decide to leave tight ends and backs to help neutralize the pass rush, it's up to the secondary to play defense. The Giants gave up four touchdowns through the air yesterday, which is flat out unacceptable. 

The Giants are 6-4 and sitting atop the NFC East. Most fans would have taken that in the beginning of the season as the team heads into their bye week. However, this team could just as easily be 4-6 and be fighting for their playoff lives right now. Big Blue is fortunate to be where they are at this point, but it's imperative that the pass rush gets back on track and he secondary toughens up for this team to have a fighters chance at making some noise in the postseason.


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93 Responses to “New York Giants Pass Rush Comes Up Lame In Loss to Cincinnati Bengals”

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  1.  GOAT56 says:


    No our defense is not worse. You pointed out a 3 game streetch, bad sample size. Did you ever consider the reasons the defense was in the redzone? Yesterday even if the defense plays well Cincinati still has 23 points. The defense walked onto the field 3 times inside the 30. The defense score 7 and put the offense in countless scoring positions the 2 weeks prior. No one is saying they are playing great but they have been our best unit the past 3 weeks. Seattle scored 37, Arizona score near 30, the redskins avg 25, SF scored 27, Dallas scored 34 so it was far more than just those 3 teams. Will still averaged giving up more points minus those 3 teams at 22.5 than this year. That’s causing a lot more TOs this year and having a worse offense.

    •  Krow says:

      I think it’s more that the expectation was that this could be a great defense. So being better than last year .. or performing better than our tragic offense .. still disappoints.

    •  Levito says:

      3 games is not a good sample size? That’s 20% of the season!

      I’m not sure what the rest of the argument was, but this defense has been much worse. The pass rush (as stated in the article above) is gone. When the LBs sell out on the run, the middle of the field is wide open. When they hang back, the front lines are too interested in rushing the QB to stop the run and the LBs take on O linemen.

      And all season, Webster has decided he only has to cover a WR for 10 yards, then it’s on the safety.

      I don’t know what the play call was on Green’s 1st possession TD was, but I know this much: Rolle was up on the line so the Giants were in single high defense. Right at the snap, the TE runs a seam route right at Stevie Brown. Not sure if a LB should have come with him, but they didn’t and Brown followed the LB. Looked to me like that was intended. But Webster gave up 1 yards downfield and looked around like he expected help. Considering how many times I’ve seen him do that this season, I think it’s Webster’s fault here. He is ALWAYS expecting safety help. Total garbage. He’s the #1 CB. He shouldn’t ever expect safety help. Sometimes he should get it when that’s what the coverage dictates. But he just needs to lock down the WR. Don’t play underneath and try to get an INT. Just lock him down and make sure the QB doesn’t throw his way. That’s IT! And he hasn’t done it all season.

      •  kinsho says:

        Levito, did you seriously expect Corey Webster to match A.J. Green’s speed? Seriously?

        Webster anticipated support over the top because that’s probably what Fewell’s defensive game plan dictated.

        •  Levito says:

          kinsho, F the game plan, it’s the individual play. Single high safety and a TE running a seam route. You don’t get help on that play. And who cares if he didn’t match his speed. That I could have understood. But he didn’t try. He took 10 steps and watched. He ran the wrong defense.

          •  Levito says:

            and FWIW, Green is not that’ fast. 4.5 40 was the same as Webster.

          •  kinsho says:

            We’ll both agree to disagree.

            Although it’s worth mentioning that using 40 times to compare the speed of both players is meaningless when one is 30 years old and the other is 24.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        It’s just perception. Our pass rush although not as good as last year still are on pace for 40 sacks. 40 is not 48 but not as far back as soem think. A similar finishing kick will put us right on last years pace. Our pass rush was hit or miss at times last year as well.

        Ross was wrose than Webster last year, it’s just no one expected much from him.

        Y’all are confusing the defense is playing ok with the defense is playing well. The defense should being playing better but it’s much better than last year. Eli had to play great to win any game last year. If Eli from last year was playing this year we would be 8-2 or 9-1. And if Eli from this year was playing last year we would have been like Philly is this year. The other parts of the team are better this year. The key is our core of the passing game and pass rush improving to at least near last year’s level.

