Sports and outdoor gear company The North Face has long been known for its history of innovation. Now, the company has spent two years developing a new line of footwear that might just change the future of racing, running, and hiking. 

The line is called Vectiv, and it’s something the world has never seen before. Why? Because it has a special carbon fiber Flight system made to improve speed, energy, and propulsion on any kind of terrain. 

The footwear line was developed in the Alps and tested over 6,000 hours by professional athletes. The results? They broke over 12-speed records thanks to Vectiv. Now, the shoes are available to the public.

About The New Vectiv Line 

How does the new Vectiv line work? 

Steve Lesnard, CMO and VP of Product Creation of The North Face marketing, said, “Inspiration started at the top of Mont Blanc in France. Vectiv is designed to maximize energy on all types of terrain, it powers you forward, allowing runners to run comfortably longer by reducing the impact on their bodies.”

Vectiv’s special carbon fiber construction helps reduce the impact on athletes’ bodies while traveling downhill by as much as 10%. This lets them retain their energy and control.

But it’s not just the carbon fiber construction that helps improve performance — the Vectiv line also combines other components for superb stability and stride improvement. Its patented 3D Vectiv plate technology wraps around the foot, while a rocker mid-sole helps runners move up and downhill. 

There are multiple designs for runners and hikers with stylistic differences for light hiking and trail running. Different designs are also available for men and women with variations to accommodate anatomical differences in the foot.

The North Face’s History of Innovation

Steve Lesnard said the footwear line entered development after researchers observed that 39% of participants in the Ultra-Trail du MontBlanc ultra-marathon (spanning 106 miles) were unable to finish the course. The biggest reason was muscle fatigue thanks to the harsh terrain, and The North Face set out to change that.

The result was the Vectiv line, designed to improve performance and reduce fatigue on similar rough terrain. The athletes who tested out prototypes set 17 records at courses around the world.

But this footwear line is far from the first wave of innovation to come from The North Face. The company has prided itself on producing innovative sports and outdoor tech since its beginning in 1966.

About Steve Lesnard 

Steve Lesnard has a long history of working in brand marketing in the sports industry. Now, as the CMO and VP of Product Creation, he represents this new technology. Lesnard anticipates that enthusiasm for the outdoors will only increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

An enthusiastic outdoorsman, Lesnard has combined his talent for marketing with his love for athletics. He says the Vectiv line is a turning point for athletes running or hiking on rough terrain. 


The various styles in the Vectiv line are expected to be rolled out to the public throughout February 2021. Customers can plan on paying between $125 and $199 depending on the type of footwear they choose. There is no telling what outdoorsmen and women around the world will do with the support of a shoe like the Vectiv line. If the prototypes are any indication, we can expect great things.