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Washington Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall: New York Giants QB Eli Manning is No Rocket Scientist

October 24th, 2012 at 2:55 PM
By Dan Benton

For the most part, the Washington Redskins were humble and respectful in defeat. Led by their quarterback, Robert Griffin III, and their head coach, Mike Shanahan, they were were complimentary of the New York Giants and the job they had done during a 27-23 victory at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Unfortunately, not everyone on the team got the same memo, and on Wednesday, defensive back DeAngelo Hall took a shot at Big Blue and quarterback Eli Manning.

"For [Eli] to say that in the first half he picked up on it and to not make a play until the last play of the game? I don't know how well he picked up on it," Hall said. "I feel we gave him that play. It wasn't something where he was a rocket scientist and he figured something out. We just played that as bad as possible."

When asked about Hall's comment, Manning was appreciative. As the Giants have done so many times before, they were quick to thank the opposing team for once again "giving" them a victory.

"I appreciate him giving it to me. Thank you," Manning said. "[But] I didn't say it took a rocket scientist to figure it out either. You got a guy running open, you hit him."

Admittedly, that whole "they didn't win it, we lost it" song and dance is getting old. But to their credit, the vast majority of the Redskins didn't react or speak that way, and it should come as no real surprise that DeAngelo Hall is the one that strayed from the pack.

Bottom line is Manning did what any good quarterback would do: he spotted a weakness in the defense (blown coverage or otherwise) and exploited it. Game over.

The real irony here is that although Eli is not a rocket scientist, he does have an IQ which ranges in genius levels.

photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc


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65 Responses to “Washington Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall: New York Giants QB Eli Manning is No Rocket Scientist”

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  1.  Valid says:

    Absolutely LOVE Eli’s response.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    But not many QBs make the trow at that time of game. If that throw is just a little off Cruz has to drive or slow up and that play is merely a long gainer. For that play to be a TD took a perfect throw and read. Plus let’s not forget Eli was being hit as the ball is being released. SMH. Hall is due to get embarrassed by us next game, he’s way too well known for a below average starter.

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    On the Angel Lugo sighting. First, great work by keeping the legend alive. But before we confirm that this indeed is the real Angel Lugo, we first have to look at some clues.

    -Angel Lugo mentioned that he is from the Bronx, or the BX as he liked to call it. The mugshot Angel Lugo was born in Patterson NJ, so it’s quite possible that we have our John Doe. Not uncommon for people to relocate to Florida, and this mugshot and arrest fits the timeline of Angel Lugo’s g101 disappearance. So I can see why people think it’s him.

    - Our Angel Lugo was a huge KRS One fan. So much so that he would post lyrics of new KRS One songs on this site. Pete Rock as well. Myself being an 80?s baby, and huge hip hop fan, it’s not out of the question that an 80?s baby would be a fan of some of the earlier hip hop acts, KRS, G. Rap, Pete Rock, CL Smooth ect….
    However, he would be a fan of their earlier works, and not be so loyal as to follow the music they are still putting out now, To show this kind of loyalty he would have had to grow up listening to them, which would give him a birthday between 1970-75.

    So while the Angel Lugo mugshot fits the criminal description of our John Doe, his DOB does not. Thus I’m concluding that this is NOT the real Angel Lugo.

    •  njm0m says:

      You gave this one a lot of thought and concideration. Nicely done!

    •  TonyMW says:

      Haha…good work. Although his birthplace says Patterson, if you value street cred (like Angel Lugo obviously does) doesn’t the Bronx just sound better? He may have also just grown up in the Bronx. For example- Even though I was born in Staten Island, I’ve been in FL for the past 20 years (since the age of 8). If someone asked where I’m from, I typically tell them the city in FL in which I reside (unless he is an obvious New Yawka, then I tell him SI for the bonding experience).

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Haha yes put in a lot of thought. I take Angel lugo sightings very seriously!

        The location doesn’t really bother me as much as his age. I always assumed Lugo to be in his late 30′s or 40′s. Thats my biggest problem with the mug shot. But really, I’m just glad we’re still talking about Angel Lugo after all these years. Now we just need a KD sighting. Anyone see a wall street guy at a Manhattan strip club reading Hunter S. Thompson recently?

  4.  Terrence97 says:

    Lol I remember when I wanted us to make a move 4 hall lol. How many teams “gave” us the w? I really hope teams keep giving us wins 4 the rest of the year. I’d appretiate that

  5.  Chad Eldred says:

    DeAngelo Hall used to be a very talented corner with a big mouth. The talent has eroded with age, but the mouth is just as big as ever.

  6.  njm0m says:

    I absolutely love Eli’s come back. He had a crap game. He knows it, we know it. Move on people there is no show here. Time to move on to the hated Cowboys and put the nail in their coffin.

  7.  giantsfan says:

    No tip of the hat dan??????

  8.  Nosh.0 says:

    On Cruz’s value.

    Our offense is carried by the passing game. And without a doubt, without Eli it doesn’t function. However, our particular system, as well as GB, NO, NE, features a ton of option routes. So while Eli is very much responsible for his own success, he also needs his WR’s to be on the same page as him.

    That 77 yard TD to Cruz is a great example. That was an option route. Either to cut in, run over the middle, or go deep. Because of how defenses disguise coverages, Cruz could not make his decision until the ball was snapped. Cruz needed to make his decision in about a seconds time, and be seeing the same thing as Eli. Then of course do the physical work that is involved ie catching and showing the breakaway speed to take it all the way.

    It’s debatable whether or not he’s the best WR in football. What’s not debatable is his value to the team. If we didn’t run this crazy offense which demanded so much of the WR mentally, then Cruz becomes more replaceable. But in our system the WR needs to very much be his own QB on the field in terms of reading defenses, and thats what makes Cruz so indispensable.

    Honestly, if salaries are equal, do you trade Cruz for Fitzgerald? For Calvin Johnson? Not asking which player is better, but which player helps our offense function better?

    •  njm0m says:

      Not in a heart beat. Cruz is the Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson of the Giants. Nicks and Cruz are a pair that make the other one better by drawing the coverage. Jerry has his work cut out for him, but I think he makes a deal happen here. Guys only walk for money when the tank is about empty on this team. These two are here to stay. I’d bet on that and I don’t bet.

  9.  giantsfan says:

    Let’s give some props to Gilbride. His super complex option offense is finally getting perfected by Eli and his receivers. His offense is almost impossible to defend if executed perfectly. We’re seeing it pay off.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Agree. He’s done a really good job. And I think he in part help Eli be clutch.

      Plax talked about his slant and go route after SB 42. That they knew they could get that DB to bite but waited throughout the game to use it. Cruz mentioned after the TB win on his 80 yard TD, that they saw Barber was cheating on a certain route, and sort of held that in their pocket until they knew it would work.

      He, along with Eli, do a really good job at exploiting where they can take advantage of a defense.

  10.  TonyMW says:

    Love this quote by Tuck:

    “I hope we have nine more giveaways this year and then three to four more giveaways (in the playoffs),” Tuck said. “I will be a happy man with that. So for all you guys out there listening, if you play us, if you feel like you want to give us something, I will take some sacks, I am sure Eli will take more 70-yard touchdown passes, (and) Coach Coughlin will take a couple more wins to separate himself from Coach Parcells.”

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