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New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora: That Might Have Been the Most Disappointing Loss of My Career

November 12th, 2012 at 6:55 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants were once 6-2 and had a firm grip on the NFC East, but after losing a 4th quarter lead against the Pittsburgh Steelers and being embarrassed by the Cincinnati Bengals, they now find themselves at 6-4 heading into the bye week. It's the third straight season the team has gone from 6-2 after eight games to 6-4 after 10 games, and defensive end Osi Umenyiora is not happy about it.

Following the 24-20 loss to the Steelers last Sunday, head coach Tom Coughlin said it was the most disappointing loss he had been a part of in a long time. For the most part, the team agreed. Unfortunately, that loss has been one-upped by their beat down in Cincy, which Umenyiora says may have been one of the worst losses in his professional career.

"It's unbelievable. That's the most disappointing loss I think I've ever been a part of," Umenyiora told USA TODAY Sports. "I mean, they played well; Cincinnati played well. But we had a lot of stake in this particular instance and to come out here and play the way we played, there's no way we should've played like that. It was a terrible loss for us — a terrible loss. We've got to have a lot more pride than that."

For the second straight week, the defending Super Bowl champions have failed to avoid stigma of being a poor second-half team. And although they've acknowledged it, they've been unable to turn things around; unable to take advantage of ideal situations. Instead, they've blown a fourth quarter lead and got demolished by what was a 3-5 respectively.

A week ago, Coughlin called his defense soft. If he's being honest this week, perhaps he will call them quitters.


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14 Responses to “New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora: That Might Have Been the Most Disappointing Loss of My Career”

  1.  Dirt says:

    The whole team quit, not just the D. And it started with the coaches.

    The psyche of this team has not been good since a) inserting Diehl and b) Sandy. Even in Dallas they were full of swag as they struggled toward the end. Now, they’re all moping around and listless.

    Deferring after winning the coin toss was just the type of psychological ploy to self-bury this currently lifeless team, and, as could be expected with putting a soft zone defense on the field first, it worked.

  2.  PittJim says:

    Spents A LOT of dough on Craigs List to take my Giant loving 14 yr old son to the Cincy game. Drove home 5 hours after game. That was fun….

    Some observations from live interactions:

    * Arrived in Park lot D 2 hrs b4 kickoff (D is RIGHT NEXT to Stadium)….there were 100s of Blue & Red fans tailgating….VERY few black & orange….seemed weird, but a GOOD OMEN that we would “dominate”

    * Bengals fans were fairly nice & APATHETIC – their team lost 4 in a row previously, and were prepared to get CLOBBERED

    * Read Paul Daugherty in Cincy Enquirer talk about “bengals lack of passion toward winning & acceptance of mediocity”….in hotel…..hmmmm

    * Watched poor Dave Diehl literally run after his defensive “assignment” all day, then help Eli off the ground

    * Eli got f’in POUNDED….tough kid…..HOWEVER, he has that “happy feet” look again like 2004….NO confidence in his protection

    * The play calling, live & in action, was EVEN more putrid than on HD tv….maybe Killdrive’s time has come?

    * Osi runs wide on every play as the QB steps up & avoids him….sad

    * JPP was manhandled by…..Andrew Whitworth….nuff said…..

    * Fans were mockin us & telling us to “be competitive”…..BENGALS FANS!

    * ANDRE BROWN must be the featured TB….#44s fumble in Q3 was the game….simple

    * A VERY disappointing experience with young PittJim Jr

    Ok, I could go on….sorry….

  3.  Krow says:

    There’s a very weird psychology that works its voodoo on this team year after year. But we usually rally … and two Superbowls attest to that. But this seems different. Like FF55 has pointed out this time round the entire team seems involved. I’d be hard pressed to name a single unit that’s playing to their potential. Right now nobody’s got any game.

    The coaching staff … Reese too … they need to get a hotel suite and stay there till they figure out what’s going on … and come up with a plan to correct it.

