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Brandon Jacobs Allegedly “Insulted” by New York Giants Restructured Contract Offer

March 5th, 2012 at 12:31 PM
By Dan Benton

For months, running back Brandon Jacobs has said he'd love to return to the New York Giants for the 2012-2013 season, realizing in order to do that he'd have to restructure his contract. With only 12 days remaining until he's due a $500,000 bonus, it sounds like talks between the two sides are not going well and that Jacobs' days in blue are potentially nearing their end.

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells Giants 101 that the team did offer Jacobs a restructured contract, but that he felt the offer was "insulting."

Due a base salary of $4.4 million this coming season, it's hard to gauge what Jacobs would deem "insulting." However, he's made it abundantly clear that he's "not willing to sell his soul" to stay in New York, so, at least from his point of view, this offer was soul-crushing.

Does that mean there is no hope for some sort of reconciliation? Not exactly…

"There's always hope," the source said.

Needless to say, as of right now Jacobs is not happy with the offer he was made and unless the gap between the two sides shrinks in less than two weeks, his days as a member of the Giants may soon be over.


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52 Responses to “Brandon Jacobs Allegedly “Insulted” by New York Giants Restructured Contract Offer”

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  1.  andiamo says:

    “a friend of Jacobs tells Giants 101″….

    Dan, you really gotta stop taking those emails from Plaxico so seriously

  2.  wlubake says:

    If he thinks the Giants’ offer is insulting, just wait until he fields offers from teams who don’t value his locker room contribution and knowledge of the offensive system.

  3.  jfunk says:

    Some Saints videos for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of some commenter on the ESPN article:

  4.  jfunk says:

    I think we all knew this was going to be the first comment regarding this attempted restructuring.

    I suspect that Jacobs will find the offers being made by EVERY team “insulting”. Hopefully, after seeing this, he will return to the table with Jerry.

    • Mark BrownMarBro456 says:

      Maybe he should look at his numbers this season, and being ranked 32nd in rushing…. then rethink what is insulting.

      I love Brandon and would love to see him stay, but sometimes a player just wants to leave and thinks they always deserve more.

  5.  jahmyrr says:

    No different than Bradshaw at this point. We offered him a contract worth his value to the team. He can go out and shop himself through the league. However, I expect him to come back and sign after realizing there just isnt a market willing to pay him what he wants.

    IF he gets lucky and someone bites, good luck to him/them. Im willing to give Scott the spot and see what he can do.

  6.  wlubake says:

    A point worth noting on the bounty story:

    The Rams and Saints traded defensive minds this offseason, with the Saints significantly upgrading not only in quality of coach, but also in quality of man. It’s unfortunate that a guy like Spags will likely suffer some because a **** like Williams stained the sheets before checking out of New Orleans.

  7.  TuckThis says:

    I’m not a fan of Jacobs. I know many here love him. That’s fine. I’m sure Reese offered him what he thought he was worth. If Jacobs doesn’t agree, he’s welcome to take his show on the road and see if the grass is “greener” elsewhere…pun definitely intended!

  8.  jcharles says:

    don’t look now but,…. it the Re – Post edition. lol

    ummm… i don’t know about yall…. but umm… jcharles would like to see a continuation of the KUJO FF(55,56,57…etc.) years battle. lol

    But let me get my FF55 on and talk credibility here. lol

    And i remember you, FF59years, thinking this season was not a championship one, but the most exciting season that you can remember and that you wanted to just go for the ride…. to which i promptly agreed. but after neworleans, noone thought we would be world champs. i was hopeful however. and i would just like to say that i called Steve smiths 1200 yard season in the summer befor theat season started. i also called eli manning’s 30+ tds last year in the preseason of 2010. i came on here night after night doing x’s and o’s on killdrive’s scheme and sheridans ” scheme”. Now everybody talks about how complicated the killdrive offense is and that we use WAY more option routes than other teams.

    Case in point. the packers were running some plays in the superbowl ( a post to jennings) and the steelers were over playing it. they ran it over and over as this play is their bread and butter and is the basis on their attack. Jennings is caught on NFL films saying ” the corner is wide open”. you can put anyone at # ( the slot) and make them run a post and it would be wide open.”

