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Markus Kuhn Bids Farewell to New York Giants, Signs with New England Patriots

Defensive tackle Markus Kuhn said his goodbyes to the New York Giants and their fans on Thursday, just before signing with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

New England Patriots Fans Sue Over Deflatgate Stress

The New England Patriots are surrounded by drama, yet again as part of the deflategate scandal. Now, seven fans have filed a suit that names Robert Kraft, Roger Goodell and the NFL as defendents because of stress related to the punishment.

New England Patriots Bridging Salary Gaps with Interesting Incentives and Bonuses

The New England Patriots have stayed competitive over the years by being creative and they are doing it again by the way they compensate players through incentive bonuses.

The New England Patriots Sign FIve Players

The Patriots signed five players today, none which will replace Revis and Browner.

Darrelle Revis to the New York Jets Highlights the First Day of Free Agency

Daarrelle Revis is out, Brandon Gibson is in.

The New England Patriots Franchise Tag Gostkowski

The Patriots franchise tag Gostkowski instead of McCourty.

Who Should the New England Patriots Resign?

The Patriots need to lock up some free agents.

League Official Gave Patriot’s Locker Room Attendant Unapproved Football

Will the Patriots be exonerated?

Patriots101 End of 2014-2015 End of Season Awards: Part 2

Some of the best performers on the Patriots defense.

Patriots101 End of 2014-2015 Season Awards: Part 1

Awards from