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Double Points Decision for the Formula 1 Finale Could Turn Off Its Fan Base

December 10th, 2013 at 9:06 PM
By Mark Eddinger

When the FIA announced on Monday that double points would be used in the season finale for the 2014 Formula 1 season controversy and questioning immediately ensued. For a form a racing that is rich with history it seems like an odd decision to make a drastic change.

It is a decision that could have the opposite affect than what it is intended to do.

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The move, spurred by the dominance of Sebastian Vettel in 2013, makes it look like F1 is trying anything to keep interest in the sport late in the season. It is a move similar to NASCAR's decision to go to the Chase format to decide its champion in the Sprint Cup Series.

Quite frankly it is a gimmick and it does not seem to fit the F1 culture.

"Why should a single race be worth more?” the Brazilian correspondent for Globo, Rafael Lopes, said. “It’s a very artificial way to keep the championship alive until the last grand prix."
Also many people have brought up that it makes no sense for the season finale, which will be in Abu Dhabi, a track without much history, to be the race where double points are rewarded when Gran Prix races like Monaco that are very prestigious are worth the normal amount of points.
France’s L’Equipe pointed out that if double points were awarded in he past that Felipe Massa not Lewis Hamilton would have been the World Champion in 2008 and Fernando Alonso would have won in 2012 rather than Sebastian Vettel.
The double points scenario will most likely mean the championship will be decided in the finale but is that really a good thing when the deserving champion could lose out. NASCAR alienated a lot of its fan base by invoking the Chase format and this move by the FIA could do the same to Formula 1 fans.

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