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Spread the Word to End the R-Word!

March 31st, 2009 at 5:18 PM
By Former G101 Writer

As we wrote about a few days ago, the Special Olympics officially kicked off their “Spread the Word to End the R-Word” campaign today…an initiative aimed at ending the use of the “R-word” — “retard.”

While it may not sound like hate speech to you, this word affects so many people on a daily basis. As such, to show our support for Special Olympics and their honorable athletes, Giants101 is showing our support by taking the pledge and asking you all to consider it as well.

I’ve already explained a great deal of this to you all, but wanted to remind you that today is the day that the Special Olympics folks and their army of supporters are encouraging individuals across the world to pledge to stop using the r-word.

Here’s how you can help:

- Make a pledge on

- Tweet about it: “I pledged to end the use of the r-word today – can you? #rword.”

- Donate your Facebook Status: “I pledge and support the elimination of the derogatory use of the r-word from everyday speech and promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. #rword”

Thank you to everyone who gets involved here and to Special Olympics for all of their hard work!

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170 Responses to “Spread the Word to End the R-Word!”

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  1. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Great post Sean. As a future educator I couldn’t agree more, people sound very ignorant using that word. On Moss…….. The guy stinks. Ok he is fast and has some agility that is it. I can’t stand reading all of this nonsense on all of the skills the guy has. The reality is that we reached when we traded up for him, he was coming off a decent senior season, and if his brother wasn’t dominating in the NFL at the time I doubt he would have gotten any of the hype he did. Enough of the coaching staff doesn’t know how to use him. Good football players rise to the top,THEY COMPETE, they MAKE a coach put them in the game. The guy made 12 catches last year versus crap competition, I don’t see how you could take anything from that. Everytime he touches the ball he runs backwards 3 yards before getting up the field. When he can actually stay healthy he hasn’t been able to help out on special teams. Bottom Line: This is his last go around with the Giants unless he “shocks the world” I hope for his sake it goes better than last year.

  2. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    SwantonBomb, gotta disagree. Moss isn’t one of my favorites by any means, but it isn’t his fault he was traded up for and he shouldn’t be held accountable for that.And if Pete Carroll can admit that he “made a big mistake” not giving Clay Matthews a chance to play earlier in his career then maybe you can admit that there’s a possibility that the Giants coaches have made the same mistake (with Moss, and others…I am still fuming about the refusal to play Kehl in that playoff game in January).I have personal experience in this regard. My middle child, a girl who is a tremendous athlete, was kept on the bench of her high school lacrosse team for THREE seasons because her coach thought she “wasn’t tough enough.” Then because of an injury she had to play her in her senior year. She proceeded to make the All-State team, lead her team to the State Championship semi-finals while scoring over 100 goals in a season, and then become the star of her college team that went to the Final Four of the NCAA Championships. She hadn’t become “tougher”. She was always tough. The high school coach just had a combination of an agenda and a blind eye. Who knows what or why? But my daughter isn’t unique. There are many places in life where people with real talent don’t get given a fair shot to demonstrate it. If I remember correctly, you played ball. So did I. Are you seriously going to say that sports is pure meritocracy? That’s horse manure and you should know it. My coaches all played favorites. Luckily for me, I was one of them. But they weren’t machines who could evaluate players with no prejudices. It never works that way.

  3. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Oh, but I fully agree with your last sentence. last roundup for Sinorice Moss. Now or never with the New York Football Giants.

  4. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Thanks Swanton, very much appreciated. There’s a pretty big tweetchat going on right now. If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll paste the entry instructions in the comments section here.Btw Swanton – your avatar is amazing.

  5. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    ff55ys,i agree with you to a point. coahes can have agendas…scholarship athletes or big money FAs will always have plenty of opportunities before walk ons and lower level guys. But Sinorice is a second round draft pick that the Giants moved up for. They are dieing for this guy to produce. You have to show that you can get it done in practice before coaches are going to throw you out on the field. And lets get serious what did Sinorice really show fans, coaches, teammates when he did get in the game? That he can beat Seattles horrendous secondary on a few catches?

  6. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    I really didn’t know anyone used the R-word anymore. I don’t think I’ve heard it in 25 years. I’m serious. You’d have to be a real dope to use a word like that. The one thing I will say, though, is that using “developmentally disabled” sounds pretty ridiculous. You would think someone would come up with a better word that is not insulting but is also less of a mouthful.

  7. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    and in your daughters case it is evident that she was able to overcome the adversity she faced from the coaches, but a lot of athletes are unable to do that. And in the case of a professional athlete I think they fold more often than not. They are too used to being the stud, the go to guy. From my experience playing football all of my life through college I hold one thing to be true. Good players will rise to the top, no matter what the adversity they work their way on to the field and make coaches play them.

  8. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Well, you may be right. If you are then I expect to see plenty of Bryan Kehl this season. He earned the right to play.I cannot believe I am on Giants101 defending Sinorice Moss. I don’t even really like the guy. But I would like to see him one more time before giving up on him. There may be something there. My thought is this: Wes Welker is seemingly much tougher than Moss, but is he more skilled? I’m not so sure. And toughness can be learned when your job is on the line.

  9. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    On two completely different topics….Does anyone know if Eli has a quarterback guru he works with in the offseason? If so, I hope they worked on his grip and release. Contrary to what some of you have said, there’s absolutely no problem with his arm strength. And he has become pretty accurate. The problem is that tight spiral and having it in the Meadowlands winds. He has to have that or the Giants have a real problem that isn’t easy to deal with: a OC who only wants to throw downfield and largely outside the numbers and a QB who is great at that as long as the winds don’t exceed 15 mph.And I watched my third Knick game of the year. What a mess. If any of you seriously think they should offer contracts to ANYONE on that team other than Duhon you are out of your minds. Lee? The guy couldn’t defend me, and he really only scores garbage points and when he isn’t tightly guarded outside (meaning he’s useless in the 4th quarter when the games are won and lost). Robinson? The epitome of a “loser” who will destroy any team he’s on because of his selfishness. Duhon should eventually be an excellent back-up point guard. get the rest of these clowns outta here on the next bus.

  10. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    FF55Yrs- I am with you on Moss- The guy looked Good every opportunity he had to get on the field last year. He looked good in the preaseason, the Seatle and the Minny game. I trully believe TC is a great Coach, but his biggest oppurtunity is in getting the most of all his players talents. If he wasnt forced due to injury in 2007, we probably would still be waiting to see what Bradshaw has to offer. I think if Smith goes to the #2 role that Moss and Manningham would both be effective in the slot.

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