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UFC Considering Ross Pearson Vs. Diego Sanchez a Win for Pearson

June 10th, 2014 at 7:33 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

This Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 42 two sluggers in Ross Pearson and Diego Sanchez put on what was widely considered a one sided fight. Though Sanchez is a a 7-time fight of the night winner, his performances seem to be lacking as of late. Any man who decides not to brawl with Sanchez has been able to pick him apart with relative ease. Against Myles Jury, he was beaten to the punch, kick and elbow every time. By the end of the fight he was cut, bleeding and obviously beaten by the younger fighter. 

Sanchez’s last three wins have been razor close, and frankly, some of them have been undeserving. The numbers don’t lie. The only fight he has won in three years that has been close is his tilt with Takanori Gomi, yet, many seem to think he lost that fight as well. His fights with Martin Kampmann and most recently, against Ross Pearson, were one sided in both damage and strikes landed. Against Pearson, Sanchez was out landed nearly 2-1, though the judges saw differently. 

It seems as though Sanchez’s luck has run out, however, as Dana White has said that, even with the judges awarding Sanchez the victory on Saturday, the UFC’s matchmaking will continue as if Pearson had defeated Sanchez. There will be no rematch as many fans have been clamoring for, instead, Pearson will enjoy the luxuries of having won his fight on Saturday, even if technically his record does not say as much. There are even certain betting companies returning money to those who bet on Pearson to win. 

At the end of the day, Sanchez has another ‘W’ on his record but the UFC has made it clear that they believe Pearson is the real winner.


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