    •  kinsho says:

      Defense has been much better compared to last year’s defense. I expect them to rise and play like champions once the season nears its end.

      •  Levito says:

        kinsho, there’s a difference though. Last year the Giants had Webster (who was playing well) and Ross at CB. That was it. Everyone else was hurt and Rolle played nickel mainly. The LBs were the weakness, but the pass rush was what held the defense together.

        This season, they’re more healthy. But Webster has regressed to 2007 form, the pass rush is history, and the LBs just aren’t physical or fast. And the remaining schedule is tougher.

        •  kinsho says:

          Pass rush is history? No, it isn’t. The numbers say different.

          In fact, when you look at the numbers for this year’s defense, you’ll find that this year’s defense has definitely outperformed last year’s counterpart. And you could even argue that defense won that Cowboys game for us.

          Some of you people are reaching here.

          •  Levito says:

            I don’t care about numbers. Do you watch the games? The Giants aren’t getting pressure on the QBs. Dalton threw 4 TDs, how’s that for a number?

            And which cowboys gamre are you referring to? The one where the defense gave up 34 points and JPP had to block a last second FG to win? The same one where Romo missed a wide open Austin? Oh, that good defensive game. Gotcha.

            •  TonyMW says:

              For real. Some of guys are getting too hung up on “sacks”. Give me consistent pressure over a couple of sacks and I’m a content fan. Look at my post on one of the last couple of articles today. Our D-line is way too hit or miss. It’s either the sack or nothing.

            •  kinsho says:


              Dalton threw 4 TDs considering he was gifted two TDs off interceptions in the red zone. Stop twisting the facts to your advantage. Instead of resorting to weak arguments like ‘Do you watch the games?’, provide some real examples or some numbers to support your (BS) theory of the defensive line disappointing.

              The both of you also conveniently ignore the fact that the defensive line has been responsible for more than its fair share of turnovers by the way it generates constant pressure.

              •  kinsho says:

                Also, Levito, you make no sense. You claim the defense has been much worse than last season, yet you bring up a Cowboys game from LAST year to demonstrate how bad the defense has been THIS year. Do you see where you’re going wrong here?

                I was talking about the second Cowboys game this year, by the way.

              •  TonyMW says:

                Unfortunately hits and hurries aren’t really an official stat thus making them somewhat inaccessible. It isn’t until after the season that some of the advanced stat sites compile lists containing that information. We’ll have to wait to get official numbers.

                For the time being, I can tell you that this year I am observing the same thing as I did last year. We’re getting the sacks, but we are NOT getting the pressure consistently. We literally hit Dalton 1 time. Anyway, to illustrate what I’m getting at, I found a list that was put together after last year and our seemingly “dominant” pass rush that racked up 48 sacks:


                As you can see, sacks mean very little in terms of consistently pressuring opposing QB’s. Despite being at the top in terms of sacks, we’re very close to the bottom in terms of overall “pressure percentage”.

          •  Kevin Page says:

            I agree. D prior to the playoffs and last 2 games last year was schizo AT BEST. Sure they have come up lame this year on a few occasions, but they have dominated a few times already. Ill wait til it all plays out before making a final assessment though.

            •  TonyMW says:

              The only time the defense has “dominated” was against the 49ers and the Panthers. The 49ers averaged over 5 ypc on the ground and it was a good thing that Alex Smith came to our rescue. We all know the 49ers passing game is abysmal and et’s just say the Panthers aren’t setting any records either.

              I just don’t understand how you guys are just fine because “this has happened before”. This is not last season nor any other season. Except for the 2 seasons that we won the SB, this team WASN’T ok. This could easily be another of those years.

  2.  kinsho says:

    Also, this article highlights an even more serious problem in my eyes: the team cannot figure out this funk. I have no doubt that they’ve worked hard in practice over the past week, but it should be clear by now that it takes more than just extra effort in practice to overcome this.

