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New York Giants Outlast 49ers 20-17 in a Classic; Tynes Kicks G-Men into Super Bowl Once Again

January 22nd, 2012 at 11:49 PM
By Hazem Kiswani

Here they come again – the New York Football Giants are knocking over everything in their path once more, and are now 60 minutes away from their second Lombardi Trophy in five years, as they defeated the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 in overtime to win the NFC Championship. 

The Giants got two huge plays on special teams, including a forced fumble by Jacquian Williams  on punt coverage and a recovery from Devin Thomas in overtime, his second recovery a fumble on punt coverage in the game. The recovery set up the Giants at the 49ers 24 yard line, and Ahmad Bradshaw moved the Giants inside the San Francisco 49ers ten-yard line on three carries. 

Lawrence Tynes came on the field as he did in overtime of the 2007 NFC Championship game and booted the Giants into the Super Bowl, this time from 31 yards away, as Steve Weatherford and Victor Cruz charged downfield yelling "We're going to the Super Bowl!". 

The weather conditions and two physical, stout defenses made it a retro NFC Championship, as the hard fought slugfest came down to which team made the biggest mistake. It was Kyle Williams of the 49ers, and the Giants said enough is enough. 

Eli Manning was hit 20 times and sacked six times in this football game, but kept on bouncing right back up, as he threw for 316 yards and two scores without turning the football over, leading the Giants to the second Super Bowl appearance of his outstanding career. Victor Cruz had his biggest playoff game, with ten catches for 142 yards – proving far too explosive for the 49ers secondary to keep contained. 

Defensively, the Giants were led by a strong performance up front from Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul, while rookie Jacquian Williams played an outstanding game at the linebacker level. 

The Giants are now headed to a showdown with the New England Patriots in what will be a very highly anticipated rematch of Super Bowl XLII. 

From all of us at Giants 101, LET'S GO GIANTS! Stick with us for full analysis of this game tomorrow and coverage leading all the way up to the Super Bowl on February 5th. 


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49 Responses to “New York Giants Outlast 49ers 20-17 in a Classic; Tynes Kicks G-Men into Super Bowl Once Again”

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  1.  axr29 says:

    So I havent slept in 3 days. Prob wont for another three. I need xanax and an NFC champs tshirt.

  2.  Valid says:

    Williams is a friggin STUD. No questions asked. Dude is going to develop into one of the best linebackers in the game.

  3.  Dirt says:

    Believe that ish!

    Weatherford, who wasn’t good enough to play for the Jets – I’m sorry, that hold was THE play of the game. DeOssie straight up rolled that ish, and Weatherford just calm and cool set it up for a ride for Indy.

    So erect right now! Baseball bat with a hamburger on the end style!

  4. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    I am so thoroughly drunk that I am almost hungover! Big Blue is ALL IN MUTHA F_CKERS! I have nothing intelligent to add to this discussion. All you fellas and ladies out there–norm, Dirt, FF55, BigBlueGiants, Remy, schmitty, BigBlueScorpion, njm0m, TOGM, TuckThis, Demo, Kyle, Haz, DAN MOTHER F_CKING BENTON!!!!– who have made this year so magical and great, I raise one last shot to you before passing the f_ck out!


    GIANTS 101===> the greatest thing to happen to this Giants fan!

  5. David Levittdlev says:

    I’ll I can say right now is WOO-HOO!! and Yippie Freaking K-AY!!

  6. Heather Lefkovenjm0m says:

    Coughlin is one playoff win away from tying Parcells. That is one hell of a coach we got there.


  8.  neuronroot says:

    NYG are the egg mcmuffin of football!

  9. Abbott Stillmanfanfor55years says:

    I have to include thanks to Ed Hochuli and his crew. They decided to let these guys play football. Okay, so like everyone else they refused to call holding when the Niners grabbed the Giants’ pass rushers, but they were otherwise great. They allowed both teams to play hard against each other and show a lot of new fans what the NFL USED to be. Like I said in the previous thread, that was Big Boy Football.

    And unlike some quarterbacks in this league (uh, I’m talking about you Mr. Brady and you Mr. Brees, and you Mr. Romo, and a lot of others) Eli Manning took a licking and kept on ticking. He just stood in there and not only made some great throws, but also kept his team focused and conscious of the need to avoid turnovers.

    It’s also great that Justin Tuck chose today to probably play his best game of the season, that JPP showed off his extraordinary Pro Bowl skills, that Jacquain Williams made three critical plays, that Kiwi made a game-changing play, that Chase Blackburn made a few terrific plays, and that a few of the less noted Giants’ players came through when it was critical. They really were “All In” and credit must be given to these players and their coaches.

    Over the next two weeks we will over-analyze the coming Super Bowl, we’ll have lots of discussion about how the entire O-line was smoked today, we’ll discuss why Mario Manningham was only targeted three times, we’ll wonder if the Giants can cover the Pats’ tight ends, but I’ll tell you this. The Giants just beat the toughest opponent they will face this season. The Patriots will be favored to win. The Giants are the better team. And Belichick will not out-coach Coughlin. If the Giants play with this kind of heart and intensity no one is going to keep them from the Lombardi Trophy. Bring on those Patriots. Tom Brady should be worried. Very worried.

  10.  Dirt says:

    Tom Rock
    Weatherford: “I wasn’t antsy, I was excited. I wanted to go to the Super Bowl. And I’m going! It’s unbelievable. I didn’t want a delay of game, I didn’t want an ice the kicker, I just wanted to go to Indianapolis and win a Super Bowl.”
    6 minutes ago

    Tom Rock
    Weatherford on handling low snap on GW FG: “I knew that if I got the ball down and the laces out that Lawrence Tynes was going to make the kick and we were going to go to Indianpolis and play in the Super Bowl. Zak’s been great all year. So what if we had to pull a little slack for him?”

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