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Jon Jones Will Meet Alexander Gustaffson for a Second Time on September 27th

June 6th, 2014 at 12:11 AM
By Steven J Cavagnino

Quite possibly the most talked about rematch in the history of the UFC, Jon Jones and Alexander Gustaffson will finally meet for a second time after their highly controversial first match. 

Going into his first fight with Jon Jones, Alexander Gustaffson was not given much of a chance. Jones had been steamrolling opponents and Gustaffson was said not to have the wrestling chops to give the champion much trouble. Fast forward to the end of the 5th round of their title fight. Fans are on their feet, Jones’ face is swollen, cut, and bruised, Gustaffson is bleeding from the top of his head, but, most importantly, no one is quite sure who won the fight. This is the only time in Jones’ career that, when he walked to the center of the Octagon for the judges announcement, he wasn’t the obvious winner. 

Low and behold, Jones won a marginal split decision that many people, media, fans, fighters, and UFC staff alike, are not so sure was the right decision. What was most impressive about this fight, however, is that Gustaffson not only held his own, but landed more strikes, the Jones, and was the first opponent to take him down. When the dust settled, it was revealed that Gustaffson landed nearly 70 more strikes and the takedowns were even. It was these facts that had the MMA community in an uproar, most claiming that Jones lost the fight, and Gustaffson deserves an immediate rematch

Now, after both Jones and Gustaffson have each had a successful UFC fight since their epic battle, the contracts have officially been signed and the two will meet again for a rematch of epic proportions on September 27th. 


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