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Kevin Gilbride Hints New York Giants May Use More No-Huddle Offense on Sunday

November 10th, 2012 at 11:40 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants offense is struggling. There's no way around it. And whether it's due to the injury of wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, a constantly shuffled offensive line or the tired arm of quarterback Eli Manning is anybody's guess. Whatever the case may be, they need to rectify the situation … and fast. As a result, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride hinted earlier this week that perhaps, finally, the Giants may implement the no-huddle offense.

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"It doesn't always work, but it has been something that we have been very good at and hopefully we're going to recover and get back to that," Gilbride said. "It's something you always talk about because it has been something good.”

When outright asked if he'd use the two-minute or no-huddle offense more predominantly on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, Gilbride said he doesn't want to "tip his hand," but would "absolutely" consider it.

The no-huddle offense is something Gilbride & Co. have resisted for years. Despite the success of the team inside of two minutes, they have remained a very methodical, and in some cases, slow-paced unit (delay of game on #10). And it's been extremely effective most of the time, so there's been no urgency to change it. However, after being shut down the last three weeks, the team may have no other alternative but to adapt and go with something that is proven effective.

As Gilbride put it, the offense is "used to being successful," so these struggles have been "jarring." Accordingly, they will look to jump-start that success this weekend.


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12 Responses to “Kevin Gilbride Hints New York Giants May Use More No-Huddle Offense on Sunday”

  1.  PittJim says:

    This may seem outlandish….but if an offense is struggling & a little banged up….do you think maybe a bubble screen to your #1 pick, who btw, is the fastest man on the field…..might help?

    Call me crazy….

    Going to game tomorrow. Should be interesting.

    • Oh hey none of that. We’re here to talk about football.

      And, as for Wilson, well, let’s just say that between Brown and Wilson I’ve got a few buddies who think that the Giants offense will get a lot better the next time Ahmad Bradshaw has to miss a few games.

      When he got dinged up last time it looked like Brown, and to a lesser degree, Wilson were ready to make their mark. Not sure if Bradshaw’s stranglehold on the workload would survive another two or three missed games.

      But, to your point, Wilson’s situation has been a bit odd. They seemed to be getting him on the field for a play or two with the misdirections and sweeps, but we haven’t seen that in a few weeks.

      Meh. It’s Gilbride. What are you gonna do?

  2.  Dirt says:

    “[The no huddle] doesn’t always work, but it has been something that we have been very good at”


    So there’s an offensive strategy out there that doesn’t always work? What a fvking revelation!

  3.  Dirt says:

    Dan, that’s such a flattering picture of Kildrive! Hahahahaha

    Reminds me of this video:

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Yeah, putting someone in motion in order to force the defense to tip its hand in regard to coverage (a PERFECT role for Beckum as the H-back he should have been from the start) won’t ALWAYS work either. I guess that “won’t always work” explains why we don’t see much of that either.

    Look, this is a terrific staff. But sometimes these guys really have their heads buried in the sand. No-huddle. Use Wilson (and Brown, who has CLEARLY been the most effective so far this season). Run shorter routes when you need a short gain on third down. Put more receivers in motion. Plan on going for it on fourth downs whenever you’re in the opposition’s territory and you have a yard-or-less to go (you won’t make it every time but you WILL win more games over the course of a season). Try it. You’ll like it.

  5.  GIANTT says:

    I would have thought with Eli at the helm , a no huddle would be a great way to move the offense . Didnt the offense manage to move downfiled well enough when they used it ?

  6.  GIANTT says:

    Also , a no huddle would take the play calling away from Kilbride for a few plays anyway . Thats not something to be discounted

  7.  Krow says:

    This sort of reminds me of the optimism we had when it was announced that Herzlich was starting.

  8.  GmenMania says:

    So apparently Will Hill was activated today. . . And Michael Coe was put on IR with a hamstring injury.

    •  Krow says:

      Funny how that happens so often … LOL. But it’s actually the decent thing to do. He gets his full pay that way … and is available for camp.

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