    There has to be something very core … very central to the team … that’s gone very wrong. Figure that out and they can yet save the season. If they can’t … then hasta la vista 2012.

    •  wrdag says:

      I think the issue bogging the team down is the coaching staff that makes annual choices that defy normal logic.. We are all passionate fans who watch games and see players like Deihl n Bradshaw playing poorly with better replacements planted on the bench not by injuries but by coaching choices. We see the D run in a fashion that does not make sence given the talent of the players. This coaching staff struggles with the word “adjustments”. The BIG POINT is if we can see this so clearly, if the press sees it as well,how do you think it sits with the players on the team. They are not in some type of vacume unaware of this stuff. In fact they watch tons of film where I’m sure its very apparent. As the QB do you appreciate the extra pressure in your face that doesnt allow your normal progressions, doesnt allow you to step up because under TC’s rules Deihl cant lose his spot? If the players think the coaching staff is not making rational decisions, that makes the game harder to play; Im sure that is a great way to suck the “mojo” right out of a team.

  4.  JimStoll says:

    hard to say why this team can go from looking so good (SF) to so bad (Cincy and the previous 3 weeks) in the blink of an eye. But they do it every year. 2006: 6-2 becomes 8-8; 2007: 6-2 becomes 10-6; 2008: 7-1 becomes 12-4; 2009: 5-0 becomes 8-8; 2010: 6-2 becomes 10-6; 2011: 6-2 becomes 9-7. 2012: 6-2 is now 6-4 and may become (pick a number)?
    Looking at the team right now I’d say the O-Line is extremely weak in all phases, but especially pass protection. they have turned Eli into a desperate player. Both his INTs yesterday were inexcusable throws where he should have taken a sack, but he was clearly in the now or never mindset.
    The running game stinks, but its problems are exacerbated by relying on the wrong runner. What has become of Bennet and Cruz? Perhaps nagging injuries are at work. Has Bennet been the same since he hyper-extended his knee? Did the hit last week on Cruz cause an injury to his ribs or shoulder?
    Hard to say; but they all look bad.

    Defensively, the D-Line is just atrocious; and in every phase. On numerous occasions yesterday, the Cincy line pushed the entire unit 2+ yards off the LOS. Cincy could have run all day on us if it wasn’t so easy to pass.
    Stevie Brown finally started showing why he is a back-up. Corey Webster is either confused on coverage calls or is just done. Hosely is learning the game the hard way — by making mistake after mistake after mistake. Even Prince, who has been receiving praise of late, was the best defensive player on the field yesterday surrendering two TD passes.

    If it would do any good, I would call for Coughlin’s head. But as DEMO is fond of telling me he’s here to stay for as long as he wants — and we all know, coaches rarely seem to want to retire. But Coughlin is the master of doing less with more.

    Either that or we have to all concede that the talent on this team is not what we think it is or what it use to be.

    We are coming off a bye and drawing GB. Absent an unbelievable turnaround, we will get slaughtered. Then we get Washington. Assuming we beat them (no easy feat), we head into our natch with New Orleans at 7-5. By then, New Orleans could well be 7-5 and riding a 4 game winning streak. New Orleans has slaughtered us every time we have played them since 2006. We end up 7-6 and then must face Atlanta, Baltimore and Philly.

    I see 8-8 as the end result of this season; with Dallas taking the division either at 8-8 or 9-7. Despite such a result, Coughlin and Gilbride will be back; Fewell may become the sacrificial lamb. We will head into the draft nabbing a DE with our no. 1 pick to replace the departed Osi; a safety with our second pick top replace the departed Kenny Phillips; and a RT to replace the hopefully departing David Diehl. And we will start 2013 6-2!

  5.  Colser says:

    The team has been in decline since week 2, the victory over TB. it’s all about execution.

    No one is executing. the players are responsible once they step on the field, but the coaches have to make a decision if someone has his head in the game.

