You like to play and would like to understand how to play on the internet. I am happy to tell you that you have found these casino guides.

Rules for choosing a safe casino

Not infrequently, unfortunately, I happen to read in the industry forums cases of players caught in scams or deceptions.

I advise you to pay close attention to the casinos you sign up for, especially if they are foreigners. In these cases, if you don’t know the foreign language, it’s best to move on.

Below I propose a series of rules and indications, suggestions that will be useful when searching for new casinos on the web. Put them into practice and have a good game!

  • Check that the site has a good license.
  • The remote gaming service must use a secure connection, to understand if it uses it, check if there is a closed bolt to the left of the website name. If it is not present or it says “Not sure”, I do not recommend providing your personal data.
  • Every single game (Slots, Roulette, etc.) must report the probability of winning. It is often indicated in the regulation.
  • Always check the welcome bonus rules before depositing, as in some cases before withdrawing your winnings you may be required to play the bonus value a certain number of times.
  • Withdrawal methods must be clearly indicated and easy to use.
  • Read the rules before registering and if something is not clear to you, contact the support of the gaming platform so they can help you resolve the doubt.

How to open an account without nasty surprises

Let’s assume you have chosen an online gaming platform and now you want to sign up because you feel lucky and sure to win.

Through simple steps my online casino guide will help you open an account without running into any nasty surprises.

The necessary documents

To open a gaming account, you need to have a digital copy of your identity card ready.

My advice is to use your home scanner and save the copy on your computer, otherwise take a photo of the document with your smartphone: you need a photo of the front and one of the back of your ID card.

Another necessary document is the tax code, in particular it is required by the authorized gaming platforms


Well, there we are. Now you can register by opening your gaming account.

Make sure you provide your personal data correctly:

  • name and surname;
  • date of birth;
  • birth place;
  • current residence.

I strongly advise you not to make a mistake in entering your name and surname, date of birth, and other personal data. Some gaming platforms do not allow you to change the data at a later stage, or, it may be more complicated than having a royal flush while playing Texas Hold’em. So pay attention to the apostrophes and accents of your name and surname.

The email address must be valid, because the online casino will send you an email to validate your account. You will then receive the game contract and communication on the winnings. The online gaming site will also use your email to communicate information on withdrawals of winnings. Mobile number must be correct. Some platforms may use it to send you security codes when logging in or withdrawing funds.


By registering for the gambling service, do not provide any information that does not correspond to the truth, because if they find that you are using false data they will block your account.

Playing online is a pastime and if you only think of it as such, you don’t need to know anything else. If spending time is not enough for you and you want to win as much as possible, then you need to become an expert in the game.