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UFC on Fox 12 Gets Welterweight Title Eliminator Main Event

May 27th, 2014 at 6:13 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

Two of the most lethal men on the planet are now the main event for the UFC’s 12th show on Fox. Matt ‘The Immortal’ Brown and Robbie Lawler will compete to get the next welterweight title shot. Lawler and Brown have been, simply put, scary, in their performances as of late. Lawler posted an incredibly dominant win last Saturday over top ranked and always dangerous, Jake Ellenberger

Not only did Lawler dominate Ellenberger, he made Ellenberger look bad. Lawler, having made his UFC debut at 19 years old, has most definitely entered his prime as far as his career goes. By destorying and eventually knocking Jake Ellenberger out, he has set up a fight with Matt Brown, another man who has looked close to unstoppable. 

Matt Brown seemingly came from no where as, when he first entered the UFC, he floated around the welterweight division with a less-than-stellar record and a few loses to his name. Then, in 2012, he defeated Chris Cope and hasn’t lost since. Riding and incredible 7 fight win streak, Brown has literally made a habit of marching across the octagon and decimating his opponents. It is Brown’s pace and variety of attacks that allows him to push his opponents past their breaking point. Even more impressive about Brown is that he has knocked out 6 of his last 7 opponents, and 5 in a row. Most recently, he knocked out Erick Silva in the 3rd round of a main event fight in Brazil. He beat on Erick Silva for 10 minutes before the young Brazilian finally wilted under the pressure. Brown has been vocal about getting a title shot, seeing as he has won 7 straight fights. 

This match up is one for the ages as both men have an affinity for violence that, even in this sport, is few and far between. They are teeth-baring, chest-pumping, hard-nosed brawlers that perform better when they are being hit. 

Even more exciting for the fans is that this fight is on free TV. Perhaps one the the most fan-pleasing main events in the history if UFC Fight Nights, Brown vs. Lawler is a contender for fight of the year, and it will be one not to miss!


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