    Bradshaw was benched after his fumble, to be back out there 2 drives later. manning should have been pulled too, he had two horrendous errs.

    We will all pick on Diehl today, and rightly so, anyone who runs straight up the field against him, beats him.

    But other observations are that the WR’s cannot get open, anywhere! Bennett seems to be trying, but his attempted catch on 3rd and 6 last night said it all.

    The offense has lost interest., the D seems to have said ‘why should we’. Special Teams are trying (wow!, who would have guessed)

    There are minor tweaks required, not wholesale changes. that is something we will debate come time.

    •  JimStoll says:

      not sure our problems are minor.
      if you are suggesting the coaches need to get theier collective heads out of their collective ****, a concept on which i think we all can agree, that is not so minor.

      To that end, though, what I am hoping to hear in this bye week is that Fewell is going to “simplify” the defense, which will be code for scrapping his preferred Tampa2 read and react approach.

      What Gilbride will do in the bye week is anyone’s guess. But right now, I think we need Brown as the starting tailback, Locklear back at RT, a little more Wilson in space — maybe a swing pass or 2 — and an intermediate passing game that draws everyone up so Cruz and or Nicks can get deep.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    One funny quote from my son yesterday: “You know, if Osi got to play against Diehl every week he’d have 30 sacks and get paid $50MM for the next three years.” He’s right. Osi would be past Diehl before he even got out of his stance. He’d wonder what that wind was that rustled his stubble. Hey, if we don’t get to make the coaching decisions at least we can come up with some gallows humor.

  7.  rlhjr says:

    Lets just tell the truth. This team has rallied to save Coughlin’s job in clutch fashion. Clutch at least for TC and his staff.

    Truth #2: Coughlin and his staff have been blessed with Reese and Ross.
    That is the only reason the team came together to win championships is due mainly to the talent on the roster. It overcame the putrid coaching mantra, playing time decisions and overall lack of imagination on offense and defense.

    Coughlin has plenty of coaching acumen. He’s forgotten more than other coaches know. Maybe he’s forgotten that talent and ability trump friendship in this game. Maybe he forgot that on third and 3, you are looking for a play to get you five yards, not 33. Maybe he forgot how to look at game video.

    I cannot believe this coaching staff do not/will not see that Diehl simply can’t play anymore. I can’t understand how they can sit in a meeting room, and not put Andre Brown in the game and let both Bradshaw and Wilson fill in.

    I can not understand any defensive or offensive staff taking one look at the Giants team overall and not running directly to the GM and beg for 2 linebackers, and a offensive guard/tackle swing player.
    Do not understand how Adrian Tracy is not playing more considering the Tuck/Osi show.

    One thing I know is the team has talent. In some cases it’s not being used.
    I also know that Caughlin still preaches mental toughness and there are still enough players who have been there to be able to bring this thing back.
    But some of those guy’s who’ve “BEEN THERE” are the same guy’s who are not getting the job done. Not surprised at the swoon and will not be overly surprised if they catch fire after the bye. I’ll be shocked.

  8.  Krow says:

    I’m not writing the season off … we’ve seen this act before. But I do think that this off-season will bring more than the usual amount of changes. There’s definitely some ‘retooling’ coming.

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    I cannot disagree with most of the criticism being leveled at the team here, but do want to point out a few things:

    1) Hakeem Nicks played his butt off yesterday and looked as good as he has since the Tampa Bay game. It may not have been noticed in the ashes of that fire, but he looks like he could be headed toward a far better stretch of the season after the bye. That would be HUGE because despite the chorus of praise for Victor Cruz I have said repeatedly that while I love Cruz he will never be the #1 receiver around here as long as Nicks is on the roster. One is a terrific receiver. The other is a Hall of Fame receiver-in-the-making;

