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Chael Sonnen Fails Random Drug Test; Out of Fight with Vitor Belfort

June 10th, 2014 at 3:48 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

MMA’s biggest personality and loudest talker has, once again, failed a drug test before one of the most important and high profile fights of his career. In an ironic turn of events, Chael Sonnen , who badgered his original opponent, Wanderlei Silva, for ditching a state mandated drug test, has failed a drug test himself. 

The original fight against Silva was supposed to cap off a season of coaching against each other on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. But things went awry when Wanderlei claimed to be be injured in an on-set scuffle between the two. After that rumor was settled, it was announced the Silva was disqualifed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for leaving his gym once a Nevada State Athletic Commission official showed up asking him to take a drug test. Sonnen, ever the antagonist and not one to keep his opinions to himself, berated Silva, stating that Silva was never planning to fight him, that he was going to run away until he did not have to fight. 

Stepping in for Silva was former title challenger, Vitor Belfort, a man who is in the middle of an incredible resurgence in his career. Belfort vs. Sonnen was just as highly touted if not more so than the Silva fight. Belfort is coming of 3 straight knockouts and it was announced that if he could defeat Sonnen, he would get the next title shot at middleweight. 

No dice, for Belfort, it seems, as Sonnen has failed the very same test that Silva bailed on. Two illegal substances have been detected in his blood and, to add even more confusion to the situation, Belfort, who had previously been allowed to take testosterone, failed a drug test as well and is scheduled to attend a Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing in mid June. 

Sonnen is planning to address this failed drug test later tonight, and Belfort’s situation will be panned out after his hearing. In any case, there will need to be many questions answered in the coming days before these two men can even think about fighting. 


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