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The New England Patriots Sign FIve Players

March 12th, 2015 at 7:59 PM
By Matthew Jardin

It is the first week of free agency in the NFL and the New England Patriots have added some pieces they hope will help them win the Super Bowl again this season.

The Patriots have added five new players to the roster including two linebackers, a cornerback and two wide receivers.

On Thursday the Patriots signed linebacker Jonathan Freeny. A former Miami Dolphin, Freeny has spent most of his career playing special teams. Freeny has 44 career tackles.

On Wednesday the Patriots signed former Cleveland Browns linebacker Jabaal Sheard. Sheard has been in the league for five years all with the Browns. Last season he had 44 tackles and two sacks. Sheard has a great pass rush ability and has collected 23 sacks in his career so far.

With the Departure of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, The Patriots needed to go out and find themselves another cornerback. Former Oakland Raider Chimdi Chekwa has been signed by the Patriots. Chekwa has been in the league for four years, and has yet to play 16 games in a single season. He has not been an impact player but will at least fill a roster spot. Last season he had 16 tackles and two pass defenses.

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Darrelle Revis to the New York Jets Highlights the First Day of Free Agency

March 10th, 2015 at 9:14 PM
By Matthew Jardin

Free Agency has opened in the NFL and the New England Patriots roster will look a lot different from the Super Bowl winning Roster from last season.

The biggest news from New England today is that the Patriots did not pick up the second year option on the contracts of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner.

It was reported today that Revis will be heading back to the New York Jets to expectedly finish his career where he started it. Revis will be 30 at the start of this season.

As a Patriot, Revis had 47 tackles, one forced fumble, and two interceptions, and 14 pass defenses. The biggest difference that Revis made was shutting down the top receiver of the Patriots opponent. This makes the quarterback hold the ball longer giving the defensive line, and linebackers a chance to get to the quarterback.

Browner had 25 tackles and one interception with seven pass defenses this past season. He was also the most penalized player. At 6-4, 221 pounds, Browner was a good matchup for some of the bigger receivers in the league, like Calvin Johnson Jr. Browner could potentially return to the Patriots if they offer him the best contract.

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The New England Patriots Franchise Tag Gostkowski

March 3rd, 2015 at 8:54 PM
By Matthew Jardin

The New England Patriots have used the franchise tag on kicker Stephen Gostkowski.

The franchise tag will give the team and Gostkowski a year to try and put together a long term deal that would keep Gostkowski in New England for a very long time.

This past season Gostkowski went 35-37 on field goals this past season, and was voted to his third career Pro Bowl.

The team released a statement that said, “Stephen has been extremely productive and a vital component to our success since joining the team in 2006.”

This past season Gostkowski became the Patriots all-time leading point scorer and has accumulated 1,179 career points.

Putting the franchise tag on Gostkowski will be a $4.9 million dollar hit on the Patriot’s salary cap, and will make Gostkowski the highest paid kicker in the NFL.

The fourth round draft pick out of Memphis is a sure three point for the Patriots when they enter enemy territory. This past season he was 12-13 from 40 or more yards. Last season he made a staggering 4-5 50 plus yard field goals. For his career, Gostkowski has made 86.8% of his field goals.

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Who Should the New England Patriots Resign?

February 24th, 2015 at 9:01 PM
By Matthew Jardin

The New England Patriots have a few major roster decisions to make before the 2015 NFL season begins.

Key players from this year’s Super Bowl winning team can still head to free agency and look for more money. Darrelle Revis, Devin McCourty and Steven Gostkowski are among some of the most important players for the Patriots to look at resigning.

The deal given to Revis has a team option to pick him back up for this season. With the way the secondary performed with him and McCourty this past season, it would be difficult to see Revis leave New England. The best way to keep Revis, and more importantly a happy Revis, would be to give him a multi-year deal.

If the Patriots pick up the option on Revis’s contract he will be a $25 million total cap hit. The money would be well spent and will secure the defensive back field, especially if McCourty resigns with the team.

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League Official Gave Patriot’s Locker Room Attendant Unapproved Football

February 19th, 2015 at 8:27 PM
By Matthew Jardin

There has been a new development in the NFL’s investigation of the New England Patriots and their use of underinflated footballs in the AFC Championship game.

ESPN’s Adam Shefter reported Wednesday night that an NFL official gave a Patriot’s locker room attendant an unapproved football. The official was in charge of collecting balls for the league to sell for charity. It was revealed that the league official was selling footballs for personal profit. The unapproved ball he gave to the locker room attendant was noticed by the referees and tossed out. Shefter reports that the league official was fired.

To clarify, the Patriots locker room attendant had an approved ball taken away from him and given an unapproved ball by a league official.

The locker room attendant, Jim McNally was given a ball by the official who has yet to be named, after a “K Ball,” went missing. The K balls are used for special teams only. McNally was a part of the investigation because he introduced the ball to the referees not knowing it wasn’t approved for game use.

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