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What’s Next for Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson?

May 20th, 2014 at 7:58 PM
By Steven J Cavagnino

After a very close and very controversial decision win over Muhammed Lawal, Quinton Jackson now finds himself in a position that some would envy, but others would loathe to be in. Headlining Bellator Fighting Championship’s very first pay per view event, Rampage and ‘King Mo’ put on a fight for the ages. Actually, just a fight that felt like it took ages to finish. 

King Mo, the favorite wrestler, took Rampage down multiple times in the fight, but was never able to generate any kind of offense after doing so. Rampage played his defensive wrestling game fairly well, though his forgotten wrestling credentials managed to stay forgotten. Gone is the Rampage of the early 2000’s who struck fear in the heart of his enemies by threatening to use his massive strength to pick them up and drop them on their heads. 

Instead, Rampage focused solely on his boxing while at the same time trying to stop the takedown (surprise). The problem for Rampage during this fight came when it turned out the King Mo could get hit and keep coming. Rampage was able to land a few decent flurries on the chin of King Mo, but couldn’t keep Lawal off of him. 

At the end of the fight, fans were treated to one of two things, an ineffective wrestling match or an ineffective boxing match, neither fighter did much to earn the victory, let alone the fan’s approval. With that being said, Rampage is undefeated in Bellator and, with this controversial win, is likely to be in line for a title shot against Emanuel Newton, Bellator’s current light heavyweight champion. 

There has been talks that Rampage as asked for an immediate rematch, though, there there can’t be an epic rematch when the only thing epic about their first fight was the weigh-ins. Where does Rampage go from here? Does he challenge for the title, rematch King Mo, or maybe finally meet Tito Ortiz in the cage, a continuation of a fight that was supposed to happen months ago?


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