    If that were the giants, they would have ran a corner alot sooner and often because the wr is going to take what ever space the defense is leaving open and eli will be looking for a wr to run into that corner as opposed to looking at a wr run to where the coverage is…… even though for the first few steps of eli’s drop they do not know 100 percent where the route tree will take them untill they see a cover 3 and a safety in the middle. they will run the y or z on a streak or deep post while the inside wr takes the corner. this zone manipulation is a basic principle of the 3 wr set run and gun concept

    Our bread and butter play has cruz in the slot and MM or Nicks wide and they cross eachother within the first 3-4 steps ( the outside becomes the inside and vise versa – look at cruz vs eagles first time and san fran or heck any game) and make a read and decision from that point. The routes will not be predetermined and the presnap read is just as important as the post snap read. actually post snap decisions are probably more important. the wr basically has to be able to play qb mentally. ( new orleans greenbay, new england the colts etc… do not rely as heavily on option routes as we do. period. yes everyone runs an option route here or there, but we are like 85 percent folks. That is why i will always say Eli is better that ben and phillip, among others)

    When everyone knows the system and its rules and concepts ( i cannot stress the latter part enough) then you see what we saw this year. It would only get better and more unstoppable if we kept MM.

    Killdrives system works to our detriment when we have to ” get players up to speed” on the system……. As norm and i point out FREQUENTLY. lol

    That is what 55,56,57years has been saying all this time. ( i think)

    Yall did see 2010 right? you know, 22 ints….. hagan, and a bunch of “who’s?”

    i don’t want that again.

    Unlike many i think wideout is worth investing in at the sacrafice of other positions because we rely so heavily on the pass and it is imarative that ALL wrs, tight ends, and backs know not only the system, but more importantly the system’s rules and concepts as well as the QB and coordinator themselves. and right now as constructed, we are unstoppable offensively. ( oline and running game will be far better next year)

    the debatable thing to me is which other positions to keep our strongest elements just that. ( dline and passing game) sacrafice, how much do the coaches and GM believe in MM AND do we already have someone on the roster that knows the system enough to “step up”. if so…. um manningham….. i’ll holla.

    Mckenzie is gone, jacobs is gone or signficantly reduced, benard among other players and factors……… we will not be in the cap dispair many predict. just sayin.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I agree with it’s worth investing in our WRs considering the system. The best way to invest would be MM. However, it’s hard to invest that much in him when we have to give new contracts to Nicks and Cruz soon. The issue with investing in a draft pick whether it’s 1st or a mid round pick is the syatem. The system makes it hard to have a rookie perform at a high level. Really, the best options to invest in besides MM are Hixon (done), Thomas (need ASAP) and Smith (he’s still a b*tch **** but could be a valuable addition due to his knowledge of the offense and his improved health).

  9.  jcharles says:

    ok. i got two things to announce based on all i have gathered here lately.

    Jacobs feeling disrespected by our offer? well i got some breaking news…… News Flash

    Jacobs is about to be the most disrespected running back in history.

    Just wait till he sees the other “offers” he gets when we cut his Asks….

    i love the guy, but he needs to be just a tad bit more self aware…. to be kind.

    The other thing is F the saints…. F drew brees, F plax and motha F steve smith………. oh yeah and F sean payton and patriot fans.

    That’s all.

    Back to your regular scheduled program.

    • thomas freshtwogiants says:

      I sure hope the Brandon Jacobs is able to work things out and return
      to the New York Giants. His value is not so much in his running, but
      is rather in his ability as a pass receiver as well as his ability to pass
      block, pick up blitizers and help keep Eli on his feet. Brandon is still
      very valuable to this football team since he is familiar with the system.

  10.  jcharles says:

    Actually, i think we see jacobs is like the right sees Reagan…. you now, revisionist history.

    Jacobs DID blast charles woodson and somebody else in 2007. That’s great. That’s wonderful.

    But um….. i good on 4 million a year for 3 yds a pop and the occasional jacobs running over a 190lb. cornerback for 3 yds.

    I mean if you need a big hole to get going, what does that mean. Can Jacobs create rushing yards? …. Heck no!! And if he can do well with a big hole and run for 15 yds, what would a speedster like scott do with that hole, or andre brown ( who the entire team and coaching staff rave about his lateral mobility and quickness relative to his size do with that hole. Hell you put me out there ( 6’1 180lbs, 4.5 speed and give me a big hole like the one jacobs needs and my black a$$$ can get 15 yds.

    We need to keep it real….. what has Jacobs brought that we can’t do without or that can’t be replaced or upgraded? and don’t talk about his mouth…. cause “at the end of the day” we got antrel rolle ” at the end of the day” and ” at the end of the day” thats plenty.

    Heck they give me the rookie minimum and i will go out there and be a bully. especially if i will barely be on the field to have to back it up ( here’s looking at you Jacobs).

    Oh yeah … im about 3 months away from saying F Barden!!!!!

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