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[Video] Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Get into Brawl at UFC 178 Press Conference

August 4th, 2014 at 3:29 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

When Jon Jones fought Alexander Gustafsson for the light heavyweight belt earlier this year, it was thought to be the best light heavyweight fight in the history of the UFC, and one of the best fights of all time. Gustafsson took the fight to Jones, stopped his takedowns, and hit Jones more than he has ever been before. At the end of the fight, Gustafsson actually out landed Jones by 30 or so punches. However, Jones pushed the pace and was able to win over the judges by a razor close decision. More than who won the fight, though, the MMA community saw Jones, who has looked anything but beatable in the UFC, very narrowly keep his title. Jones was cut, swollen, broken and looked like even he thought he lost that fight

When the rematch was announced for UFC 178, the fans went wild. Unfortunately for Gustafsson and the fans it was reported a few weeks ago that Gustafsson had torn his meniscus and was out of the fight

Enter undefeated fighter, former Olympic wrestler, top 5 ranked heavyweight and former Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix winner, Daniel Cormier. Cormier had made a huge impact in MMA when he cam out of no where and destroyed some of the best fighters on the planet, all that at a weight division higher than Jon Jones'. He then dropped down to light heavyweight and is 2-0 with two finishes. His most recent win is over the legendary Dan Henderson who Cormier rag dolled for 3 rounds and then choked him unconcious. 

The excitement when Daniel Cormier stepped in was just as high as the original match between Jones and Gustafsson. Many people believe that Cormier has what it takes to defeat Jones. Olympic level wrestling, knockout power, speed, strength, and skills. This fight will undoubtedly be the toughest of Jones' career.

Both Cormier and Jones seem to know how closely contested this fight will be as they have both been trash talking non stop since the fight was made. But the trash talk in this fight wasn't the normal kind, the kind of talk that goes on via twitter for all to see and for the press to report about. This was a different and personal level of trash talk. With Jones sending Daniel Cormier direct messages that the public couldn't see. All this tension and trash talk has seem to come to a head as, when the two fighters squared off for a pre fight press conference, a brawl broke out. 

Not a few shoves, or nose-to-nose staredowns, but a full on brawl. Jones walked up to Cormier and pushed his head up against Cormier, Cormier responded with a shove. Jones dropped his belt as the two were separated, tossed a media member aside, and threw punches at Cormier, who stepped off the stage and took a tumble. Jones followed Cormer to the ground as dozens of security members tried to break up the fight, Jones threw more punches while Cormier kicked at him.

Things are heating up, folks! Below, check out the tweet from ESPN's Brett Okamoto and All Ellbow's Instagram video from the event!





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