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GEICO Honda Dazzles Media with Two-Up Superbike Rides at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

July 20th, 2014 at 10:35 AM
By Wendy Black
Prior to contesting this weekend’s AMA Pro Superbike races at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, the GEICO Honda team stopped at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to give local media a real taste of motorcycle racing. In promotion of the August 10th Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, GEICO Honda’s Chris Ulrich gave journalists and local celebs a two-up ride around the famous circuit. Ulrich set a fastest lap time of 1:56.02 around the famous racetrack at an estimated top speed of 160 mph.
"We've been using the GEICO two-seat Superbike program to promote motorcycle racing across the country," Ulrich said. "We've had opportunities to go to individual tracks for stand-alone media events, to help promote upcoming events and get people excited about motorcycles and motorcycling.
"Before we got to Mid-Ohio, we stopped at Indianapolis Motor Speedway to promote their upcoming race in August,” Ulrich continued. “We had a great media turnout and wanted to ensure every one of them had a great time. It was an educational experience all the way around, and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves."

Ulrich and his AMA Pro Superbike team have been offering promotional two-up rides at a number of racetracks around the country for more than 10 years. The experience allows select fans to personally get on the back of a two-seat race bike with Ulrich and see what it’s like to turn a lap on a racetrack. The rides were designed to help promote motorcycling in general, and Ulrich has given more than 770 such rides to help educate participants. 
"It was a great event with 20 very enthusiastic riders," Ulrich said. "One of the best parts about the media rides was we had some motorcycle enthusiasts in the group, but we also had first-time riders and passengers, people who had never been on a motorcycle before.”
Some of the two-up riders who participated in the event were several Indianapolis Star newspaper reporters, local radio and television broadcast personalities, and a number of Indianapolis Motor Speedway employees.

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