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New York Giants Cut WR Brandon Collins, OT Matt McCants from Practice Squad

September 8th, 2012 at 7:35 PM
By Paul Tierney

'brandon collins' photo (c) 2009, aaronisnotcool - license: As expected, the New York Giants made two cuts from the practice squad today in order to make room for the new additions of OL Scott Wedige and defensive back Terrance Frederick. Wide receiver Brandon Collins, as well as offensive tackle Matt McCants were both released.

Collins is an undrafted free agent out of Southeast Louisiana, that flashed some potential in mini-camp. However, he did very little to warrant a roster spot throughout the preseason, and was released when the Giants took the roster down from 90 to 75 players. Collins was resigned to the practice squad on Wednesday, only to be cut again today. 

Matt McCants was the Giants sixth-round draft pick in 2012. The UAB product was a part of a Giants offensive line that saw the younger backups struggle mightily throughout the preseason. The Giants drafted McCants understanding that he was a developmental prospect, and was going to take some time to mature. However, it appears as if the team no longer believes he is worth the wait.

That all said, this may or may not be the last we hear of these two players on the Giants practice squad this season. A year ago, Ryan Perrilloux was cut and resigned 17 times, so it's certainly within the realm of possibility that the Giants resign one of these players in the near future.


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7 Responses to “New York Giants Cut WR Brandon Collins, OT Matt McCants from Practice Squad”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:

    See ya McCants. Watching him in that last preseason game made me worry about David Carrs Health. Dude was a Waste of a pick.

  2.  Dirt says:

    It’s gonna pisz me off to no end when Vilma is a member of a class action lawsuit someday having to do with safety issues.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      It’s gonna piss me off even more when he wins that lawsuit!

      In other news… How the mighty have fallen. The U was god awful today . Pained me to watch it. At least they have a freshman RB who looked promising.

  3.  Krow says:

    McCants was special bad. Short bus bad. The other OLmen made fun of him. And they suck. The last kid picked for dodge-ball, which you can’t do any more because it ruins their self esteem. This is what happened to Justin Tuck by the way. Little known fact.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    Happy bday 101!

    I found this place in the begining of 2008 in the aftermath of our SB win. Like many said before there’s no other site with the collective knowledge of the posters here. And it’s not even close.

    Cutting McCants shocks me. I know he was horrible in the 4th preseason game but that was at RT. At LT in games 2 & 3 I thought he looked decent and showed the athletic ability to believe he could eventual be good. Over guys like Capers or even Broha who seem to at best be future decent backups if that.

    This news also just double downs my believe that Beatty is our LT next year. Starting a high round rookie is not our style. And a free agent vet who’s a LT will be just as expensive and have just as many question as Beatty. High level LTs just don’t become free agents.

    As far as CB I don’t see a trade happening. The type of player that would make a difference would require too high of a pick. The real solutions have to just be found from within. Tryon isn’t going anwhere. From the quotes about Prince and looking at our schedule I don’t see him playing until game 4. So the idea as a few sugested is just to keep Tryon on the slot. If Coe can’t play Hosley is a better option on the outside. Hill also played some slot so maybe he’s an option as well.

    After thinking about it some more though some of our struggles were on the coaches. Our DBs are watching the Dallas DBs and don’t understand that they weren’t calling illegal contact. Our CBs by the second half should have been way more physical. But going forward our CBs will be aware of this and should adjust better.

    These replacement officials are college officials and one real difference rule wise in the pros and college is illegal contact. In college there’s no such thing as illegal contact and the officials called it that way. I wonder if how they call pass interference this weekend because the college rules allow for more contact than the pro rules.

  5.  Barbarossa says:

    The why your team sucks 2012 for the Dallas Cowboys is a hilariously awesome read and I’d recommend it to any of you who haven’t had the pleasure yet. Part 5 the posts by Cowboys fans about why they hate their team, owner, and fanbase is particularly amazing and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  6.  BillyS says:

    I’m not surprised McCants was cut. He was always a project, but he really didn’t even display any of his raw potential in the preseason. He just looked…bad. He had all those penalties and he let guys get by him pretty easily. Maybe he’ll latch on elsewhere or be brought back, but he’s definitely a major project to say the least.

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