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Cub Swanson Defeats Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 44

June 29th, 2014 at 2:59 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

The main event of UFC Fight Night 44 pitted Cub Swanson against Jeremy Stephens in a featherweight battle that was rumored to determine who would next fight for the 145 pound title. Stephens, a former lightweight was coming off a 3 fight win streak while Swanson is riding an incredible 5 fight win streak, with 4 knockouts. 

The first few rounds of the fight saw each fighter trade dominance, with Swanson winning the first, Stephens bullying his way around the cage to win the second, and Swanson adjusting and winning the third. 15 minutes into the fight, it became evident where each man would be successful. Swanson, the smaller man, had to use his accuracy, speed, and varied arsenal of attacks to keep Stephens on his heels. Stephens had to do his best to march through Swanson’s attacks and land the punches he is famous for.

Round 4 came along and so did Cub Swanson. Swanson’s ability to stick to his game plan and seemingly superior conditioning providing him the ability to remain disciplined, calm and collected in picking his shots and avoiding any sort of attack Stephens attempted to begin. By the middle of the round, Stephens was bloody and flat footed. The momentum was obviously in Swanson’s favor as he bounced around the cage and began to have his way with Stephens. In round 5, Stephens came out looking to end this fight with one big shot. When the fight ended, Stephens simply came up short and was out gunned by Swanson. Swanson didn’t win this fight easily by any means, having been dropped once by Stephens, he adjusted and came back to drop Stephens himself. 

Although unofficial, it is believed Swanson will fight the winner of Chad Mendes vs. Jose Aldo for the featherweight title. A 6 fight win streak in the shark tank that is the featherweight division is hard to deny, and Cub Swanson is certainly ready to fight whoever he has to to win the UFC featherweight championship.


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