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Lighter, Committed Shaun Rogers Ready to Make Impact for New York Giants

August 6th, 2012 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

With Chris Canty's status for week one unclear, the New York Giants are in need of a defensive tackle to step up and fill the void. Not necessarily just in practice, but on the field as well if the eight-year veteran is unable to go. And who better to fill said void than Shaun Rogers, who has made an entire career out of doing just that?

If you've had the luxury of attending camp this year, it's not difficult to pick Rogers out from the crowd. He's easily the biggest defensive lineman on the team, and that's even after losing close to 50 pounds to meet the Giants' expected playing weight.

“I lost enough — enough to make them happy — so that’s all that matters," Rogers said.

Rogers' motivation and dedication haven't gone unnoticed by Giants' brass or his new teammates. For a man to lose 50 pounds in such a short amount of time after playing at a high weight his entire career is a testament to his work-ethic and what he's looking to bring to a team.

“The number I heard was around 400," DE Justin Tuck said. “Rumors get spread. I know he’s a large man, strong man and for how big he is he’s very athletic too. They gave him a playing weight, he did a great job of getting to that weight coming into camp. That right there shows you his motivation. I think he lost almost 40, 50 pounds."

The downside to Rogers' weight loss has been a decrease in strength. And although head coach Tom Coughlin praises the defensive tackle for his "impressive" work, he's made sure that the team's strength and conditioning coaches have paid special attention to him, in hopes of helping him regain his strength at an equally rapid pace.

It's been a small struggle for Rogers thus far, but something he's obviously willing to take on. Not just because he wants a paycheck, but because he feels that even after 11 years in the NFL he has things to prove and games to win.

“Well, there are still things left to prove," Rogers said. “Coming into an atmosphere where these guys won a championship last year, with championship experience, that is one of the things on my resume that I am lacking. That is motivation for me. I want to play a part in it and hopefully get another ring for these guys and not just be along for the ride."

The Giants have similar goals…


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2 Responses to “Lighter, Committed Shaun Rogers Ready to Make Impact for New York Giants”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    Good piece. I think Rodgers is an increasingly important part of our DT’s given the uncertainity about Canty. I know he hasn’t been great in a few years but this is the first time he gets to play on a winning team with top defensive players around him. For a vet that’s probably just a notch below a HOFer IMO we could see Rodgers reverted back to a very effective player. No not what he used to be but maybe a Fred Robbins type player as the high side for his effectiveness. I think by the weight loss we know he has the focus it’s just a matter of if father time has tapped too much of his talent. I know we have Benard and Austin but I think Benard is best for a 3rd DT rotation role at most while Austin is probably not ready to play heavy snaps versus the run. I think Rodgers is our best bet to replace Canty if he misses real games.

  2.  Jason McEwan says:

    Are there any updates on Markus Kuhn?

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