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Status of New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks a Question Mark for Sunday

November 8th, 2012 at 6:45 AM
By Dan Benton

The 2012 NFL regular season has not been kind to New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. In fact, things have not been going well for the self-proclaimed "fast healer" since he fractured the 5th metatarsal in his right foot back in mid-May. And after experiencing swelling in his knee following a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, it doesn't look like week 10 is going to be any easier for him.

'Eli Manning Warms Up with Hakeem Nicks' photo (c) 2011, Rajiv Patel (Rajiv's View) - license:

"Hakeem is out there battling when a lot of guys would shut it down and conserve themselves or protect themselves," said teammate Domenik Hixon,. "He's out there playing for us. We appreciate that. He's nicked up, but he's doing everything he can to be out there."

Head coach Tom Coughlin acknowledged that this second round of swelling was a setback, but wouldn't rule out Nicks playing this week. And when asked how he was going, #88 gave the game answer he always gives: "I'm good."

Only, he's not good. It's obvious that Nicks is far from 100% and playing in constant pain. He's already missed three games this season, and in the last four contests has only 13 receptions for 153 yards. To top it off, he's reached the endzone only once this year.

"We are going to rest him," Coughlin said of Nicks practicing this week.

There is a very strong probability that with the bye week right around the corner, New York may opt to sit Nicks out on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. That will give him two full weeks to recover before the Giants dive into a brutal and extremely important six game stretch to end their season.


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6 Responses to “Status of New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks a Question Mark for Sunday”

  1.  Krow says:

    Lucky for us that Nicks is not prone to injury.

    •  Samardzija says:

      Like previous years he doesnt miss a lot of games, but hes dinged up A LOT…

      •  Krow says:

        This one seems different though. I love that warrior spirit, but he’s just not himself. If he ends up getting that knee scope’d then they really mishandled this injury.

        •  rlhjr says:

          They need to shut him down and trim that meniscus. He is a quick healer.
          But this time there was more damage than they knew. Or maybe they thought he could play through it. Mine has been torn for three years and it swells whenever it wants to.

          But after the swelling and fluid buildup, the pain comes. Also, a general feeling of instability and the snap crackle pop sound effects.
          They need to fix him, and let him heal now before he’s seriously hurt.

          In the interim, Coughlin and his position coach need to get into Randal’s grill and get him thinking like a NFL professional. It’s week 9, there are no more rookies on the roster unless they have never been active for a single game. Its time to put Randal to work.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    This won’t happen, but if I were Jerry Reese I would seize upon the opportunity to go to Nicks, say “We really appreciate what you’re doing for us, and we know you’ve been willing to play hurt for us since you got here, but both of us have to look at the fact that you have been prone to injury even if it hasn’t kept you off the field. Why don’t we take care of you now with an extension as long as you understand that we have to build a number of ‘healthy game’ incentives into it and get that cap number to work for us? We can get you comfortable with the knowledge that you’ll make plenty of money and will be able to play here along with Victor for the rest of Eli’s career, which gives you a great chance to maximize your talent and leave a legacy with the Giants.”

    Tying him up when he’s vulnerable and knowing we’d keep both he and Cruz going forward would be a great coup. I know he has been dinged up a lot, but I’m sticking with my position that this guy is a Hall of Fame receiver and should be kept by the Giants for a long time, especially if they can get a 20-25% discount now while he’s unable to produce at the level everyone knows he can.

  3.  mclovin says:

    Couldn’t agree more about nicks contract situation …..i hope nicks didn’t suffer to much of a setback because he was really starting to run well in that pit game. On that first shot to nicks he had his man beat and it’s a huge play if Eli doesn’t throw up that duck. But Eli gets in these slumps every year where he just doesn’t throw very accurate. I predict a big game from him this week tho I just can’t see him having 4 bad games in a row

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