    This is a mental issue. To put it simply, some of the Giants do not show up to play. We have games where select parts of our team play very well while the other parts of our team flounder. In the Dallas game, the defense showed up to play while the offense laid an egg, whereas in the Tampa Bay game, Eli Manning and his men carried the game on their shoulders after the defense let a mediocre Josh Freeman ball out for over 30 points.

    We have the personnel and the makings of a dominant team. All we lack is that mental focus that’s necessary to maintain consistency. Without the mental focus, we’re going to be lost for the next few weeks, or worse yet, until Dallas kicks it into gear and challenges us for the division.

  3.  TonyMW says:

    Ebenezer Samuel ?@ebenezersamuel
    Kareem mckenzie in the Giants locker room today.


    •  Levito says:

      he’d be a welcome improvement to Diehl. Although I wonder if that means Snee isn’t getting any better and Diehl moves to RG and McKenzie to RT.

      I fear for Eli.

      •  Krow says:

        Not long ago Diehl was touted as an All-Pro LG. Ahhhh … a trip down memory lane.

        •  TonyMW says:

          That’s the funny part. That “touting” was completely unjustified. Once he got back to his “natural position” at LG, he was just as bad or worse than he is now.

    •  kinsho says:


      •  TonyMW says:

        McKenzie was great, 4 years ago.

        I just can’t see McKenzie being any sort of upgrade anywhere, although you really can’t get much worse than the way Diehl has been playing. If we have an O-line consisting of Diehl and McKenzie on the right side, Eli won’t make it past Green Bay.

  4.  JimStoll says:

    to me, the reason the defense has been such a disappointment this year is that we have Tuck, Osi, JPP and Kiwi all healthy. In fact they are so healthy that Tracy barely gets a snap and Ojomo is an every game inactive
    I truly thought that this was going to be the year where we finally got to see what our collective DE’s could do
    JPP has been a major disappointment when compared to the out-sized expectations he shoulders
    Tuck has been a mystery
    Osi really seems done

    Having said all that, I do think the Giants D had cincy figured out by the 3d Q, but when Bradshaw fumbled around the Cincy 15, that was it
    Eli’s two late INTs made things look worse than they were
    Other than the blown coverage on the first series, it was only the big punt return that allowed Cincy to get the second 1st half TD

  5.  GeezUp says:

    Like it’s amazing to me how so many of u argue it’s our defense whether personnel or scheme is our problem. I’m sorry I can’t drink that kool-aid!!! The point was made yesterday(sorry I can’t remember who it was) that we can’t defend Eli as elite and keep blaming the defense or anybody else NOT named Eli for our team’s struggles. Our defense is better than the Saints Broncos Patriots and Packers! So why can’t he LEAD us to victories like the other ELITE QBs in this league?!? I’m sick and tired of all the excuses that defend him. And don’t tell me about last season b/c it’s a new day! If it’s all about that then we should’ve mailed in our season after we got our rings. Based on what I see before some of u scream panic! it’s really not it’s just frustrating as hell to see a team with some potential and expectation play so inconsistently! I realize we can’t win every game but as a former QB, I feel like it’s your job to be the vocal leader and the front man to raise your level of play to carry your teams deficiencies. When the Packers started slow Aaron Rodgers blamed himself regardless of the defense and injuries and now they seem to have turned it around. In NoLA Drew Brees could’ve made excuses but he didn’t and blamed himself despite their defense and lead his team to a huge win yesterday. I guess what hurt more than anything yesterday other than the check down to Will Beatty(which led to an INT) was Eli letting his team quit in the 3rd QTR! Y’all can continue to talk about the defense but it’s time for our QB to step up even if it means some out of character and be the LEADER this team needs b/c I’m tired of Tuck blaming himself when the offense definitely needs to play better!

  6.  Kevin Page says:

    ESPN is reporting Kuhn has an ACL injury that could end is season. No other details on specifics yet.

  7.  GOAT56 says:

    I wonder if losing Mike Sullivan to TB has hurt. Eli’s numbers aren’t nearly as good as last year and Josh Freeman looks very good. I’m not saying he’s the difference in everything but his loss has probably had some affect.

