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With Bear Pascoe Ailing, New York Giants May Opt to Activate Travis Beckum from PUP

November 1st, 2012 at 9:20 AM
By Dan Benton

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It's been a strange year for the New York Giants in that they have more players than they do roster spots, but a variety of injuries and suspensions have allowed them to keep everyone on the team. Whether or not that pattern continues remains to be seen, but it appears that, once again, it may come in handy after tight end Bear Pascoe went down with an ankle injury during a week eight victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

After sitting out of practice on Wednesday, the Giants may begin to prepare for Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers as if Pascoe will be on the shelf. And although they're in good hands with Martellus Bennett leading the way, they lack experience behind him. As of now, Adrien Robison, the rookie 4th round pick, is the only other tight end on the active roster.

Insert Travis Beckum.

Less than nine months after tearing his ACL in Super Bowl XLVI, Beckum appears ready to return. He practiced with the team last week -the first week he was eligible to practice after being placed on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list to start the season- and was a full participant on Wednesday. However, head coach Tom Coughlin wasn't quite ready to say he'd be back this week, putting the onus on Robinson.

“He's going to have to get after it this week,” Coughlin said of Robinson.

Still, if Beckum continues to practice without limitations or setbacks, the team will at least have the option of activating him prior to Sunday's game. If nothing else, he brings a firm understanding of the offense and the playbook, as well as live-game NFL experience, of which Robinson has very little.


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14 Responses to “With Bear Pascoe Ailing, New York Giants May Opt to Activate Travis Beckum from PUP”

  1.  Liberal Giant says:

    A little help at TE would be nice. By the way, I thought Eric S’s estimation of who stays and who leaves next year could be very prophetic. I also hope there is indeed a general agreement to keep Cruz for another 5 years or so. Mara has been riding this bit of cheap labor for sometime; he needs to start paying the market rate.

    • I don’t want any part of Travis Beckum if it’s going to cost me a young player like Hill or Kuhn (Austin, I care not so much about).

      If Pascoe’s injury is a serious ankle sprain and he’s looking at a 6-8 week recovery, they might just go ahead and throw him on IR to activate Beckum, which I guess works.

      •  GIANTT says:

        I agree with you about Kuhn – I dont see things as closely as many but there have been a lot of plays where he is hustling and if he gets some more experience and keeps the hustle I think he will do well . I havent seen enough of Hill onfield yet to get excited

  2.  F0XLIN says:

    Accordingly to Dottino, Beckum hasn’t even started practicing yet

  3.  GIANTT says:

    So , Im stuck at home with no real estate work today – all postponed etc so catching up here .
    To start with Cruz/Nicks . Well the Management seems to have locked up Cruz ! Im assuming it gave him decent money but nothing extravagant . Whether Nicks stays or goes is going to depend on the money he wants . Giants WILL NOT overpay so I know the argument is from many that he may be as close to irreplaceable as just about anyone on the team but if someone else comes with a stupid contract , Giants will not match it . So perhaps it may be better to try and put a contract in place early .
    Demo , you asked -who have the Giants let go who has had success elsewhere ?
    How about Guy Whimper as tackle for Jags ? Did you see the highlight of his tackle eligible TD catch ? Nice play – But in general , Ive agreed that the Giants pick up the gems rather than let them go .
    My comment for those who are panicking about a potential second half swoon .
    IF the Giants went 3-5 and ended up a pedestrian 9-7 which won the division last year , Eagles and Cowboys and Redskins will have to go 6-3 to tie and better than that to win . So lets stop the agitation right now .
    Also , as much as the commentary at the beginning of the season was about how tough the Giants schedule was , it is never easy to make predictions until the teams have shaken themselves out a little . Who would have predicted for example New Orleans being as bad as they are or Atlanta being 7-0 ? . So , although its not an easy schedule its easier than we believed at seasons start and a lot of that has to do with the poor quality of Dallas and Philly so far

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Hmm, I love that TC is essentially challenging Robinson to step up in practice or lose the incredible opportunity he has in front of him.

    I, too, thought Eric S’s post was excellent. I might draw a few different conclusions but it was well thought-out and piggybacked very well on some of the discussions we’ve all had for quite some time.

    One area where I think the writing is very clearly on the wall is defensive end, where it’s time to start getting younger and Osi just isn’t going to fit into the plan even if he has a better second half of the season (which I believe he will…he still has some good football left in him). With Ojomo, Trattou and Broha all available at cheap prices they will not be able to justify bringing Osi back. Of course, Tracy will be “first-man up” but I have loved what I’ve seen from Ojomo and Trattou in particular. I don’t care who it was this past preseason that Ojomo was up against, that kid has the instincts of a quarterback killer. He is going to press for playing time next season.

    I also think that unless Webster pulls out of this funk (or Fewell decides to allow him to use his size to play a lot more press cover and Webster proves he can still succeed at that) the decision about him is going to be very easy. And don’t forget we can always sign Terrell Thomas again at a cheap price and perhaps get some good play out of him as an insurance policy in case Hosley doesn’t step up enough in his sophomore year (I think he will) or none of our depth corners or a draft pick can assume that #3 corner spot.

    Bradshaw too. Take a cut or take a walk.

    The really tough choice is the one Eric didn’t address: Kenny Phillips. I would not let him go if I could manage it. Once Reese knows he has ” a bead” on Cruz, Beatty, and Bennett he should turn to Phillips. Then he has to worry about both Browns. But this is all do-able, especially because that cap is going to start rising (more than some of the owners have claimed) once the new TV deal kicks in for 2015.

    There will be some tough choices made, and some of them will be frustrating and sad. But how is that different from most years in the NFL where quality veterans and some promising “potential” is jettisoned after every season thanks to the cap? I trust the powers-that-be on the Giants to make the right decisions.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      And oh yeah, you all know I have loved Hill from the get-go, so of course I assume he is on the roster in 2013. They’d be nuts to let him go.

      •  F0XLIN says:

        There is no way Hill gets cut next week, he was a player maker on ST week in and week out and starting to see time on defense too. I think Sash would be cut before Hill.

    •  Eric S says:

      I intentionally left out Phillips as I was focusing mostly on where we could free up money to sign guys like Phillips, Cruz, Nicks et al. But Phillips will be tough. Sportwriters like Graziano on ESPN and others I’ve read consider him a top tier safety in the NFL and I agree, however this may be one of those tough deals where we offer him a nice deal but somebody else blows him away ala Barry Cofield. The play of Stevie Brown and the potential of Will Hill may give Reese the feeling that he could offer Phillips a fair deal but not break the bank.

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