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Patriots Mailbag: Will Jimmy Garoppolo Actually Be Traded This Offseason?

February 17th, 2017 at 8:17 AM
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On Wednesday morning, we had ESPN’s Adam Schefter saying he believed the New England Patriots would trade backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Then on Thursday morning, we had ESPN’s Ed Werder saying he didn’t believe Garoppolo would be traded.

Welcome to the NFL offseason in New England.

Everything gets leaked out of New England for a reason, and there’s no sense in the Patriots revealing whether they actually do or don’t want to trade Garoppolo until the 2017 NFL Draft. So for the next two months, we wait.

Let’s get into this week’s mailbag.

@DougKyed Werder says Jimmy G staying put. What do you think? ð?¤?ð?» *Takes Jimmy G jersey for sale sign off front yard for now.
â?? @Tav2real
I think it’s actually really funny and fitting that two ESPN reporters essentially put out conflicting reports on whether Garoppolo would be traded. And that’s not a knock on ESPN at all. It’s funny and fitting because I believe there’s almost a perfect 50 percent chance Garoppolo gets traded.

I think the Patriots certainly are open to trading Garoppolo, but it has to be for the right deal. They’re not going to trade him for anything less than basically 200 cents on the dollar. The Patriots selected Garoppolo with a late second-round pick, and they should be receiving at least a first-rounder for him in return.

@DougKyed Do you agree with Edelman’s assessment of Jimmy G’s ability? #MailDoug
â?? @Vroc31
That he’s a stud and has a gunslinger mentality? I mean, I guess. I feel like the term gunslinger isn’t thrown around enough anymore. So, if Garoppolo being traded and becoming a starter means we all get to hear and say gunslinger more, then I’m all for it.

Gunslinger Garoppolo has a nice ring to it. The G in Jimmy G doesn’t stand for Garoppolo anymore, either. It stands for Gunslinger. Jimmy Gunslinger.

What do you think Trey Flowers ceiling is? #MailDoug
â?? @lundlin87
I don’t think it’s crazy to think he can be an All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection. He already might be the Patriots’ defensive player. Or maybe he’s not. You’ll have to read what I wrote Thursday morning to know for sure. OK fine. He’s not. (Or is he?)

@DougKyed will the pats extend James white or will he just be another woodhead and Vereen?
â?? @patsfan71284
That all depends on what he believes he can get from another team. I think he’s a similar talent to Vereen with perhaps a little less raw skill but more versatility. I think he’s also a player who works best in the Patriots’ system, so if I were another team, I probably wouldn’t offer him a contract …

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