    2) Those “really stupid, ‘why’d he throw that ball?” interceptions from Eli yesterday were one tipped ball and two throws made when the team was in desperate straits and taking a chance on making a play actually made sense because unless they scored on every possession they were losing the game anyway. That’s not to excuse Eli. He’s playing badly (not nearly as badly as some are quite to decide, but he is in a very poor place right now). But those decisions were not as idiotic as some think;

    3) When things don’t go your way in a league that has reached parity you can look awfully bad after looking awfully good just weeks earlier. Think about just four plays yesterday. First, with the score just 7-0 and Weatherford having seemingly pinned the Bengals deep in their territory some idiot gunner runs OB to avoid a block (I wish I knew who it was….I’m guessing Tryon but I have no evidence at all) and the Giants have to re-kick. Then DeOssie, who is in good position is VERY obviously blocked in the back and the Bengals get a huge punt return deep into Giants’ territory. No call, really bad break for the Giants. That’s one play. Then Hosley has good coverage on his receiver and Carrot Top delivers a PERFECT pass just beyond Hosley’s reach and the receiver makes a stretching one-handed grab (two GREAT plays by the Bengals on one play) and they get a TD. That’s two. Then the Giants are rallying, moving the ball downfield with a good mix of plays and starting to look like they could get the game to 14-10 and be right in it, and Bradshaw pulls his usual fight-for-an-extra-yard-and-use-my-hand-to-push-people-off-rather-than-protect-the-ball-with-two-hands-when-I’m-in-heavy-traffic and loses the ball. That’s three. And then Prince has absolutely perfect coverage, a strong pass is thrown just a fraction off into the end zone and because of the way it’s thrown there is literally about 4-inches of space that it can get into without his knocking it away and the receiver catching it if his concentration is perfect. That’s where it goes. TD. That’s four.

    When you have one of those days in the NFL you lose. Doesn’t matter who you are or what your capabilities are.

    Let’s see what we come back with after the bye before getting ready to bury the Giants.

    •  Krow says:

      Yep. As the saying goes, ‘the other guys get paid too’. We tend to always act as if it’s under our control. But the damn Bengals made some great plays yesterday. They weren’t all screwups by our boys.

  10.  GOAT56 says:

    I followed my on posting rules. Never read a game thread. On bad losses wait several hours to post and on horrible loses wait to the following day.

    Yesterday was horrible there’s no other way to put it. But I still see this situation is better than last year. I saw Nosh’s post about we knew we could pass the ball last year which is true but every other phase we were horrible at times. I think our defense this year has been much better. Still not good by any means but I see still enough signs show me we can still be a good unit.

    While we are not playing well all the way around the key is Eli. Eli has to play better. We can’t be any good with Eli playing rookie season type ball. The WRs are not helping. The OL is not blocking as well but Eli is holding the ball too much.

    This bye comes at an excellent time. I think the players need a week off. Having the division in so much control while playing poor football was a bad for our team. We need the pressure to play good football, I wish it wasn’t but that’s just the way we operate. With the Dallas win and their schedule we are now in a legit division race. All the teams Dallas has lost to have been over 500% and only Pitt on their remaining schedule is over 500%.

    Every part of the team needs to be analyzed. But I think the easy fixes are Prince to #1 CB, Lockear in for Diehl and much less Bradshaw. KP’s return will help sure up the big plays.

    The DL was inconsistent last year so I’m not as worried as some. The flashes I have seen from Tuck and Canty give me believe that them along with our young stars JPP and Joseph can still forma dominate group.

    I’m glad we are facing a team like GB. We know they are good enough to embarrass us if we don’t step up our play big-time. This team does have a lot of provide and facing GB in a similar situation last year we played much better than we had played following a blowout loss. Win the GB game and things look much different. We would have stabilized the situation. If we don’t we could be tied with Dallas for first place with them controlling their own destiny.

    This is how do though. We don’t make it easy. But no matter how frustrating it is a times, last year should prove to never lose faith in this squad.

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