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Phil Davis to Fight Glover Teixeira at UFC 179 in Brazil

August 2nd, 2014 at 11:25 AM
By Steven J Cavagnino

Coming off his 5 round battle with Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title a few months ago, Glover Teixeira will quickly jump back into the mix when he faces fellow top contender, Phil Davis, as UFC 179. The fight will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, but the main event has not been announced for the card. Teixeira, being a hugely successful Brazilian fighter is sure to sell tickets against a man in Davis, who, in his last win, defeated Lyoto Machida in Rio De Janeiro. 

Though the Brazilian fans are some of the most patriotic in the sport, when a non-Brazilian fighter defeats a Brazilian fighter in Brazil they have taken to becoming fans of such fighters. In Davis’ case, he might be more popular in Brazil than even he realizes. 

Both fighters have been perennial top contenders in the division for many years. At one point in his career Davis was considered to be merely one fight away from challenging for the title. Though some key losses in his career against the likes of Rashad Evans and Anthony Johnson have derailed the hype. Davis has always been at the top of the division, his wrestling skill and all around athleticism has allowed him to float in the top 10 for the bulk of his career. The chink in Davis’ armor has always been his striking, or lack thereof. Davis has always had nothing less than rudimentary striking, often accused of never letting his striking level get above a sparring session. 

Glover, on the other hand, is one of the most well rounded fighters on the light heavyweight roster. He has one-punch knockout power in either hand and a potent ground game that focuses on putting his opponent to sleep. The only ‘if’ in Teixeira’s game was his wrestling, though, in his exciting battle with Jones, he proved that his takedown defense is top notch. Glover, though his age is catching up with him, must come out in this fight and prove that he deserves another shot at the title, that he has made the necessary adjustments, and that he has more to show than he did in his last fight. Phil Davis is the perfect opponent to spring off of with a knockout or submission win to keep Glover in the top 5.


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