Betting and gambling is an age-old leisure activity of the Indian civilization. Gambling in India happens in a variety of games like racing and fighting, so much so, that it has become an integral part of the Indian tradition. Over the years, the methods of gambling have evolved, but the immense love for betting that resides in the Indian population remains the same. Here are some of the various reasons for the hiking popularity of online sports betting in India. 

Convenient internet

Over the past few years, the internet has evolved from slow data speeds and unreliable payment options to faster speeds, cheap rates, and increased safety protocols for cashless payment systems. As the internet has become more convenient and safe, more people have started trying online betting platforms. 

Popularity of sports

Sports have always been a big thing in India, especially the national sports. Indian population is crazy about their favorite sports and sportsperson. The immense love among the people for sports like cricket, hockey, football, baseball, badminton, carrom, chess, etc. is a prominent reason for the popularity of IPL 2020 betting on various sports betting platforms. 

Variety of sports

Another prominent reason for the popularity of online betting is the diversity and variety of sports available for the customers to gamble upon online. One can enjoy their favorite sports like cricket and play IPL 2020 or choose to gamble for sports that they would not have even heard of. One can not enjoy such a fascinating variety in a land casino. 

Bonuses and other rewards

The internet is saturated with sports betting websites. All of these platforms are always competing with each other to attract more customers. Therefore, all of these betting sites offer lucrative benefits to their customers in the form of welcome bonuses and coupons. These monetary benefits are another reason for the rising popularity of sports betting platforms. 

Economic option

Today, due to cheap internet prices, online betting is far less expensive than gambling in land casinos. This is because to be able to gamble in a brick and mortar casino, you have to travel all your way to that location and bear the traveling costs. 

Reliable platforms 

Earlier in the century, it was quite challenging to filter reliable sports betting platforms on the internet due to the enormous variety available and everyone claiming to be trustworthy. This resulted in the rise of thousands of fraud online betting platforms. However, in today’s time, screening of sports betting platforms on the internet has been made easier. All you have to do is visit your online casino and look for their gambling license. 

Online tips and tricks

Online betting is not just for professionals and experts to enjoy. Even if one is a beginner, he/she can quickly get familiar with the realm of online betting by going through the pro betting tips and tricks that are easily available online. There is a wealth of information on strategies that the users can read and learn to identify risky bets.