    •  TonyMW says:

      Sullivan has the Tampa offense playing lights out. I just heard that they are averaging something close to 500 yds a game since Week 6 and almost 38 ppg over that same span. Wish we could have those kind of bye week adjustments.

      With production like that, you can’t help but think that Sullivan was a HUGE loss.

      •  Krow says:

        Something turned Freeman from Captain Checkdown to Captain America.

        •  GeezUp says:

          He’s called the “Muscle Hamster!” Life is always easier for a QB when u have a consistent RB that can simplify a team’s offensive gameplan.

          •  Krow says:

            Wish we had a first round pick running back.

          •  TonyMW says:

            I’m not so sure it’s all Martin. Surely he helps but Freeman actually has some talent. He had a typical rookie season, an excellent 25 TD/6 int sophomore campaign and one bad season last year. It happens. Sometimes all it takes is the right coaches around a player for him to break out.

            •  GeezUp says:

              U absolutely right TonyMW…Tampa Bay also has Vincent Jackson, Dallas Clark, and some other WRs to balance out the attack. I’m sure having a guy like Sully around is huge too! Only a bonehaed won’t accept coaching from a guy who coached up a Manning to optimal performance! God I wish we had Sully calling plays instead of Killdrive! Just amazing to me how no one wants a guy with 2 Superbowl rings as an OC!!!

  8.  Krow says:

    As for McKenzie … OLmen are large individuals. It’s an act of extreme will and dedication for these 300+ pound behemoths to stay in playing shape. After all these months I highly doubt that Mac is ready to play … or ever will be again.

    He was a great guy for us … a big part of the team … but this horse has left the barn.

    •  Levito says:

      Unfortunately Diehl isn’t in playing shape either.

    •  TonyMW says:

      I agree. Something has to be going on behind the scenes for this idea to even be entertained. Surely they don’t think McKenzie is a better player than Locklear at this point, right? Is it a motivational tactic? Probably not. Is someone going on IR and we need depth at RT after an O-line shuffle? Not sure, but that seems somewhat more likely.

  9.  TonyMW says:

    No one giving any credence to Eli Manning having a tired or dead arm. Eli says he won’t throw until next Monday. #NYG

    •  TonyMW says:

      Ralph Vacchiano ?@RVacchianoNYDN
      RB Jerald Ingram on rookie RB David Wilson: “Yeah he’s explosive, but at what cost is he explosive?” #NYG

      •  Krow says:

        I have no idea what that means.

        •  TonyMW says:

          Haha….just pay attention to the name up top (the person who posted it) and the body of the message. All of the #, RT, etc means nothing really.

          •  TonyMW says:

            lol…did you mean those quotes made no sense?? If so, my bad. I’m so used to people not being able to decipher tweets for some reason.

            •  Krow says:

              The phrase … “Yeah he’s explosive, but at what cost is he explosive?” … WTF does that mean?

              •  TonyMW says:

                I was thinking the same thing. I have no clue though. Maybe he’s insinuating that his explosiveness comes with the risk of being reckless?

      •  TonyMW says:

        Ebenezer Samuel ?@ebenezersamuel
        Gilbride Jr. on Randle and work ethic: “He is improving in that area. When he came in he didnt know how to be a professional.”

        Art Stapleton ?@art_stapleton
        Kevin Gilbride says Andre Brown has earned more chances & he will get them. Suggested that is not dependent on Bradshaw’s health #nyg

        Ebenezer Samuel ?@ebenezersamuel
        Weatherford on Bengals: “If we played them again I think it would be a different story.”

        Art Stapleton ?@art_stapleton
        Kevin Gilbride on David Wilson: “He’s getting better, that’s all I can tell you.” #nyg

        Ebenezer Samuel ?@ebenezersamuel
        Gilbride: “When you get the chance with the deep stuff as we had yesterday, you gotta catch the ball.”

  10.  JimStoll says:

    if cruz had only caught that deep ball the margin of defeat would have been a mere 18 points

    gilbride the bloviator

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