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What’s Going On Over Here?
Just in case you’ve come to the site over the past week and a half and wondered “where are the words, bro?” angrily…

I totally understand.

I know all 4 of you are worried.

Long story short?

I got offered a new job with a new company and took it. I moved (approximately) 800 miles west. And I’ve been in the process of sorting all the things that come with those two sentences out.

Normal is within reach, though.

And hopefully a more regular posting schedule will soon follow.

Thank you for your continued support.


Also, Bloguin is making some changes to the backend of the site.

You might notice a few changes over the next couple of weeks that will hopefully produce some nice enhancements to your user experience.

More to come soon.


Before you go, a couple of things on my mind after 17 spring training games…

1. I hope that one day we get the full story behind the Lance Lynn/Cardinals beef.

2. This. Deep breath. DEEP breath.

3. Miles Mikolas has flashed some skills after a rocky start. He’ll need to have a good April or he’s going to get sick of hearing about 1 year and 12 million dollars real quick.

4. The Luke Weaver hype train is pulling out of the station.

5. I wrote a post about piece that Jon Doble @ Redbird Dugout created where he argued fair market value for Lance Lynn was 125M – 140M over 5/6 years. My position was that Lynn would get more than that.

As always, don’t listen to me.

Photo: CAE

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