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The Return of the Korean Zombie

August 9th, 2014 at 1:21 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

MMA fans rejoice! Perennial fan favorite, Chan Sung Jung, better known as ‘The Korean Zombie’ has finally been scheduled for his comeback fight after a long injury due to layoff. From the moment Jung was injured, the MMA community had one resounding question: when will he be back in the cage? Overall, a world without Jung fighting in the UFC is no world at all. 

We last saw Chan Sung Jung going to war with Jose Aldo for the featherweight title at UFC 163. Jung took Aldo into the 4th round, but suffered a gruesome shoulder injury when blocking a punch from Aldo. In what was a fluke injury, Aldo and Jung’s arms became intertwined while throwing opposite hooks at the exact same time. The angle that Jung’s arm was twisted due to the punches pulled his shoulder out and left him essentially defenseless. Jung didn’t go down without a fight, however, as, even with an injured shoulder, he did his best to avoid Aldo’s furious attack while at the same time force his shoulder back into its socket. Though it only took another 30 seconds for Aldo to land some fight-ending shots, it was one of the most impressive displays of toughness ever put on in the UFC. 

Since then, Jung has been forced out of action due to the injury, but has always had his eyes set on a return. News broke recently that Jung has been signed to a fight against Akira Corassani in Stockholm, Sweden. Now, Jung left the UFC as a top contender, and currently sits at #6 in the featherweight rankings. Corassani is coming off a second round TKO loss to Dustin Poirer in April and doesn’t sit in the top 15 of the UFC. It’s a bit of a head scratcher pairing up a former #1 contender and top 10 fighter against a man who is coming off a loss. The fact that Corassani is one of the only Swedish fighters in the UFC and Jung has been out for over a year might be the only factor that makes this fight competitive. 

The point, however, is that The Korean Zombie is back!


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