Ranking the best pound for pound fighters is never easy, and eyebrows rise whenever one is placed above the other. Well, everyone has their own opinions. However, using the pound for pound concept means that the fighters are ranked according to their talent, potential, accomplishments, current level of competition, and total victories. Whenever a list of rankings comes out, you expect to get a few arguments. However, every decision is arrived at using statistics and facts. There’s no guesswork in the rankings. It’s worth noting that fighters work hard in training and exercise regularly. Most of them work on building muscles using supplements such as beta-alanine to gain that competitive advantage over their rivals. Whatever techniques a fighter uses, the results of the fights give them the ranking they deserve. Check out the best pound for pound UFC fighters below; 

1. Khabib Nurmagomedov

When you talk about consistency among fighters, Khabib comes into the conversation very quickly. The Russian wrestler is unbeaten with 28 wins so far (8 KOs, ten subs, and ten decisions). Khabib is ranked the best for his exceptional fighting techniques. He has smashed his way through opponents, barely losing a single round. He has been excellent, and a lot more is expected from the Russian. 

2. Jon Jones 

Jon Jones is a very talented fighter, and the only reason he is not featuring on the top spot is because of his out of the cage transgressions. He’s had to deal with multiple legal and non-legal organizations, but he’s unquestionably the best when he is fighting. He’s a dominant fighter and deservedly on this list.

3. Kamaru Usman

At number three in this list is Kamaru Usman, who has been crushing the UFC competition since his debut back in 2015. He has beaten some top fighters like Leon Edwards, Rafael dos Anjos and Tyron Woodley. In his first UFC title defense against MAGA hat-wearing Colby Covington, who he defeated so bad leaving his jaw hanging made people start taking Tyron seriously. So far, he’s had 16 wins (7 KOs, one sub, and eight decisions) against one loss (sub).

4. Israel Adesanya

The current middleweight champion has been sensational. Adesanya remains undefeated, and it’s easy to see why he features in this list. His 19 wins are enough to cement a place in the fourth position. What’s remarkable about Adesanya is that he’s beaten 14 of his total opponents through KO. That’s quite impressive. He also has a 49% striking accuracy making him quite lethal. 

5. Henry Cejudo

There’s a time that Cejudo faced back to back losses, which put him further below the conversation. However, he bounced back really well and now has seen five-fight straight wins that have seen him get the UFC flyweight and bantamweight titles. His form has been great and deserves to be among the best pound for pound fighters. So far, he has 16 wins in his career and two defeats.

The above are some of the top fighters in the UFC world at the moment. While there will always be arguments about who deserves to be there and who doesn’t, it’s essential to look at the statistics since they never allow. Also, one match could change the dynamics of the list, and that’s one of the things we love about UFC fights.